Dating as a single dad is now easier than ever because it’s no longer taboo for a woman to date, get into a relationship or even marry a single dad.

In fact, according to a recent scientific study, single dads are who have a good relationship with their children are 30% more likely to find themselves in new long-term relationship than single guys.

There Are Only Two Things That You Need to Do

Single fathers dating guide

You don’t need an in-depth strategy for dating women as a single dad.

Sure, you’ve got more responsibilities than a single guy and you already a child (or children) that you probably love more than anything else in the world right now.

However, the rules of the dating game are still the same.

Just like any other single guy, you need to:

  1. Attract women by displaying the personality traits and behaviors that naturally attract women.
  2. Confidently follow through with texts, phone calls and dates until you are in a sexual relationship with her.

Do you know how to attract women to your personality and behavior? Watch this video to understand how it works…

As you will discover from the video above, you actually have a lot of direct control over how much or little attraction a woman feels for you.

For example: If a single dad is nervous, self-doubting and insecure around women, he will be seen as unattractive because he will be displaying personality traits and behaviors that turn women off.

However, if he is confident, charismatic and has high self-esteem, he will be seen as attractive.

You can literally make a woman feel attracted to you in more than 100 different ways when you talk to her in person and about 50 different ways over the phone.

You can pick up the majority of women by only displaying 5-20 attractive traits because most women are much less picky than guys realize.

Of course, some women are very picky and will only accept a guy who looks like a male model, has loads of money, no kids and has a perfect body.
Yet, those women are the minority.

This video explains the real reason why a lot of good guys fail with women, even though most women aren’t very picky…

As you will discover from the video above, a lot of good guys waste most of their life sticking to useless excuses about why they aren’t successful with women.

Attracting women really is very simple, even if you’re a single dad.

If you believe in your attractiveness and appeal to women and that comes through as confident behavior, body language, vibe and conversation style from you, then most women will feel attracted to you because of it.

They will be attracted to the fact that you still believe in your attractiveness and appeal to other women, even though your previous relationship didn’t work out.

Why is that appealing?

We humans have had to fight and struggle to survive, thrive and prosper throughout our entire history.

Even in today’s world with our supermarkets, smartphones and government services, it is still a challenge to survive, thrive and prosper.

It’s a competitive world out there and when a woman comes across a guy who believes in himself and remains strong no matter what, it’s a very attractive and appealing quality.

It allows her to feel as though if she got into a relationship with you, she’d feel safe and protected because you are a confident, emotionally strong man who remains strong and believes in himself no matter what.

Single Dads Who Doubt Their Appeal to Women

Women won't like me because I'm a single dad

Some single dads worry that women are going to look at his situation in a negative light (e.g. “What a loser…he got dumped” or “This guy is bad news…he can’t even keep a relationship together. Would we break up if we had a child?”).

Sure, some women will think negatively, but most won’t.

If you make a woman feel attracted to your personality and behavior, she will begin to look at other things about you (i.e. being a single dad) in a positive light.

Watch this video about attraction to understand how it works. (If you want to skip ahead to where I explain it, go to 6 minutes 06 seconds (6:06) into the video and play it from there).

Single dads who don’t understand how a woman’s attraction REALLY works will worry that women will feel turned off by their dependent child or broken relationship with the ex.

Single dad separated from family

For example: He might think…

  • Will women still want to date me when they find out I’m a single father?
  • Will women be turned off by the fact that I have to pay child support?
  • Will women accept that I won’t always be available because my children are my first priority?
  • Will women perceive my children as “baggage” and try to come between us?

If you’ve watched the videos on this page, you will know that a guy can be overweight, bald, skinny, have a big nose or be a single dad who has to pay child support and he can still be attractive to many women.

Not all women will accept a single dad, but many will.

Being a Single Dad is Not Unusual Anymore

In the past, being a single father was very rare role for a man to take on, because couples got married and then stayed together for life even if they were unhappy.

Firstly because it was expected of them (marriage was forbidden and in the USA in 1900 for example, the divorce rate was less than 10%) and secondly, “for the sake of the children.”

Back in the old days, there was no internet to connect with old flames and premarital sex was forbidden, so single dads were one of the rarest things on the planet (i.e. it would happen in the mother died while giving birth).

Not anymore.

In today’s world, an estimated 50% of children end up spending at least some part of their childhood living in a single-parent household as a result of a separation, divorce or an out-of-marriage birth.

Yet, gone are the days where it was taken for granted that the children will automatically end up with their mother. According to American statistics, over 8% of all single-parent households today are now headed by a single father. This is a nine-fold increase (up from only 1%) since 1960.

Basically, being a single dad today is nothing unusual and isn’t something that you need to hide or be ashamed of.

Fact: Women Are Attracted to Men For Many Different Reasons

Dating tips for single dads

Probably one of the biggest concerns that single fathers have is that they will no longer have the criteria that women are looking for in a man.

Many guys (whether they are single, divorced or widowed) make the mistake of assuming that if they don’t fit a specific profile (i.e. good looking, have lots of money, don’t have children from previous relationships, etc), women won’t be interested in dating them.

In reality, most women (not all) are very flexible when it comes to dating.

Although a woman will initially judge a guy based on how he looks (because she hasn’t experienced his attractive behavior or personalit yet), once she meets him, his looks will become less important to her than the other qualities he has to offer (e.g. his confidence, masculinity, sense of humor, mental and emotional strength, etc).

This is why you will often see a really beautiful woman dating a plain or even “ugly” guy, or a fat guy, or a bald guy, etc.

It’s not a mistake.

She is with him for a reason.

She has discovered qualities in him that make her feel attracted to him as a man, and any imperfections that he might have (e.g. being overweight, bald, a single dad, etc) have become something that marks him out as unique to her.

He is the man that she is attracted to (i.e. because he’s confident, charming, funny, etc) and she then likes (or accepts) everything else about him because it is him and he is the man she is attracted to and wants to be with.

It might be weird to hear attraction being explained like that, but a woman’s attraction for a man is different to a man’s attraction for a woman.

Women can feel attracted to a guy’s looks, but most women (not all) are much more attracted to a man’s inner qualities, personality and behavior than anything else.

This is also why you will sometimes see a really good looking guy who is single and can never seem to get a woman to keep talking to him for more than a few minutes or stay in a relationship with him for more than a few weeks. Why?

He will be good looking, but he will lack the all-important inner qualities that make women feel deep, lasting and intense attraction, respect and love for a man.

So, if you’re a single dad, the most important thing you need to work on is your ability to attract women to your personality, behavior and inner qualities as a man.

A very important inner quality is your confidence.

Confidence (noun): Belief in oneself and one’s powers or abilities; self-confidence; self-reliance; assurance.
Insecurity (noun): Lack of confidence or assurance; self-doubt.

If your confidence has taken a serious dent after going through a messy divorce or break up, a woman will be able to pick up on your insecurity and it will turn her off.

You’ve got to believe in your appeal to women, regardless of what has happened in the past.

If you don’t believe in yourself, women won’t either. A woman would rather miss out on being with a guy than have to comfort him emotionally and be gentle because he’s so insecure and self-doubting.

She wants a ready made man who is capable of making her feel the type of love, respect and attraction that she is seeking in a relationship.

When a single father gets rejected by a woman, he might assume, “It’s because I have children,” or “It’s because young, attractive women only like young, good looking men without relationship baggage.”

Yet, the truth is, most women (not every woman) will date all sorts of different guys – old, young, rich, poor, muscular, fat, good looking, ugly, single or divorced.

It’s true and you’ve seen it all around you in real life.

The most important criteria for most women is whether or not a man can trigger her feelings of respect and attraction for him when they interact in person.

If he can do that for her, then she will find him attractive regardless of whether he is good looking, rich, or has been in a relationship before and now has children.

Single Dads Dating Guide: 3 Mistakes to Avoid Making

When you do decide to get out there and meet new women, here are some common mistakes to avoid as a single dad in the dating scene:

1. Talking too much about your kids before she is committed to the idea of being in a relationship with you.

Here’s the thing…

If you are a really confident guy who is doing well in life and can attract women with your personality (e.g. you’re charismatic, funny, confident, charming, have a masculine vibe, etc), then you can say or do whatever you want and women will lap it up.

However, if you are a single dad who doubts his attractiveness to women and is thus nervous, insecure and tense when approaching and meeting women or going out on dates, then you will need to be a bit more cautious and play by the rules of the dating game.

For example: If you don’t make a woman feel much attraction for you (e.g. because you’re too nice, polite, friendly, etc rather than being confident, charismatic and sexual) and she isn’t feeling turned on and excited about potentially getting to be your girlfriend, then she isn’t going to be very keen to hear a lot of stories and details about your child or children.

On the other hand, if you are making her feel a lot of attraction for you (e.g. you’re being confident, charismatic, charming, funny, etc), she will be turned on and exited about the possibility of being your woman, so she will keen to listen to whatever you’ve got to say.

Everything that you talk about will be heard through the filter of her sexual attraction and desire for you, so it will be 10x more interesting and appealing that if she wasn’t feeling attracted to you.

So, if you are a very confident guy and can easily attract women and turn them on, then go ahead and talk about whatever you want with women. They are going to like you no matter what you say.

However, if you don’t really know how to attract women and turn them on during a conversation, you will need to focus most of your effort on achieving that before a woman will be genuinely interested in listening to you talk about your kids.

The basic rule of the dating game is that attraction must be established first and then everything else flows on naturally after that.

So, don’t try to win a woman over by talking about your kids and hoping that she likes how good of a dad you are.

That will not work unless the woman is unattractive or desperate and is looking for a guy who doesn’t believe in himself.

If you’re dating attractive women, you’ve got to begin by triggering her feelings of sexual attraction for you based on things other than your kids.

Once she is turned on, attracted and is showing you lots of interest in you as a man, you can then reward her with details and stories about your kids.

In other words, she has to earn the right to get close to your kids. It’s a gift that she will get from you if she plays her cards right.

She needs to show you how interested she is in you first, before you allow her to have the privilege of getting emotionally closer to your child or children.

2. Talking about your ex in a bad way.

Even if you’re being completely honest by telling a woman what a bitch your ex is and how she left you with the kids to run off with her personal trainer; that type of conversation isn’t showing her what she needs to see to feel sexually attracted to you (i.e. that you’re confident, well-adjusted, emotionally mature and have successfully moved on with your life).

If you talk about your ex, just focus on the positives and tell her that you’ve moved on from her and stay in contact now because it’s the right thing to do for the children.

She doesn’t need to know anything more than that until she has earned the right (i.e. she has become your actual girlfriend) to know the private details of your past with her.

What you need to focus on is getting her to feel attracted to you and beginning a sexual relationship with her. After that, she can then earn the privilege to get more and more information out of you.

You might have heard that women like guys who are mysterious or a challenge and being a single dad who only shares intimidate details with those who earn it is a classic example of that.

3. Being too serious about the relationship upfront.

Some single dads put too much pressure on a woman when they begin dating her.

For example: A single dad might be on a first date with a woman and ask her, “So, how do you feel about raising another woman’s children?” or “How do you feel about becoming a step-mother?”

Slow down brother.

Before you’ve had sex with a woman and she is excited about being your girlfriend, it’s too much to ask.

Her raising another woman’s children or being a stepmother should be something that she brings up and needs to get approval from you about.

You’re not just going to let any woman be a stepmother to your children, right?

Of course not.

So, you need to relax and let that conversation come up if it ever does.

Some women might not even bring it up for weeks because these days, many women enjoy having casual sex relationships and aren’t necessarily looking for a lifetime commitment.

However, for the women who are interested in that, they will usually need some time to assess how much respect, attraction and love they are feeling for you.

If she is getting what she wants from a relationship with you, she will then be open to accepting him and his children.

In fact, in most cases a woman will choose to love the single dad’s children as her own when she is committed to him in a relationship.

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