If you’ve been finding that women are too picky, then you either haven’t been meeting enough single women or you haven’t been making them feel enough attraction for you when you meet them.

Yes, some women are very picky and will only accept a perfect male model with loads of money, but as you will discover by watching the video below, most women are much more flexible about what they find attractive in a guy…

Most women are not too picky, but it can definitely seem that way if they aren’t picking you. You know that you’re a good guy and that a woman would be lucky to be with you, but you just aren’t making them realize that.

Making a woman realize that you’re an awesome guy and that she’d be lucky to be with you is not done through convincing her with words.

Instead, it is done by triggering her feelings of respect and attraction for you as a guy. Once a women feels respect and attraction for you, she will then look at all of your other great qualities (e.g. you’re smart, you’re a good guy, you have good intentions with her, etc) in a more positive light.

However, if she doesn’t feel respect and attraction for you as a guy, it won’t really matter to her that you’re a smart, kind-hearted guy with good intentions.

Are Women Only Interested in Good Looking, Rich Guys?

Unfortunately, guys who adopt a negative attitude and believe women to be too picky also fall into the trap of believing that women are only interested in a guy’s looks, wealth, or material possessions.

They’ll carry a chip on their shoulder over not having movie star good looks; or being shorter than average; or not having a muscular physique; or not having the finances to fill their closet with designer clothes and shoes, and the list goes on.

They assume that women overlook them or reject them because they don’t have all of the above listed things, but this is a big mistake, and if it’s one that you are making, it’s time for a reality check.

You only need to take a look around you in any social environment to see men of all shapes and sizes with beautiful women, even guys you see as “ugly” in some way, so what is it they have that you don’t have; why are women picking them and not you?

It’s quite possible that you believe a beautiful woman would only be interested in an “ugly” guy if he has a big bank balance (or a big something else) but if that’s your attitude, you really need to let it go because it’s the only thing standing in the way of being able to enjoy the success you want with women.

Yes, there is a small percentage of shallow women out there who will only accept a guy who is super rich and perfectly good looking. Yet, most aren’t that shallow.

Most women are not attracted to a guy purely because of how he looks, what he’s wearing, how his hair is styled, what car he’s driving, or even how fat his wallet is. The majority of women (95%) simply aren’t that shallow.

Sure, if a guy is successful in life and has a “look” that really suits his personality, then that’s cool, but other than making sure he’s clean and not looking like he just crawled out from a hole in the ground, it’s not his outer appearance that decides his attractiveness in most women’s eyes.

Most women are attracted to who a guy is in terms of his personality and character traits, not what he is in terms of his looks or material possessions. The essential qualities and characteristics women are looking for in a man are things like: Confidence, masculinity, charm, charisma and the ability to make her laugh and smile.

In other word, good looks can only get a guy so far. A guy might look like he’s just stepped off the front cover of a magazine, but if he doesn’t have the type of personality that naturally attracted women, he won’t be able to hold the attention of most women for very long.

Are You Making Women Feel Enough Sexual Attraction For You?

Women are not overlooking you because they’re too picky, but because they aren’t seeing enough the attractive qualities that they’re looking for in a man when they interact with you.

If you have hang ups and insecurities about your outer appearance, the chances are this will lead to behaving in a shy, awkward, and insecure way. It’s your attitude and behavior that’s turning women off, not your height or your hairstyle.

Women are instinctively attracted to alpha males; men with confidence, masculinity, and a sense of purpose in life. Modern women are much more independent than in previous generations and this often results in the need to be “tough” in everyday life.

It’s having to behave in a more masculine way and having to supress their natural femininity that makes a modern woman long to meet a man who has what it takes to make her feel like a woman.

They want a man to have strong alpha characteristics because being alpha makes him mentally and emotionally strong enough to naturally take the lead in a relationship, allowing a woman to let her guard down and relax into being truly feminine.

If you lack self-confidence and you behave in a shy, anxious way around women, or you try way too hard to be liked as a result, you’re not showing yourself to be the type of guy they want.

If you have genuine self-confidence, true masculinity, and social intelligence, you have qualities that make you stand out as a guy who knows who he is and what he’s about in life, making you a sexually attractive guy in the process.

When you develop the alpha qualities that allow you to feel secure in yourself as a man and secure in what you’ve got to offer in a relationship, you become a guy that all women want – and certainly not a guy who thinks women are too picky.

If women aren’t picking you at the moment, you change all of that by becoming a much more sexually attractive man. All of the qualities and characteristics women are looking for in a man can be learned, developed and put into practice to make you an irresistibly attractive man who effectively has his pick of women.

Modern women are looking for a man with qualities that make him stand out as a “real man” in their eyes, so in this sense you could argue that women are too picky, but only because they’re holding out for the alpha male they want and choosing not to make do with a lower ranking male.

Being an alpha male is not about being a bad boy, jerk or asshole. It’s about being emotionally strong and secure in who you are as a man and what you’ve got to offer. It’s about having unrelenting belief in yourself that allows you to take action and achieve whatever you want to achieve in life.

What we teach here at The Modern Man is about how to be a good guy alpha male who is not only naturally attractive to women, but also the type of guy that other men respect and people want to be friends with. You can be that guy.

You can be the guy that most women find attractive. When you develop the ability to attract women, you can be the guy who says, “Women are too easy” rather than saying, “Women are too picky.”

How? Click around here at The Modern Man and we’ll teach you quick and easy ways to get what you want with women…

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