When a woman compliments you, the way that you respond will depend on whether or not you want to have sex with her.

Assuming that you are sexually attracted to her and want to have sex with her or begin a sexual relationship with her, here is what to say (and do) when she compliments you…

1. Use it as an Opportunity to Build on Her Feelings of Sexual Attraction For You

What most guys would do when a woman gives them a compliment, is simply say something like, “Oh, thanks.”

Yet, just saying, “Thanks” is not going to make her feel turned on and interested in talking to him some more.

Sure, it’s the polite way to accept a compliment, but we’re talking about attracting women for sex and/or a relationship here.

If you want a woman to just like you as a person, go ahead and say, “Thanks,” but if you want her to feel even more attracted to you, add in some humor.

For example:

Her: I really love the color of your eyes.
You: (Smile and say in a joking manner) Thanks, but you’re going to have to do better than that if you want me to give you my phone number.
Her: (Most likely laughing) No! I was just giving you a compliment.
You: (Still smiling and joking) Phew, I’m glad that’s all it was, because you know I’m a respectable guy. I just don’t go out with any beautiful woman who gives me compliments, you know?
Her: (Most likely giggling, laughing) Oh, okay.
You: (Smiling) Since you love my eyes so much, maybe we should go grab a cup of coffee together sometime and I’ll let you stare into my beautiful eyes. It will cost you $15 per minute though. I have expensive eyes.
Her: (Most likely laughing).

As you can see, you can take a simple compliment and turn it into the type of conversation that will trigger her feelings of sexual attraction for you.

Women love guys who can make them laugh.

It’s a guy’s ability to turn a boring interaction into something to laugh and feel good about that women instinctively feel drawn to.

Why? Life can get pretty dull and boring at times and it’s great to have someone around who has the ability to lighten up the mood.

Additionally, guys who are confident and able to make people laugh and feel good usually have more friends, get promoted more at work and live a happier, healthier life.

So, a woman instinctively knows that she is most likely (not guaranteed of course) going to live a better life if she gets into a relationship with a confident guy who can make her and others laugh at times.

It’s not about constantly cracking jokes, being a comedian or being an entertainer for her or anyone else.

Instead, it’s just about being able to make a boring, every day situation funny and light-hearted sometimes.

When a woman compliments you and you say something confident and funny like the example above, she instantly knows that you are a special guy who isn’t boring and routine like 99% of other guys she meets.

There’s nothing wrong with just saying, “Thanks” and then attracting a woman in other ways (e.g. being confident, having a masculine vibe), but if you want a woman to feel maximum attraction for you, then add in a little bit of humor every now and then.

By displaying some of the personality traits and behaviors that are naturally attractive to women, (e.g. confidence, charm, sense of humor) you will always find it easy to attract and hook up with women, even if they start out by teasing you or saying something negative.

For example: If a woman starts off an interaction with you by playing hard to get and not being very friendly, she will instantly begin to feel respect and attraction for you if you can remain confident and relaxed and get her laughing or at least smiling.

When you break her out of the negative or closed up emotional state, she will instantly realize that you are more powerful than her and it will make her feel attracted to you.

2. Avoid Making a Big Deal Out of Her Compliment

Sometimes, when a guy lacks experience with women, he will become so excited when a pretty woman gives him a compliment, that he makes a big deal out of it and ends up looking desperate, lonely and thirsty for some attention.

In his mind, he might immediately begin to imagine her as his girlfriend and feel like it’s his lucky day.

He will imagine introducing her to his family and friends and might even go so far as picturing her as his future wife.

In all of that excitement, he might begin to think that she is “the one” for him and will show lots of interest, shower her with gifts or pay for her lunches, offer to run errands for her, and even call her or text her multiple times a day if she’s given him her telephone number.

Yet, rather than making her feel more attracted to him, that type of behavior only turns her off because it means that she doesn’t need to do anything else to impress him.

In other words, he’s not a challenge for her to win over…

When a woman shows interest in a guy, he will almost always be easily impressed by her and be willing to start a relationship with her or have sex with her no matter what she says or does around him from then on.

In his mind, he is about to score and he wants to make sure that she knows that he likes her.

He assumes that if he doesn’t show how keen he is, she will be disappointed and give another guy her attention.

Yet, what he doesn’t realize is that pretty much every guy that a woman shows interest in will act like a thirsty guy in the desert who is dying for a glass of water.

In other words, pretty much every guy will be willing to have sex with her or start a relationship because most guys struggle to get laid and get a girlfriend.

Why? Watch this video and you will understand the real reason why so many guys fail with women…

So, when a woman compliments you from now on, try to be a bit more of a challenge for her to win over, rather than just being polite and nice all the time.

If you can be a bit of a challenge for her to win over, she will not only feel attracted to you, but she will also feel excited by the challenge.

She will want to try her best to seduce you and get you to want her and while she is doing that, she will naturally begin to fall in love you with you and fantasize about you being “the one” that she’s been looking for all along.

What’s an example of being a challenge?

First and foremost, you must make her feel attracted to you. If she’s not attracted to you, she’s not going to care if you lose interest in her.

So, assuming that you have attracted her, here’s what you can do…

If she compliments you, flirts with you and shows interest in you today, you can respond by being charming and flirty back.

Yet, when tomorrow comes, if she acts like she doesn’t even know you and is cold and distant, rather than chase after her and try to get her attention again (which is what most guys would do and is not very challenging to her), just ignore her and make a point of talking to other, attractive women in her presence.

When she sees that other attractive women like you, she will instantly get worried that one of those women will seduce you and take you from her, so she will immediately begin showing interest in you again.

By allowing your interest in a woman to rise and fall depending on how she behaves when she interacts with you, you are making it clear to her that you are not like all the other guys she knows.

You are a challenge to win over because you are not desperate like other guys are.

Women want to be with a man who is a challenge, because for most women, if she is attractive, she knows that all she really has to do is wear a short skirt, show off her cleavage, wear some makeup and do her hair, and most guys will be falling over themselves to be with her.

That’s not exciting for her because it’s available 24/7, 365 days a year no matter where so goes in the world.

What isn’t available is a guy who has the confidence and social intelligence to be the challenge that women desperately want to win over.

You have to make it clear to her that if she wants you, she is going to have to behave herself and work hard to impress you; not the other way around.

Don’t say that to her directly. Instead, just show it to her by the way you respond to her behavior.

She will know exactly what is going on and she will strive to be the girl that captures your attention, love and devotion.

3. Avoid Letting Your Insecurities Stop You From Making a Move

When a beautiful woman gives an insecure guy a compliment, he will often be too afraid to take it to the next level.

A confident guy will see the compliment as a sign of interest from her and then build her interest by making her feel attracted to him in additional ways, (e.g. by making her feel girly and feminine in contrast to his masculine vibe, making her laugh, being charismatic, being charming).

He will then either move in for a kiss, get her number, ask her out on a date or take her home for sex.

Yet, an insecure guy will naturally be insecure about it. He’ll be thinking, “Does that compliment means she likes me? What if I ask her out and she rejects me and says that she just wants to be friends? Maybe I should wait for her to make it more obvious.”

He will then act nice and pretend to just want to “get to know her” and be a friend, when his real motives are sex, love and a relationship.

When a woman sees that the insecure guy isn’t making a move, she will begin to lose interest in him.

He may then think, “See! I knew it. Why would a pretty woman like her be interested in a guy like me? Women like her only go for good-looking guys with big muscles, or guys with lots of money and important jobs. I have big ears and I’m just barely scraping by financially. Her compliment meant nothing. She was just being nice to me. Women don’t like me.”

Things will then get awkward between them and she will begin to avoid him.

What the insecure guy doesn’t know is that all she needs is for him to be confident and take things to the next level, rather than worrying about what she may or may not be thinking.

Here’s the thing…

If a woman gives a guy a compliment and she only feels a bit of attraction for him, that doesn’t mean that the guy can’t make her feel a LOT of attraction for him.

Feelings of attraction can be CREATED.

You can literally make a woman feel intense attraction for you by actively displaying some of the personality traits, behaviors and inner qualities that naturally attract women (e.g. confidence, masculine vibe, charisma, charm, humor).

Watch this video to understand how it works…

What most guys don’t realize is that, although a woman might initially feel attracted to a guy based on his appearance, her decision to have sex or be in a relationship with him depends on many different things besides his looks.

For example: A guy might be very good looking from a distance, but when he interacts with women he becomes nervous, insecure and self-doubting, which is unattractive to women.

So, even though he might be good looking, most women (not all) will begin to see him as being unattractive because of his emotional weakness.

On the other hand, a guy who is plain, or even what others might perceive as being ugly, can attract women by displaying some of the personality traits, behaviors and inner qualities that naturally attract women.

For example: If he is confident, charismatic, charming, interesting to talk to, or displays other qualities that are naturally attractive to women, most women (not all, of course) will see him as being more good looking than he seemed at first sight, because his behavior and actions are triggering feelings of attraction.

So, when a woman compliments you, don’t waste time worrying about whether you’re her physical type or not, or whether her compliment is just friendly or nice.

If you want to have sex with her or begin a sexual relationship wither, simply focus on making her feel sexually attracted to you displaying some of personality traits and behaviors that are naturally attractive to women (e.g. confidence, charisma, humor, masculinity).

Remember: What to say when a woman compliments you is not as important as behaving in the ways that are attractive to women.

You Snooze You Lose

You snooze you lose

An opportunity not used, is an opportunity lost.

When a woman compliments you, she is giving you an opening to seduce her into something more.

However, don’t expect her to take the lead, do all the work for you or make it obvious that she is giving you a green light to seduce her.

It’s up to you to take her compliment as a sign of interest, turn it into attraction, and then guide both her and you to kissing, dating and sex and a relationship if you both want it.

You can look at her compliment as just being friendly if you want, but that’s not going to help you get a result with her.

Insecure thinking will get you nowhere with women, whilst confident thinking will get you everywhere.

If a guy doesn’t make a move on a woman after she gives him an opening to seduce her, she may eventually begin to wonder, “What’s wrong with this guy? Why doesn’t he make a move?” and then lose interest.

It’s not a woman’s role to lead a man into sex and a relationship. Women give hints and it’s up to you as a man to build on her attraction and then be confident enough to attempt to move things forward.

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