If you’re not having any luck with women lately, you may have begun to think that modern women are too picky, too difficult and oftentimes, not worth the effort.

Yet, attracting and picking up women is actually one of the easiest things that a guy can ever do in life. When you know how to attract women, you don’t have to rely on getting lucky because most of the women that you meet feel attracted to you.

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It’s so damn easy to attract women for sex or a relationship these days.

Most women are totally open to having sex with you to see how things go and many women are fine with starting a relationship to see if it turns into something special.

Waiting to Get Lucky is a Waste of Your Precious Lifetime

Stop wasting your life

You can actually attract women now. You don’t have to sit around waiting and hoping that something magically happens one day.

Right now, you are good enough for MOST women.

All you need to do is learn how to turn on your natural ability to make them feel attracted to you. When you do that, most women like you and you can then get on with enjoying your choice of women until you are ready to settle down with your perfect girl.

Don’t waste your life thinking that you’re not good enough because you ARE.

Don’t hope that a woman will overlook the fact that you don’t even know how to make her feel attracted. She might initially accept that (i.e. you will get lucky), but the relationship almost always won’t last.

Most guys in this world don’t even know that it’s possible to attract with women their personality, behavior and conversation style. They assume that women don’t like them because they’re not good looking enough, but that’s not it.

This is real reason why a lot of good guys fail with women…

Some guys hope that if they just wait long enough, they might one day “get lucky” and score a beautiful woman who isn’t very picky. She will overlook the fact that she doesn’t feel much attraction and just love him for him.

They will then live happily ever after. Awww…sweet.

Wake up! That’s not how it works.

Sure, some guys do get lucky and score themselves a hottie, but once she gets bored or finds a replacement guy, he is finished. So, why does a woman hook up with a guy who doesn’t even know how to properly attract her or isn’t even her real type?

Here are some of the reasons why…

1. She wants a guy that she can control

When a woman notices that a man is desperate for some female attention and doesn’t believe that he can attract other women, she usually realizes that she will be able to control him in a relationship with the threat of a breakup.

She’ll be the one who has the power and will end the relationship whenever she wants without any regard for his feelings or desire to be with her. Women who use this type of “dating strategy” will stay in the relationship until something better comes along.

They will even go as far as marrying a man, only to cheat on him and divorce him later when they find a better option.

2. She wants a guy that she will never truly love

If a woman hooks up with a guy who can’t attract other quality women and simply got lucky with her, she will never love him as much as she would a guy who makes her feel more and more attraction over time.

A lot of guys don’t realize that it’s possible to deepen a woman’s love, respect and attraction over time in a relationship. When you have that skill, your relationship will not break up. There is no need to break up because the feelings become more and more powerful over time.

If a guy is insecure about his ability to attract women (including her), it will turn her off on a deep level. She might love him and really like him as a person, but she will never experience the type of love that she would with a guy who is truly attractive to her.

Since the love that she feels the guy who got lucky with her won’t ever become too deep and meaningful, it won’t hurt her very much (if at all) to break up with him. He will be the one who is devastated by the breakup and she will move on quickly and easily without having to go through much of a grieving process.

Some women do this to guys because they have been broken up with or cheated on by more confident men in the past. Instead of having to go through that painful experience again, a woman will accept a lesser man whom she will never truly love.

She might stay with him for a few years or even for life, but she will never truly love him in the way that she’d love a man who knows how to deepen her feelings of respect, love and attraction over time.

3. She lacks experience when it comes to relationships

Some younger women make the mistake of hooking up with guys who are insecure and lacking confidence and masculinity, because they lacks experience with relationships and don’t yet know how to identify the real men from the boys.

At the start of the relationship, she might feel as though she “loves” him because she is enjoying all the wonderful feelings that come along with lust and sex. Yet, if he doesn’t know how to build on her attraction and respect for him over time, she will gradually lose respect, then lose attraction and then begin fall out of love with him.

To show you what I mean, here’s a video I made for guys who’ve been broken up with by a woman…

4. She is insecure and doesn’t feel as though she deserves a better man

Sometimes, a woman will get into a relationship with a man that she isn’t fully attracted to because she is insecure and doesn’t feel like she deserves anything better.

To many guys, this seems like the PERFECT solution to all of their problems. They can be insecure, not know how to attract women and they will still get a great woman. Perfect!

Not quite.

Just because she is insecure and lacks confidence in herself now, it doesn’t mean that she won’t become confident later on.

Many of the guys who come to me for help on how to get their ex back, managed to hook up with a woman at a low point in her life (e.g. she had been dumped by another guy). Then, when she eventually builds her self-esteem back up again, she dumps the guy who got lucky with her and decides that she now wants and deserves a better man.

It is a very confusing, heartbreaking and annoying process for a guy to go through with a woman, especially because most of the guys that it happens to are good guys with good intentions. Yet, that’s how dating and relationships work with women. You either know how to attract women or you don’t…

In a relationship with a woman, nothing is certain unless you make it certain. You have to know how to make her feel attracted to you and then deepen her feelings of love, respect and attraction over time.

A woman may love you today, but she will just as easily fall out of love with you next week if you are unable to the man she needs you to be. Likewise, she may not be interested in getting engaged or married when you meet her, but if your love evolves and it feels right to take the next step together, you need to be brave enough to take it.

The Beginning of a Relationship is the EASY Part

A relationship falling apart

If a guy gets lucky with a woman that is out of his league, things can and often do run fairly smoothly at the start.

However, when the initial buzz wears off (anywhere from a few days to a year), the woman will eventually realize that she has accepted a guy who probably doesn’t deserve a girl like her.

When she has that realization, she will begin to pull back her interest in him and start focussing on her career or wanting to go out partying with her single girlfriends. The guy will then begin to feel insecure about her lack of affection and interest and in most cases, he will start behaving in a clingy, needy and jealous way with her.

The more insecure he becomes, the more respect and attraction she loses for him and the relationship spirals out of control.

To keep a relationship together (whether it began with genuine attraction or luck), a man has to know how to deepen a woman’s feelings of love, respect and attraction for him. If he is unable to do that, he will most-likely become insecure when the woman tests him by pulling back her interest at some point in the relationship.

If he reacts with insecurity, rather than with confidence, the woman will lose respect and attraction for him and the problems will begin.

There’s Only So Much That a Modern Woman Will Put Up With

The old days...

In the past, it was shameful for a woman to break up with or divorce a man. Dating lots of men was absolutely not allowed, so women had to be very picky and select a man that they would devote themselves to.

Women would stay with their chosen man for life, even if he didn’t know how to deepen her feelings of love, respect and attraction. If she was unhappy, she was stuck with him and had to put up with it by sticking to her, “Till death do us part” promise at the altar.

Not anymore.

If a modern woman isn’t happy in a relationship or marriage, she knows that the majority of society no longer see break ups as taboo. Some TV shows, movies and female pop singers even make the idea of divorce, break ups and affairs seem “cool” to women.

The old days of women feeling obliged to remain with a guy for life no longer exist.

For an insecure guy who has gotten lucky with a woman, it is usually only a matter of time before the whole thing unravels (i.e. she realizes her mistake or finds herself a better man) and she then dumps him and gets on with her life. This is one of the main reasons why the divorce rate has been so high over the past 50 years.

Here’s What Happened to Me When I Got “Lucky” With a Woman

Back when I had no idea about how to attract women, my main approach was to talk to as many girls as I could and then hope that one of them liked me.

I didn’t even know that I could actively attract women based on what I was saying and doing during the interaction. Instead, I would simply use the nice guy approach and hope to get lucky one day with a woman who’d give me a chance.

After being single and alone for a long time, I eventually got lucky with a girl at a party (both her and I were a bit tipsy after having some drinks). While dancing at the house party, her and I managed to get close and then somehow I started kissing her.

She was the hottest girl I’d ever scored with. I couldn’t believe it. I immediately wanted to begin a relationship with her and luckily enough, she was fairly inexperienced with relationships, so she went along with it.

Throughout the relationship, I always secretly knew that I’d gotten lucky with her, so my insecurities eventually began to change my nice behavior towards her into overly-protective, jealous, mean and sometimes even threatening behavior.

After losing a lot of respect and attraction for me, she eventually cheated on me and then dumped me. I was emotionally destroyed for a long time after that. I didn’t feel like I was good enough for women and was alone for years once again.

After a while, I made a decision that I was going to work out how to properly attract women so I could have my choice with women. I went out approaching women every weekend until I worked out how to attract women and I’ve never looked back.

I’ve now had sex with more than 250 women and I recently got married to the girl of my dreams, who is 10x hotter than the ex who dumped me all those years ago…

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