If you consider yourself to be a nice guy and you’ve also been rejected by a lot of women, you have come to the conclusion that women don’t like nice guys.

If you’ve also seen women lusting after guys that you consider to be bad boys, then it’s only natural that you might ask, “Why don’t women like nice guys?” and “Why do women like jerks and bad boys?”

Watch the video below by Dan Bacon (founder of The Modern Man, author of The Flow and a nice guy who get laid) to understand why some nice guys get rejected and other nice guys don’t…

As Dan explains in the video above, there’s nothing wrong with being a good guy or being nice to women. The problems occur when you are not saying or doing anything to trigger feelings of sexual attraction inside of a woman and are simply hoping to be “liked” enough for being such a good guy.

Being nice to a woman doesn’t make her wet, but triggering her feelings of sexual attraction does. When you trigger a woman’s feelings of sexual attraction, she really appreciates the fact that you are also a nice guy. However, if you don’t make her feel attracted to you, most women won’t care that you’re nice guy because it’s not what makes them feel sexually interested in a guy.

Are You Too Nice to Women That You Want to Have Sex With?

If you consider yourself to be a nice guy, then you’re probably confused by the idea that it’s possible to be too nice, right? So let me explain: there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being a nice guy, but to be sexually attractive to women, a guy must also be confident, masculine, and alpha.

If you’re a nice guy who is also shy, nervous, and intimidated by women, or you put women on a pedestal and try way too hard to liked, you don’t have the qualities it takes to be seen as a sexually attractive man.

With this in mind, women might like a nice guy as a friend but to be seen as a potential boyfriend, a woman needs to feel sexually attracted to him. Like and lust are two very different things.

Women do like nice guys, so if you’re asking, “Why don’t women like nice guys?” it can only be because you’ve experienced rejection or you’re finding that women are not responding to you in the way you want them to.

With this being the case, getting the results with women you want rests on switching your focus from, “Why don’t women like nice guys?” to, “Why don’t women like me in the way I want them to?”

Fact Vs. Fiction

In the movies, women seem to fall for the “bad boy” every time. The guy who treats her badly is initially favored over the “nice guy” who is always there for her and  provides a shoulder to cry on whenever her latest jerk of a boyfriend does something to upset her.

If the nice guy is able to save the day, save the girl or save the world by the end of the movie, she will then fall in love with him for being so confident and brave. However, if that isn’t the storyline, the nice guy will simply be her whipping boy.

He will be constantly doing favors for her and essentially be at her beck and call around the clock. Whenever she needs help with anything, he’s there; whenever she needs someone to talk to, he’s there on the end of the phone, and whenever she needs her ego boosted, he’s there with some heartfelt words to make her feel better about herself.

She says things like, “You’re the nicest guy I know,” or, “I’m so lucky to have you as a friend,” or, “The girl who gets you as her boyfriend will be the luckiest girl in the world.” Huh? If she’s thinking all of that, why is she chasing after the “bad boy” who keeps breaking her heart instead of falling in love with the nicest guy she knows?

Well, let’s just say that movies are responsible for most of the confusion guys feel over what women are looking for in a man and what they really want in a relationship.

In movies where the “bad boy” gets the girl and the “nice guy” loses out, the bad boy is always the ridiculously good-looking guy with a rugged jawline and rippling muscles while the nice guy is always the squeaky-clean puny guy who is also a bit of a nerd.

It’s no wonder that this leads guys into believing that all the advertising hype they’re bombarded with is true and that women really are only interested in how a guy looks.

This can make a “puny guy” think that hitting the gym will make him more attractive to women, or it can make a “nerdy guy” think that getting himself a new, trendier look with some designer clothes and an updated hairstyle will boost his attractiveness, but none of this will change anything that actually matters.

Real women in the real world are instinctively attracted to confident, masculine, alpha males, and the way a guy looks on the outside is of no importance compared to who he is as a man on the inside.

You might look like you’re straight off a Hollywood set but if you don’t have what it takes to approach women in the confident way they like to be approached and you don’t have the type of mental and emotional masculinity it takes to make a woman feel like a woman in your presence, you don’t have what it takes to make her feel the sexual attraction it takes to make her want you.

Of course, it’s not unusual to find the storyline in many movies leads to the beautiful woman finally realizing that the guy she’s been in love with all along is the “nicest guy she knows” and she jumps into bed with him – and they live happily ever after! Believe me, this is not going to happen in real life.

Women are not turned on by guys who put them on a pedestal or throw themselves at their feet and they’re not sexually attracted to guys who have nothing else going on in their lives other than being “best friends” with them or being “one of the girls”!

Why Don’t Women Like You in the Way That You Really Want Them To?

Why don't women want to have sex with you?

Do you know the answer to that question?

Another way to ask you that question is: Why don’t women want to have sex with you? Why do they only see you as a friend or as another nice guy to overlook, while they go ahead and have sex with a guy who isn’t as good of a guy as you are?

Simple…you’re not turning them on. You’re just being the good guy that you are and expecting that women like you enough for that to “give you a chance” to be with them. That’s not how it works. You’ve got to turn her on and when you do that, she will then appreciate the fact that you’re a good guy.

If you’re asking, “Why don’t women like nice guys?” because you’re a nice guy and women keep overlooking you, you need to change what has preventing you from enjoying the success you want. There’s nothing wrong with being nice to a woman, but are you being too nice and hoping that it’s enough to get you the girl?

The ideal type of man for most is a good guy who is also confident, masculine, and generally cool and good fun to be around. Do you have those qualities, or are you just a “nice” guy?

If you want women to take you seriously, you have to take their wants and needs seriously. Women want you to trigger their feelings of sexual attraction and when you do that, they will then take you seriously.

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