If you’ve been asking yourself the question, “Why are women so picky?” lately, it might be because:

  1. You don’t believe that you’re good enough for the women you want (e.g. not good looking, rich or successful enough) and they sense your lack of confidence and then feel turned off.
  2. You don’t know that most women put guys through confidences tests by pretending not to be interested. If the guy loses confidence, the woman loses interest.
  3. You’ve been making women like you as a person, rather than triggering their feelings of sexual attraction.
  4. You think that being a nice guy should be enough for a woman to like you and choose you.

The truth is, most women are not as picky as most guys think.

Obviously, some women are very selective and only go for very good looking, rich and successful guys, but most women are much more flexible about what they find attractive in a guy; as long as he can make her feel the way she wants to feel when she’s with a man.

Essentially, a woman wants to feel feminine or girly in comparison to how masculine you think, talk, feel, behave, react and respond to her.

She wants to be able to look up to you and respect you as a man, rather than feeling like she needs to be gentle with you and take care of you emotionally.

She wants you to be the emotionally stronger one, especially when she is putting you through her confidence tests to see if you will crumble under her pressure.

Don’t Fall For the “Hard to Get” Act That Women Put on

Picking up picky women: Realize that they aren't as picky as they make themselves out to be

When I first started picking up women, I used to think that women had all the power and I had to hopefully get chosen by them.

Eventually though, I realized that most women are way easier to pick up than they make themselves out to be.

Just have a think about how many times you’ve seen an average, below-average or even ugly guy with a hot girl and you’ll know what I mean.

Most women act like they are really hard to pick up, but as long as you remain confident in your ability to attract her and don’t fall for her “hard to get” act, she will eventually drop her guard and open up to you.

Remain confident and she will eventually relax and open up to you

She will show you the friendly, down to earth, easy-to-pick up and sexual side of her personality that 95% of guys never get to see.

It’s only the guys who understand the truth about women that get to pick up the hotties.

The truth is that they are easier to pick up than they make themselves out to be.

If you don’t believe that, you will fall for their act.

If you do believe it, you will smile, remain confident and stick with the interaction until she eventually brings down her defenses and opens up to you.

All you need to do then is either get a phone number, add her to Facebook or kiss her and have sex with her that night.

Everyone is doing it these days, so don’t fall for the act that women put on to suggest that they don’t even have sex or aren’t open to it.

Pretty much every woman you meet these days has either had a one night stand, multiple one night stands or is open to having one if a guy is confident enough to stick with the interaction, kiss her and move it forward to sex that night.

Trying to Pick Up Very Selective Women

Some women are harder to pick up than others.

For example: Some women go to exclusive bars or VIP parties to hopefully meet a celebrity, millionaire or billionaire.

If you’re not one of those guys, then don’t worry about trying to pick up those women.

You can pick up some of those women if you’re skilled at attracting women, but if you’re just starting out with pick up, you should stick to picking up normal, beautiful women.

Normal, beautiful women are the pretty women who work in clothing stores, the make up section at a department store, the girl next door, the hot girl at a normal bar or nightclub and the hot girl at yoga or dance class.

Beautiful women are everywhere, but most guys are too afraid to even talk to them because they can’t handle the confidence tests that beautiful women use on men.

When you are the rare guy who can remain relaxed and confident and just be normal as you talk to a beautiful woman, you will see that she drops her guard and opens up to giving you her number, kissing you, meeting up for a date or having sex with you that day or night.

The Picking Order

Stick with the interaction. Build up her attraction, create sexual tension and release that tension with kissing and sex

One of the main reasons why guys accuse women of being so picky when it comes to dating, sex and relationships, is that most guys aren’t as selective as women.

For most guys, as long as a woman is beautiful (or even just attractive), they are willing to have sex and possibly even start a relationship with her.

Most guys don’t even care what she does for a living, what her hobbies are, where she lives or how good she is with her money.

If she looks good, most guys will bang her simply based on her appearance alone.

All the other details about her will become important after sex, but prior to sex most guys really don’t care about the woman and just want to get some sex or feel good about themselves for getting a new girlfriend.

Most women on the other hand, will not choose a guy for sex (and possibly a relationship) solely based on his physical appearance.

Almost all women need to experience a guy’s personality first (i.e. Is he confident? Does he get along well with her and others? Does she feel happy while talking to him?), before they will decide to hook up with him.

So, although most men would be happy to put up with a woman who is shy, insecure, not very intelligent, etc., as long as she’s attractive, most women don’t take the same approach to sex, dating and relationships.

Generally speaking, a woman puts more value on a man’s personality, behavior and how he makes her feel, than she does on his looks.

Of course some women will only date a guy who is very good looking or has loads of money and status, but the majority of women will be more open to dating many different types of guys, as long as they can make her feel attracted.

The bottom line is this: Men are attracted to women based on how she looks and women are attracted to men based on how he makes her feel.

When Men Don’t Understand How Women Feel Attracted to Men

Things that make women reject men

If you asked 100 men what they think women want in a man, most of them would tell you things like looks, money, height, social status and a big dick.

While it’s true that those things can attract a woman to a man, it’s not the only way that a man can attract a woman.

Consider the fact that most people are not rich, most guys have an average sized weiner and are not living a celebrity lifestyle.

Yet, they are getting laid, they have a girlfriend or they have a wife.

So, what is their secret?


They have attracted women in OTHER ways.

Watch this video to understand how…

Most guys simply complain about women being picky because they are under the assumption that to get a woman, you need to be good looking, tall, rich and have a huge dick.

Yet, it’s just not true.

If you believe the insecure, naïve worldview of the guys who don’t understand attraction, you too will feel insecure and might even feel angry at women for being so picky.

As you go through life, you will focus on examples that support your insecurities (e.g. good looking guys with beautiful women, rich guys with hot women, tall guys with hot women).

When you see an ugly or below average looking guy with a hot woman, you will probably think, “He must have a big dick” or “He must be rich or something.”

Yet, what’s really going on is that he has simply attracted her for reasons other than looks, money or social status.

For example: He has been confident, funny, made her feel feminine and girly in comparison to how masculine he thinks, talks, behaves or takes action in life and around her.

It’s so easy to complain and come up with loads of reasons why women (especially Western women) are so picky these days.

Yet, looking for excuses about why they are rejecting you isn’t going to make them want you.

If you want women to want you, the solution is simple: Start making them feel attracted to you by displaying the kinds of personality traits, behaviors and inner qualities that are naturally attractive to women.

3 Things That Will Make a Woman Not Pick a Guy

When a guy get rejected by women and ends up asking, “Why are women so picky?” it’s usually because he’s making one or more of the following mistakes when talking to women he likes…

1. Thinking that being nice to a woman will make her choose him.

If a woman meets different guys every day (e.g. at work, through friends, at university, while interacting with customer service staff), pretty much all of them will be nice to her and will do nice things to impress her.

Guys who meet her in a bar, club or party environment will try to be nice by paying for her drinks, opening doors for her and giving her plenty of compliments.

These guys are secretly hoping that she will choose them for sex and a relationship as a result of being nice to her.

However, when a guy is nice to her, nothing about him makes him stand out from all the other guys that have been nice to her.

Niceness doesn’t make a woman think, “Oh, wait – this guy is so nice. Wow, that turns me on. I want to have sex with him and be his girlfriend.”

If being nice to her were the secret to success with women, every guy would be able to pick her up by simply sucking up to her with a nice guy act.

Yet, obviously the nice guy act doesn’t work on most women.

So, what makes a woman pick a man then?

When a guy can trigger her feelings of sexual attraction by what he is saying and doing when interacting with her, she will become open to being picked up by him.

If she is very pretty, she won’t want to make it easy for him by showing him how much she likes him because she wants to test his confidence.

Women want to find a guy that is confident in life no matter what people say or do around him.

She doesn’t want to get stuck with an insecure, fearful guy who needs her to constantly reassure him that everything is okay, she loves him and isn’t going to leave him.

She wants a guy who knows that he is good enough, with or without her reassurance or approval.

That’s why you will often hear a woman saying, “I like a man who knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to go and get it.”

2. Thinking that being a woman’s friend will make her want to have sex and be his girlfriend.

One of the most common mistakes guys make, is trying to be a woman’s friend first and then hoping that she will eventually realize what a great guy he is (because he’s not pushing her for sex) and she will want him to be her boyfriend.

However, that’s usually only how it works in the movies.

In real life, a woman wants a man to be confident enough to make his intentions clear from the beginning, by actively making her feel attracted, and then moving things forward to kissing, sex and a relationship when the time is right.

Most modern women don’t want to spend weeks, months or even years being a guy’s friend before he will pluck up the courage to make his move.

In fact, if a guy takes too long to make her feel sexually turned on and open for sex, most women will usually slot him into the friend zone and begin looking for a guy who understands how the modern dating scene works.

These days, most relationships start with sex on the first night, first date or second date.

If you wait for weeks or months and hope to “grow on a woman” over time, she will usually get bored and just sleep with another guy.

That’s not because she’s slutty, but it’s because she knows that after sex, that is when a real relationship begins.

She wants to find herself a boyfriend, not a friend.

So, if you want her to be your girlfriend, have sex with her quickly rather than hoping to grow on her over time by being a great friend.

Be a great boyfriend to her instead.

3. Waiting for a woman to make the first move.

Right now, there are probably millions of beautiful women all across the world that would happily pick you for sex and a relationship.

Yet, you’ve got to have the balls to make a move on her. You can’t expect her to be the man and lead the way to kissing, sex and a relationship.

Most of the guys who are going around complaining that women are too picky, are also the guys who are sitting around waiting to get lucky someday, when a woman makes a move on them.

Falling asleep at night, millions of guys daydream that the perfect woman will miraculously walk up to them and pick them, or that they will bump into each other like in a romantic movie and will immediately start talking, connecting and falling in love.

Awww, how sweet.

In the real world, you need to have the balls to make something happen with a woman.

You can’t sit around trying to look good and hope that women come over and guide you to kissing, sex and a relationship.

That only works for really good looking guys who sometimes get hit on by unattractive women who want his genes or to show him off to their girlfriends.

Hot women usually wait to get approached and even when you do approach, they test your confidence by playing hard to get.

If you can’t handle that, they don’t want you.

Hot women don’t want to give an insecure guy access to their pussy because instinctively, she fears getting pregnant to the wrong guy.

She doesn’t want to get stuck with an insecure guy that she will have to protect, nurture and take care of emotionally.

She wants a man who has the balls to get this done in this world.

If a woman gets the impression that she is more dominant than the guy and that she has to baby him because he’s too insecure to approach her like a real man, she won’t be able to respect him, and without respect, she won’t be able to feel attraction for him either.

Making Women Want to Be Picked By You

Hopefully, by now, you’re no longer wondering, “Why are women so picky?” because realized that a woman’s pickiness is usually just her way of finding a guy who is man enough for her.

As long as you can spark a woman’s feelings of sexual attraction by displaying some of the personality traits and behaviors that are naturally attractive to women (e.g. confidence, charisma, sense of humor, drive and determination) she will naturally be drawn to you, and she will be on her best behavior trying to make sure that you pick her.

Of course, don’t expect her to make that obvious to you.

If the woman you’re interacting with is attractive, she knows that pretty much every guy would bang her if she gave him the chance.

She’s almost certainly going to play hard to get so she can test to make sure that you are a man with real confidence that she can rely on.

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