If you are wondering, “Where are all the single women?” because you haven’t been able to find any in your area for a long time, then look no further.

You can find single women everywhere.

For example: Here are 20 places where you can find good, single women:

  1. At the mall (walking around, shopping or working in the various department stores).
  2. At the gym (working out, or as one of the personal trainers or staff members).
  3. In coffee shops (getting coffee, or working there).
  4. At work.
  5. At universities or colleges.
  6. In bars and clubs.
  7. In the park (e.g. jogging, walking their dog, taking a yoga class, sitting reading a book).
  8. At a house party of a friend or acquaintance.
  9. At weddings.
  10. At music concerts.
  11. At dance classes (e.g. salsa, hip hop, ballroom).
  12. At meet up groups in your area.
  13. At speed dating events.
  14. On online dating sites.
  15. At music festivals.
  16. At hobby clubs (e.g. painting, cooking, hiking, bike riding)
  17. At volunteering or charity groups.
  18. On Facebook and other social media sites.
  19. At yoga classes.
  20. Walking along a shopping street.

As you can see, there are single women everywhere in your area.

However, if you’re saying, “Where are all the single women?” then the issue is not that there is shortage of women who are single, but rather that right now, you are having difficulty in approaching women and making them feel attracted.


Has This Been Happening to You?

You’re out with some friends and you see a beautiful woman that you feel attracted to. You walk up to her and try to strike up a conversation, only to have her say in a rude way, “Sorry, I have a boyfriend,” and walk away from you.

Alternatively, you’re at work (or university) chatting with a pretty co-worker (or co-student).

She seems nice and it looks like the two of you are getting along quite well. She might even say something like, “You’re such a nice guy. I love hanging out with you.”

You then take that as a sign that she likes you and you either ask her out on a date, or try to kiss her, only for her to pull back and say, “Sorry if I gave you the wrong impression…I really like you as a person, but not in that way. We’re just friends, okay? I already have a boyfriend,” or, “You’re sweet, but I’m seeing someone right now.”

It’s only natural that if something like this has happened to you, you will be thinking, “Every good, decent woman that I talk to or approach, has a boyfriend. So, where are all the single women then?”

The truth is, sometimes women will say they have a boyfriend even if they don’t, just to let a guy down easy and not have to get into too much of a discussion about why she’s not interested in going out with him, kissing him or having sex with him.

Why do women do that?

Women are attracted to men who are confident and emotionally strong and can trigger her feelings of sexual attraction.

So, when a guy approaches her and is nervous or insecure, and shows her that he’s totally impressed by her because she’s beautiful, she feels turned off because that’s what she gets from most of the guys she meets.

Attractive Women Like a Guy Who is a Challenge

Many guys who struggle to get laid or find a girlfriend often say, “Why do women have to be so difficult? I don’t understand why they say they have a boyfriend if they don’t.”

The reason is quite simple…

When a woman is beautiful (or even just attractive), she knows that all she has to do is take care of her appearance (e.g. wear sexy clothes, put on make up, do her hair, show off some cleavage or leg), and she can attract a man for sex.

Basically, women know that guys are attracted to women based solely on their appearance. If a woman is attractive, she knows that most guys will be willing to have sex with her; even if she’s not a very nice person, or if she’s not very confident or interesting to talk to.

She knows that most of the guys she meets will do the same things, say the same things and try to impress her in the same ways, to get her to have sex with them. To her that’s like watching the same movie over and over again… boring!

There’s no challenge there for her.

So, to save herself from hearing the same old pick up lines, and having the same boring conversations, she simply cuts the guy off by saying, “I have a boyfriend.”

Being a challenge is not about pretending that you’re not interested in a woman.

Instead, it’s about making her feel attracted to you when you interact with her, but letting her see that you are not fully sold on her yet. She still has to impress you some more before she gets a chance with you.

Your Looks Are Not What She is Really Looking For

What most single women want, is to meet a guy who is different from all the guys hitting on her; a guy who can make her feel sexually attracted.

Essentially, unlike men who will have sex with a woman based solely on her looks, a woman needs to experience a man’s personality too, before she will open herself to having sex with him and being his girlfriend.

For example: A guy might be very good looking from a distance but if, when he approaches a woman, he behaves in a nervous, insecure way, or if he puts on a fake persona and tries to hit on her using the same old lines, she will feel turned off by him and she will reject him.

On the other hand, when a guy comes along who can trigger her feelings of sexual attraction for him by behaving, talking and acting in the ways that are naturally attractive to women (e.g. confident, charismatic, making her laugh, making her feel girly in his presence), she will be drawn to him.

Even if, when she first noticed him, she considered him to be unattractive or not her type, because his behavior and actions are attractive to her, her opinion of him will change, because he is making her feel the way she wants to feel when he interacts with her.

This is the main reason why you will see many guys who you might perceive as being plain or even ugly with attractive girlfriends and wives.

When a guy can make a woman feel attracted to his personality and who he is as a guy, she will overlook any physical flaws (e.g. he’s bald, has a big nose or big ears, is overweight) he might have. In fact, she will often even see his physical flaws as something cute or sexy that only her guy has.

What’s Stopping You From Finding Single Women?

Are you giving yourself enough opportunities to meet single women, or are you sitting around at home feeling sad and lonely because you might have had some bad experiences with women in the past?

Guys who wonder to themselves, “Where are all the single women?” are often making one of more of the following mistakes.

1. They are too nice.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with being a nice guy to women, but unless you are being a good guy who is also making her feel attracted, she is not going to be interested in having sex with you or being your girlfriend.

Many guys make the mistake of thinking that if they’re very nice to a woman and make her like him as a person first, she will then be more interested in him romantically.

However, just because you might have heard women saying, “I just want to find a nice guy,” or “I wish a nice guy would hit on me for a change,” she’s not referring to a polite, nervous, insecure guy who does everything she wants him to do and is always trying to impress her.

The type of nice guy most women are referring to is a decent, good guy who is confident, makes her feel girly and feminine in contrast to his masculine vibe, can make her laugh, is interesting to talk to, etc.

So, if you’ve been the nice guy who has been striking out, you can change that right now.

Remember: There’s nothing wrong with being nice to a woman, as long as you also focus on making her feel sexually attracted to you.

When you behave in the ways that are naturally attractive to women (e.g. confident, charismatic, masculine), not only will she feel sexually attracted to you, she will also love and appreciate the fact that you’re also a nice guy.

2. They ignore opportunities to meet single women.

If you read the list at the beginning of this post, you will already know that there are many different places where you can meet single women.

Yet, many guys will go through life saying, “All the good women are taken,” or “Where are all the single women?”

The truth is: There are millions of attractive, single women looking to meet a guy just like you for sex and a relationship.

However, if you’re not meeting them, could it be because you’re ignoring the opportunities all around you?

Quite often a guy will spend most of his time hanging out with other single guys, or home alone watching TV or playing video games, or browsing on Facebook hoping a nice, single girl will approach him, or click like on his page and they can then start a relationship.

That’s not how it works.

If you want to meet single women, you have to actively go out and talk to as many women as you can, make them feel sexually attracted, and get their phone number so that you can move things forward to the next level.

No, not all the women you talk to will be single, and not all of them will be compatible with you. However, there are many beautiful, single women who will be compatible with you.

As long as you keep approaching and talking to as many women as possible every day, and focus on making them feel attracted to your confidence, charm, sense of humor, you will not be single for much longer.

3. They immediately try to pick up a woman if she’s single.

Some guys are so desperate to hook up with a woman, that when they meet one who is single, they go straight in for the kill.

Unlike men who are ready to have sex with a woman the minute they see her and confirm to themselves that she’s attractive, a woman needs experience a guy’s personality before she will be excited about hooking up with him.

For example: If a guy tries to pick a woman up and is coming across as desperate, insecure, or pushy, even if he’s good looking she won’t feel much attraction for him.

On the other hand, if a guy walks over to her in a relaxed, confident way, has a chat with her, flirts a little and allows her to experience his charismatic personality, she will feel attracted to him and she will then be eager to get on with kissing, sex and starting a relationship with him.

Picking Up Single Women is Easier Than You Might Think

You don’t have to go around wondering, “Where are all the single women?” because as you can see, there are single women everywhere just waiting to meet a guy like you.

However, don’t expect women to just make it obvious to you that they want to be approached, and in some cases, even to be talking to you.

Yes, some women will make it clear that they like you when you interact with them (e.g. by touching you during conversation, telling you she likes you), but the majority of women don’t make it that obvious.

However, the majority of women want to know that the guy they’re interacting with is confident and not easily put off when he encounters a bit of resistance.

So, the next time you have the opportunity to talk to a woman; just do it.

Walk up to her in a confident, relaxed way, start a conversation with her and see where things go.

If you focus on making her feel attracted to you by behaving in the ways that are naturally attractive to women (e.g. confident, charismatic, charming), she will be excited to be talking to you and you can then get her phone number or kiss her and move things forward from there.

If she has a boyfriend, just enjoy the chat with her and either end the conversation by saying, “Okay, well it was good to meet you. Have a great night” or say, “I’m not surprised that you have a boyfriend because you are so pretty, but let me ask you this: Do you have any single girlfriends you can introduce me to?” and she will almost certainly set you up with a date.

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