Here is a free video that provides you with three examples of what to say to make a woman feel attracted to you. If a woman feels attracted to you, she will often try to fill in the “awkward silences” to ensure that she doesn’t lose her chance to talk to you and potentially hook up with you.

Here is another video with some examples of what to say to avoid silences in a conversation with a woman you like:

Finally, here is a video that explains some very common mistakes guys make that instantly turn women off during a conversation:

Do you run out of things to say when talking to women? If so, we can provide you with loads of things to say, plus easy to use techniques for keeping conversations going and keeping them interesting. Check out The Ultimate Guide to Conversation.

Not knowing what to say to make women feel attracted to you and eager to begin a relationship with you means that you’ll be pretty much trying to get lucky. That is a bad strategy to use because when you meet a woman you are REALLY attracted to, she usually won’t be that easy.

The types of women that you currently see as being out of your league will become available to when you know how to attract them and connect with them during conversation. Instead of hoping to get lucky by meeting an amazing women who will be kind enough to give you a chance with her, make your own luck by actively attracting women during conversation.

Once you try a few of our conversation techniques, you will regret not knowing this stuff earlier because you will see how EASY it is to make women want to be with you sexually and romantically.

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