If your aim is to hopefully score with a woman who is nice enough to give you a chance, then you’re approaching it all wrong.

Instead of thinking, “How can I score with women?” you should to change it to, “How can I make a woman feel lucky to score with me?”

Why? Most guys in this world are willing to have sex with pretty much all of the attractive women they see. It’s very easy for us guys to be sexually interested in a guy because much of our attraction to women is based on how they look.

Women know this.

They get it.

Willing to have sex with her just based on appearance

If a woman is pretty, attractive, sexy or even just decent looking, she will have gone through most of her life being looked at, hit on and asked out by guys who are willing to be her immediately.

The guys don’t even care about her personality or who she is as a person – just on her looks alone, they are willing to have sex with her, go out on a date with her and even get into a relationship with her.

This is one of the main reasons why if you’re looking for the answer on “How to score with women,” you need to focus on making the woman feel lucky to be scoring with you. In other words, you need to be a bit more of a challenge…

As long as you can make a woman feel a strong attraction for you (i.e. by being confident, having a masculine vibe, being charismatic, making her laugh, etc), she will automatically become sexually interested in you.

If you can then connect with her and get her feeling like she would be lucky to have sex with you or be your girlfriend, then she will become romantically interested in you.

Attracting women and then picking them up for sex is actually very easy to do because most guys do not have the skill set or the awareness of the reality that women live in. When a typical guy meets an attractive woman, he essentially behaves like pretty much every other guy that she’s met prior to him.

In other words, he feels attracted to her and is romantically and sexually interested in her immediately, even if she isn’t doing anything to impress him other than look good.

He will then try hard to impress her (e.g. by being really nice) and hope to get a chance with her. Going through that process with a guy is very boring and typical for a woman, so when you can offer her something more exciting, you will find it incredibly easy to score with women.

How Do Normal, Everyday Guys Score With Women?

When guys are looking for advice on how to score with women, they’re often confused by the fact that they see ordinary-looking guys (perhaps guys they see as being less attractive or uglier than they are) with women falling all over them.

Yet, despite their looks, good job, nice clothes and good intentions with women, they are struggling to get any kind of attention from women or to get themselves a girlfriend. Naturally, guys in that position want to know what those ordinary guys have got that they don’t have.

Ugly guy has a baby with a beautiful woman

Black guys with white women

How is this possible?

Everyday couples

Asian guy with white girlfriend

Ugly guy with hot cheerleader girlfriend

Guy with a weird nose with a beautiful girlfriend

Guy with big ears with beautiful girlfriend

White man marrying a black woman. Asian guy marrying a black woman

Fat Asian guy with pretty girlfriend

Asian guy marrying pretty white girl


Fat guys with pretty women

Fat men marrying beautiful women

Scoring With Women is Not All About Looks

As Dan Bacon explains in the video below, there are some women who will only accept a perfect looking, male model type of guy with loads of money. That is true.

However, what most guys don’t realize is that the majority of women have what Dan calls an “Open Type,” which means that the woman is open to being with all different types of guys, as long as the guy can make her feel enough attraction for other reasons (e.g. his confidence, charisma, masculine vibe, flirting, humor, etc).

One of the biggest myths surrounding what it takes to score with women is that it’s all about looks. TV ads, billboards, glossy magazines, and movies all perpetuate the myth that women are only interested in “good looking” guys who kit themselves out in all the latest trendy designer gear and look like they’ve just stepped off the front cover of a men’s magazine.

This is simply not the case in reality. You only need to look around you at those ordinary guys with beautiful women on their arms to realize that having the right stuff to attract women goes way beyond looks alone.

in the real world, most women are not looking to score with the best-looking guy they can find because they instinctively know that a guy’s looks is not his most important attribute. In terms of a guy being able to survive, thrive and protect her, he needs to be able to have confidence, masculinity and social intelligence, rather than just a pretty face.

Most women are looking to score with a guy who has the inner qualities it takes to make them feel a deep and instinctive sexual attraction that is based on survival, rather than on the temporary attraction to looks.

Scoring With Women is Not All About Money

Another popular myth is that “ugly” guys who attract beautiful women must have loads of money.

This myth is readily believed by guys who consider themselves to be at least average-looking if not above average but still can’t get themselves a girlfriend, and this is simply because it would appear to explain why those other guys get all the attention instead of them. Yet again, this is not the case in reality.

Just as most women are not attracted to a guy by his looks alone, they are also not interested in a guy because of what he is in terms of financial wealth, material possessions, or fame. Yes, some women are money hungry whores and gold diggers, but the majority of women are much more flexible with what they find attractive about men.

Most women are more interested in who a man is on the inside (i.e. his personality, his determination to succeed, his self-esteem, etc) and his potential to possibly succeed in life at some point.

Most women do not expect a guy to already be successful in life in order for him to be attractive. Most women can feel just as much attraction for a guy who seems like he has the potential to succeed, as they do for a guy who is already successful.

If you don’t understand that, you will likely go through your life feeling as though you’re not good enough for women. The fact is, if you are a good guy, then you ARE good enough for most women. All you need to do is simply improve your ability to trigger feelings of sexual attraction inside of a woman when you meet her and most women will be interested in you.

Where Guys Go Wrong

Here’s a couple of examples out of millions of guys who are struggling to score with women…

Jed’s story…

Jed got sucked in by the advertising hype he was constantly being bombarded with on TV and billboards and he made the decision to get himself a “makeover” in an effort to make himself more attractive to women.

He spent a fortune on designer clothing and shoes and then devoted an entire day to getting his hair restyled and undergoing every imaginable kind of male “plucking and preening” process in a health spa. He then spent another small fortune on buying the recommended male grooming products to help him maintain his new super-smooth, Metrosexual image.

He looked good, he smelled good and he felt good, so he set off downtown with a spring in his stride. Jed noticed that women were noticing him a lot more. With his new-found confidence in his appearance he felt he was guaranteed to score, but he was wrong.

Jed felt more confident about his appearance on the outside, but when it came to approaching women he liked, he realized that he was no more confident on the inside. He still lacked the ability to confidently talk to attractive women and make them enjoy being around him. He looked good to women, but he didn’t make them feel good, so he didn’t score.

His shyness and anxiety made women feel awkward in his company and their interest in him was short-lived.

Dave’s story…

Dave noticed that beautiful women always seemed to gush over the male actors in Hollywood movies, even though those men weren’t necessarily model material. He assumed that if he could just copy their behavior and repeat some of their cool lines around girls, then he would finally be able to score with women.

This was a big mistake on many levels because the guys in movies are actors, not real people and the lines they use are scripted. The reactions from the actresses in the movies suggests that what the guy is saying is cool and attractive, but the actress is simply acting.

Real women living in the real world can see when a guy is attempting to hide his insecurities behind a weird, confident front. If the words that he is saying seem awkwardly scripted, he’s going to be rejected by most women that he tries it on…and that’s exactly what happened to Dave.

Women saw right through him and they rejected him. Most women don’t want to accept a guy who doesn’t believe that he is good enough “as is.” When a guy feels the need to put on a fake front to hopefully try and impress a girl, she will usually notice it and reject him.

The Right Way to Do it

Those ordinary guys you see with women falling over them know something that you don’t know. They know what really turns women on and they know how women think. They know that women love the thrill of the chase and they know that women want to feel lucky to have scored with a man that all women want to score with.

If you are just starting out and want to be able to score with hot women, you need to begin by improving your ability to trigger feelings of sexual attraction inside of a woman. Watch this video to understand how it works…

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