If you’re asking, “Why do women reject me?” you’re probably also wondering, “Is it because there is something wrong with me? Am I just not good enough for the women I want?”

Fortunately, that’s not the case at all.

The main reason why so many good guys get rejected by women is due to their misunderstanding of how a woman’s attraction really works.

Once you understand what women want to see from you during an interaction, you will realize that it’s actually easier to attract a beautiful woman for sex and a relationship than you think.

So, here are 4 possible reasons why women are rejecting you right now, and how you can change that…

1. You’re trying to make women like you as a person, rather than feel sexually attracted and turned on by you

One of the biggest mistakes that a lot of guys make with women, is falling into the trap of believing that if a woman likes him as a person, she will then want to have sex and start a relationship with him.

This is the classic nice guy approach that results in rejection most of the time.

Watch this video to understand why women don’t get turned on by a nice guy approach, unless a guy triggers her feelings of sexual attraction first…

Women do like nice guys, but they only want a nice guy who has the ability to make her feel sexually attracted and turned on during an initial interaction.

If a guy is just friendly and nice, a woman isn’t going to become wet and want to take off her clothes to have sex with him.

Instead, she’s just going to feel nice, friendly feelings and place him in the friend zone.

A lot of guys don’t know this, so they mistakenly try to be really nice to a woman first in the hopes that she will like him as a person and say, “Hey, you’re a really nice guy. I should give you my phone number” or “Hey, you’re so nice. You’re not like the other guys. Please have sex with me tonight.”

Obviously, that’s not how it works.

Yet, most guys think that they will be rewarded for their niceness one day if they just keep trying and hope to get lucky.

Years pass by and the nice guy keeps trying to suck up to women, rather than turning them on.

For example: If he’s just met her, a typical nice guy might give a woman loads of compliments, hang on her every word, agree with everything she says, and if they are at a club or bar, he might also pay for all her drinks.

Alternatively, if he already knows her (e.g. they work together, go to the same university, live in the same apartment building), he might try to get her to like him by being there for her emotionally or physically when she needs him (e.g. he lets her cry on his shoulder when she’s upset about how another guy is treating her, he’s always available to do her a favor, lends her money, runs errands for her).

In his mind, the nice guy is usually thinking, “One day, when she realizes how much I do for her and what a big part of her life I really am, it will dawn on her that she loves me and then she will want to have sex and be my girlfriend. Even if right now she has a boyfriend, if I just stick in there, eventually it will happen. She will eventually realize that I am the one. I treat her so much better than other guys, so it’s only a matter of time before she wakes up and realizes that her perfect guy has been right in front of her all along.”

Yet, unless he actually makes her feel sexually attracted and turned on, she’s not going to look at his as the perfect guy for her.

If she is a genuinely friendly and affectionate women, she might says things like, “You’re such a great guy. I can’t believe how lucky I am to have you in my life. You mean so much to me,” and he will take it as a sign that she likes him and that she possibly wants to be his girlfriend.

Yet, if he then tries to kiss her or ask her out on a date, she will almost always pull away and reject him by saying something like, “Oh, I really like you as a person, but you know that I only see you as a friend, right?” or “You’re so sweet, but I don’t want to ruin our friendship.”

Why does this happen when all the signs seem to say that she likes him?

Essentially, it’s because a woman liking a guy as a person is not the same as her feeling sexually attracted to him.

She might think that he’s a great guy, and she might even love him as a friend, but if he doesn’t spark her feelings of sexual attraction, she will reject him.

The bottom line is this: Whether you’re with a woman you’ve only just met, or you are hanging out with a woman you know and like, if you want her to be interested in having sex and being your girlfriend, you have to focus on making her feel sexually attracted to you, rather than trying to get her to like you as a person.

Turn her on, get her in the mood, make her feel feminine and girly in comparison to your masculine way of talking, thinking, feeling, behaving and taking action.

Touch her, bring her in for a hug, kiss her, have sex with her.

Don’t sit around being a friendly, non-sexual guy and hope that she will suddenly want to bang.

You’ve got to actively trigger and build on her feelings of sexual attraction for you so sexual tension builds up between you and her.

You then release that sexual tension with kissing and sex.

Making a woman feel sexually attracted to you is simply about behaving in some of the ways that are naturally attractive to women (e.g. confident, masculine, charming, funny).

If you’re doing that, she is going to feel attracted and all you need to do is believe in your attractiveness and then proceed to kissing, sex and a relationship.

2. You mistake a woman testing you as a sign that she is rejecting you

When a guy approaches a woman and she gives him the cold shoulder, ignores him, is difficult to talk to, or behaves in other challenging ways, he usually thinks that she is rejecting him.

He might then begin to ask himself questions like, “Why do women reject me? What is their problem? What am I doing wrong? Is it because I’m not tall enough, good looking enough or rich enough? Is there something wrong with me?”

However, what he doesn’t understand is that when a woman plays hard to get at the start of an interaction, she’s almost always doing that to test his confidence.

Why do women want to test a guy’s confidence?

Essentially, women are attracted to the emotional strength in men (e.g. his confidence, masculinity, drive and ambition) and turned off by the emotional weakness (e.g. insecurity, self-doubt, lack of direction in life).


Women instinctively try to find a man who will make them feel safe in this life, rather than hooking up with a guy who will need her protection because he lacks confidence, gets nervous and can’t handle challenging people or situations.

She wants to be able to relax and be a man’s woman, rather than being a guy’s mother or big sister in life.

So, when a woman first meets a guy, she will often test his confidence by being cold and acting disinterested to check if he is emotionally strong enough for her.

If he can handle her tests confidently (e.g. smiles, stays relaxed, ignores her tests and confidently continues on with the interaction in a relaxed, easy-going manner), she will accept that he is confident and lower her guard.

She will then show him the friendly, easy-going side of her personality that almost every other man never gets to see, because other men simply cannot handle the initial tests of their confidence.

Women like that are very easy to pick up because they have so few guys to choose from.

Pretty much every guy she meets isn’t emotionally strong enough for her, so she actually ends up getting a little desperate.

Yet, don’t ever expect her to admit that or show it to you. Women are great at acting like they aren’t even interested in guys, even when they are completely desperate to find a boyfriend.

So, the next time that you find yourself on the receiving end of a woman’s tests, rather than think that she’s rejecting you, just relax, smile and allow her to experience your confidence.

She will either quickly open up to you within seconds, or if she is a woman who requires a very confident guy, it might take 5-30 minutes for her to fully open up.

When she does open up though, she will then become very easy to pick up as long as you remain confident and move the interaction forward to kissing and sex that night or to getting her phone number and calling her 1-3 days later to arrange a date.

3. You don’t think that you’re good looking or rich enough, so you doubt yourself around attractive women

Probably one of the biggest excuses guys use for their lack of success with women is, “Women reject me because I’m not good looking enough, and I don’t have a lot of money, a fancy car or a great house. I’m just an ordinary guy with an ordinary job and women don’t go for guys like me.”

Check out this video to see what I mean…

Naturally, not every woman a guy approaches will be open to being with him if he’s not very good looking, rich or successful (some women are shallow that way), but the majority of women (90%) are open to being with all different types of guys, as long as the guy can make her feel attracted in other ways.

For example: A woman might notice a really good-looking guy across the room and say, “Wow! Now that’s what I’m talking about! I wouldn’t mind getting together with him. He’s so handsome.”

Yet, if he then approaches her and puts on a fake persona (e.g. acts nicer than he is, acts super cool, acts as though he is perfect at everything, pretends to be more confident than he feels, tries to impress her by telling her about his job, car or money), she will begin to feel turned off by him because she will sense his insecurity.

An unattractive woman might still want to hook up with him based on his looks, but an attractive woman will almost always reject him because his personality stinks.

This is one of the main reasons why you will have probably noticed many average or below average looking guys with beautiful women.

This happens because women can and do feel attracted to men for reasons other than looks and money.

4. You think a woman needs to give you a clear sign to let you know that she’s interested before you can make a move

Where a lot of guys go wrong with women is in thinking that the right thing to do is wait for her to give him a 100% clear sign that she’s interested, before he makes a move.

A guy like this doesn’t want to seem too forward or get rejected, so he just waits for her to hopefully show him that it’s okay to touch her, hug her, kiss her or get her number.

Of course, some women do give clear, obvious signals, but women aren’t all the same, which means that each woman will behave differently when she’s interacting with a guy.

For example: If a woman is beautiful and confident about her attractiveness to men, she will usually act uninterested when she’s interacting with a guy because she wants to see if he’s confident enough to handle her.

On the other hand, a woman who is insecure about her attractiveness, will also act uninterested because she will fear getting rejected by him.

So, if you’re sitting around waiting for a woman to give you an obvious sign that she wants you to kiss her, ask for her phone number or ask her out, you will be wasting your time (and hers) almost 99% of the time.

If a guy takes too long to kiss a woman, ask for her phone number or make a move, she will eventually get frustrated and her interest in him will fade.

By the time he plucks up the courage to make a move, she will either have moved on and he’ll see her flirting with another guy if he’s only just met her.

If he knows her as a friend or works with her and eventually works up the courage to ask her out, she will likely tell him, “That’s so sweet, but I don’t want to ruin our friendship,” or “Sorry, but it’s too late for you and me, I have a boyfriend now.”

Stop the Rejection Now

As long as you focus on triggering a woman’s feelings of sexual attraction first (e.g. by being confident, making her laugh, making her feel feminine in contrast to your masculinity), women will stop rejecting you and want to be with you.

However, if you continue to interact with women in the ways that you have until today, then you can expect to experience more of the same rejection.

Success with women is simple when you actively make them feel attracted to you.

On the other hand, trying to get laid or get a girlfriend by hoping to be liked for being a nice, intelligent guy is like living a nightmare.

Rejection after rejection after rejection eventually makes you begin to feel bitter and angry towards women.

Yet, it doesn’t have to be that way.

You can stop the rejection now and forever by focusing on making women feel attracted and turned on by you from now on.

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