Becoming a better man might seem like a lot of hard work to some guys, but it all depends on how you approach it.

I like to be able to get things done properly and efficiently, so here are 4 simple tips that will make your journey to become a better man quicker and easier…

1. Don’t Feel as Though You Need to Be Perfect at Everything Before You Are Worthy of Beautiful Women or Life Success

Stop trying to be perfect at everything

No matter how successful, happy, healthy, intelligent or well liked a man is, he will never reach a point in life where everything that he says and does is absolutely perfect 100% of the time.
No-one can be perfect at everything, but you can be awesome at things that are important to you.

If you want to become a better man, don’t waste time worrying about everything all at once. It’s too overwhelming and will make you want to waste time because it feels too difficult.

Simply focus on improving the specific areas that will allow you to achieve what YOU want in your life right now. Take it one step at a time like that and before you know it, your life will be 10x more amazing than it was last year.

For example: If you lack the confidence to approach women and don’t know how to attract women, then sort that out now.

Days or weeks from now, you’ll be talking to and then having sex with attractive women and you will have already moved on the from the lonely life that you were living.

Sound impossible that you can go from where you are today to having sex with hot women or enjoying an amazing relationship with your ideal woman within weeks?

Maybe you are one of the guys who spends too much time focussing on your excuses, rather than taking steps to become more successful with women.

Watch this video to discover some of the worst excuses that guys use for their lack of success with women, as well as the real reason why they fail…

As you will discover from the video above, you don’t have to be perfect in every way to be able to attract new women or enjoy a great relationship with a beautiful woman.

So, don’t waste your life trying to become perfect at EVERYTHING before you think you are worthy of a beautiful woman, or worthy of being successful in life.

You are ready to experience success right now.


You don’t need to wait 20-30 more years as you try to build up a career and build the perfect body before you feel like you are good enough to approach and attract women.

You are ready now.

Most women are much less picky with men that guys realize. Women may act like they will only accept a perfect male model with loads of money, but they then hook up with, get into relationships with and marry ordinary guys.

When you are the kind of of man that women respect during a conversation, they pay attention to you and want to get to know you.

When you then make women feel attracted to you during a conversation, they have a desire to kiss you, date you, have sex with you and get into a relationship with you.

When you then deepen her feelings of respect and attraction for you, she falls in love with you and wants to say with you.

You can do that kind of thing today, so don’t waste any more time thinking that you have to become a perfect man in all areas of life before you will be worthy of women.

A big part of becoming a better man is believing that you are good enough to get what you want and then having the determination to keep pushing forward and following through until you achieve it.


You won’t be able to maintain confidence in yourself around women if you don’t feel that you’re good enough for them. Likewise, you are simply going to give up (e.g. when women test your confidence by playing hard to get) if you don’t have the determination to follow through and get what you want with women.

You’ve got to feel like you are good enough right now and then simply build on who you are as you go through life. Rather than thinking that you’re not ready to succeed, simply begin to make the most of life with what you’ve got to offer right now and then build on that.

You don’t have to perfect at everything.

Becoming a better man is a lifelong process of setting small goals that gradually get you to the point where you achieve big goals.

As I mentioned earlier, if a guy has a fear of approaching and talking to women, he needs to set a goal to become confident at approaching and attracting women and then achieve that. If he can’t get past that point, then he is simply going to waste more months or years of his life feeling like he can’t do it.

He can.

Once he gets past his fear of approaching women and has the confidence to approach women he finds attractive, his next goal should be about him having the ability to attract those women with his personality and confidence.

Being able to attract her is usually enough to begin having a sexual relationship

When he achieves the goal of being able to attract women with his personality and confidence, he can then begin to have sex and get into relationships with women.

Yet, if he never takes those small steps to to achieve the incremental goals that are necessary for him, he will remain disconnected from experiencing what he really wants with women.

He might spend years building up a career in the hope that women like how much money he makes, but if he still can’t approach or attract women properly, he’s going to have to accept a lower quality woman.

Personally, I hate seeing guys waste half their life trying to build themselves up at work or in a gym, to then accept a low quality woman, when they really want a beautiful, attractive woman that they are proud to have as a girlfriend or wife.

My personal belief is that pretty much all men out there have the ability to get themselves an attractive woman. How? By being able to attract women with their personality and confidence.

When a guy is able to attract women with his personality and confidence, he then doesn’t have to worry so much about being perfect in so many other ways (e.g. fashion sense, career, body shape, etc) because he is ALREADY attractive to women.

He can then put his energy into achieving things that matter to him, rather than wasting time trying to achieve things in the hope that it will impress women.

2. Let Go of Your Past Mistakes

Let go of your past mistakes

You’ve done or said some stupid things in the past, right?

Every guy has.

It’s not just you.

Every guy has messed up at one point (or many points) in his life.

As we go through life, we live and learn. We are not born with 100% perfect knowledge on how to be an amazing man that women love and people look up to and respect.

We have to reach that point in life by learning, growing and moving past any mistakes we make along the way.

So, if you are the kind of man who has been holding onto your mistakes, make today the day that you let go.

Give yourself permission to be okay with the fact that you said or did some things that you now regret.

Everyone has made mistakes.

If you are serious about becoming a better man, then let go of your past mistakes.

We’re on a planet that is floating in seemingly infinite space. We seem to come from a place that is eternal and has always been.

You are one man in the universe. You're here with the rest of us. We're all here together.

The fact that you’ve made a few little human mistakes along the way really isn’t a big deal to the rest of the universe.

It’s not your fault that you are limited to the five senses we humans have and it’s not your fault that you have a human brain that needs to learn as it goes along, rather than being perfect and knowing everything already.

It really doesn’t matter that you’ve made some mistakes along the way. What does matter is that you use this life to become the best man you can be and achieve your true potential.

Have a look at this (old) video by Carl Sagan (1934-1996) to be reminded of how insignificant, yet significant we are…

Your life matters, but I don’t think that you should ever waste time thinking that you’re a failure because you’ve made a few mistakes in the past.

We’re all here on this planet and we’ve a human body to navigate it. We’re learning. We’re not perfect at everything and that’s okay.

When you look at that way, a man who hides from life because he thinks he is a failure after making some mistakes is just laughable from a universal perspective.

We’re on a planet with billions of humans in a galaxy with billions of other stars (most of them are suns, like our sun) that have planets orbiting around them.

You’re not the only human on this planet who has said or done some things in life that now regret because you’re wiser.

You’re learning, you’re growing and you’re becoming a better man each and every day. So, don’t be so hard on yourself. It really isn’t a big deal that you’ve made some mistakes along the way.

What matters is that you try to do better things be better as a man from now on.

You have so much more potential than you likely give yourself credit for. You can be a great, amazing man that others (even if it’s just your family, friends and coworkers) look up to and respect.

So, if you want to make the most of your life as a human man, let go of your past mistakes and start building a better future for yourself day by day.

Every day that you make progress towards your goals is day that you haven’t wasted in vain.

3. Don’t Be Afraid to Love

Now that I’ve discovered what true love really is, I always see people (not just men) around me who are afraid to love.

As a man, one of the most important things that you can ever achieve in life is the ability to love others from a place of emotional strength.

Essentially, this means that you are not afraid to show love to others because you don’t need anything in return.

As a result of running The Modern Man for more than 10 years now, I’ve come across thousands of men who want to be successful with women, but are afraid of being rejected or dumped.

You’ve got to be stronger than that.

The ultimate fantasy for most women (in terms of relationships) is to meet a good guy who turns her on, but is also emotionally available and mature enough to truly love her.

A woman doesn’t want to get into a relationship with a guy who is afraid to fully love her in case she leaves him, or a guy who takes all the love that he can get from her because he is emotionally insecure and needy.

She wants a man who is emotionally secure to the point where he wants her in his life, but he doesn’t need her. He’s not afraid to fully love her because if she did make the mistake of leaving him, he would be absolutely fine with or without her.

When a woman finds a man like that, she doesn’t leave unless she is a woman of bad character (i.e. she’s untrustworthy, disloyal, etc).

If you want to be successful at picking up women or keeping a relationship together, you’ve got to get to a point where you’re not afraid to love because you’re not afraid to lose a woman.

If you can’t ever get to that place as a man, your life will always be full of insecurity and fear about women. Why? Women hate to placed in a position where they are responsible for a man’s emotional security.

A woman wants to be with a man who is emotionally secure with or without her.

4. Be Careful of Getting Dating or Relationship Advice From Women

Dating advice by women

Women can be just as or even more intelligent than men in many ways, but when it comes to dating or relationship advice – you have to be careful of listening to what they say.

For example: Women will often say that men need to be more sensitive, caring and understanding.

Yet, if you take that advice literally and only focus on doing that around women, you will fail.


Being more sensitive, caring and understanding is only more attractive to women if a guy is already very confident and emotionally masculine.

For example: Women are sexually attracted to the emotional strength of men and turned off by the weakness.

So, if a man is very confident around her and other people and emotionally masculine (e.g. he is calm under pressure, emotionally strong, etc) then a woman will respect him and feel sexually attracted to him.

However, if a man is nervous, has low self-esteem and lacks emotional masculinity, a woman isn’t going to say, “WOW! You’re not only a wimp, but you’re also really sensitive. I want you!”

Instead, she’s just going to feel turned off by his emotional weakness and confusion about how to be an attractive man. When a woman is feeling turned off by a guy, she’s not going to then be turned on by his sensitivity.

So, you have to be careful about taking what women say too literally.

99% of women do not make statements like that and then follow up with explicit instructions on how to attract them using that approach.

Instead, they expect that men already understand how to attract women and then simply add in that they would like men to be more sensitive, caring and understanding.

When a woman meets a good guy who turns her on (i.e. he’s confident, charismatic, funny, has a masculine vibe, etc) she doesn’t need him to be sensitive, caring and understanding right away.
Women are only talking about AFTER they’ve had sex with a guy or DURING a relationship.

Yet, they aren’t going to spell that out for guys who don’t understand how to attract women.

By the way…

Men not knowing what actually makes women feel attracted and turned on, is one of the 3 things that a lot of attractive women hate about single men…

As you will discover from the video above, it’s very easy for a woman to make a man attracted, because we men instantly feel attracted to a woman’s looks.

Yet, we men need to be able to attract women by displaying that kind of personality traits and behaviors that women are naturally attracted to (e.g. confidence, charisma, charm, masculinity, humor, etc).

If a guy follows the advice of women (e.g. Be nice, be a gentleman, be sweet, etc), he’s going to get rejected by most women. Why? None of those behaviors are what turn women on sexually.

Women only appreciate it when a guy does nice things AFTER she is attracted to him. Watch this video for more info…

As you will discover from the video above, there’s nothing wrong with being nice to a woman, but it’s not what turns a woman on sexually.

If you want to begin a sexual relationship with a woman, you must start with sexual attraction. Then, and only then, does advice from women (i.e. be nice, be a gentleman, be loving, etc) begin to make sense.

Don’t Waste Another Day of Your Precious Lifetime

Don't waste another day of your precious life

“Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do.” Mark Twain, American Writer, 1835-1910

“When one door closes, another opens. Yet, we often look so long and regretfully at the closed door that we do not see the new one, which has opened for us.” Alexander Graham Bell, Scottish born inventor, 1847-1922

As you go through life, you’re either going to feel increasingly proud of the man you have become, or you’re going to look back in regret at a life that you’ve been wasting.

If you are serious about becoming a better man, then make today the day that you begin working on what you need to improve and achieve to get to where you want to be.

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