Is there such a thing as “the best time to talk to a girl?”

Yes and no.

If you are a very confident guy, you can talk to a girl at any time and it will go well.

For example: A girl might be sitting in a restaurant with a group of friends eating and laughing, and although it might seem like a bad time to talk to her, if a guy can approach in a relaxed, confident, easy-going way and strike up a conversation with the group, he can easily find himself sitting next to, and having a great conversation with the girl he likes.

On the other hand, if he approaches the group in a nervous, hesitant, insecure way, the situation will usually play itself out differently (e.g. he will get the cold shoulder from the group, the girl he likes will ignore him), simply because his vibe is out of sync with that of everyone else.

Girls don’t want a nervous guy coming over and dragging the positive energy of their group down, she they will just shut him off, rudely reject him or make fun of him to keep themselves feeling good.

However, if a confident guy approaches and is relaxed, the girls will pay attention and they will be happy to talk to him if he can add some good vibes to the group.

When the girls notice that he is being accepted by the group, they all start to feel attracted to him. Why?

Girls feel more attracted to a guy’s personality and confidence than looks, so it’s often difficult for a girl to work out whether a guy is attractive.

When she sees that the other girls like him, it gives her a green light to feel attracted to him too.

Before she knows it, she is competing with most of the girls in the group for his attention and is trying to be the one that he likes the most.

He then simply needs to remain confident, build on the attraction and select the girl he wants.

Watch this video to understand how a girl’s attraction for a guy really works…

So, if you’re wondering “When is the best time to talk to a girl?” just know that everything will be fine if you can be confident, relaxed and spark her attraction for you.

20 Examples of Where You Can Approach and Talk to a Girl

Is it okay to just walk up and talk to a girl?

20 examples of a good time to talk to a girl is when she is:

  1. Sitting in a cafeteria on her own.
  2. In the line next to you at a coffee shop (e.g. ordering coffee at Starbucks).
  3. Shopping in a grocery store.
  4. In the library.
  5. Sitting next to you, or near you, on public transport (e.g. subway, train, bus, tram).
  6. In a bar or club.
  7. At the gym (but not while she’s working out).
  8. On a lunch break (e.g. at work, university).
  9. At a party.
  10. At a concert.
  11. At a wedding.
  12. In the park (e.g. walking her dog, sitting on a bench, feeding the ducks).
  13. At a hobby club (e.g. cooking class, dance class, hiking club).
  14. At a ballgame.
  15. In the elevator.
  16. At a cultural event.
  17. At a festival.
  18. At the beach.
  19. At the mall.
  20. In places where you have to queue or wait for a while (e.g. at the bank, government offices, dentist).

On the other hand, there are some situations where you just have to use your better judgment and decide whether it’s a good time to talk to a girl or not.

For example: You should not try to have a long conversation with a girl if she is…

  • Having a meal with her parents.
  • With her boss or lecturer.
  • In the middle of a serious conversation with someone.
  • Working (e.g. she’s a waitress, shop assistant) and she is busy.
  • At the funeral of a relative or close friend.
  • At the gym while she is busy working out.

Basically, as long as you approach a girl with confidence, and focus on making her feel attracted to you when you do, by displaying the personality traits and behaviors that are naturally attractive to women (e.g. confidence, charisma, sense of humor), then any time is the best time to talk to a girl.

What is Stopping You From Talking to Girls Right Now?

When a guy asks, “When is the best time to talk to a girl?” it’s usually because he is feeling too nervous and insecure to just walk up to a girl and strike up a conversation.

If that is true for you, watch this video to understand how to build the type of confidence that will allow you to approach and talk to girls whenever you want…

What a guy like this doesn’t realize, is that it’s not when he talks to a girl that is going to make a difference whether she will be interested in him or not, but his behavior while he’s doing it (e.g. is he making her feel attracted via his confidence and charm, is he making her laugh).

For example: If he is nervous, hesitant or insecure, chances are he will be rejected.

On the other hand, if a guy is confident, relaxed and easy-going when he talks to her, regardless of where she is, she will most-likely respond in a positive way.

Women are attracted to the strength in men and like it when a guy knows what he wants and isn’t afraid to go after it.

On the other hand, women are turned off by the weakness in men, because a woman knows instinctively that if a guy isn’t confident enough to strike up a simple conversation with her, then how will he handle the real challenges in his life?

Do You Know What Girls Really Want From Guys?

Many guys go through life thinking that girls are attracted to guys for the same reasons guys are attracted to girls.

Essentially, guys are mostly attracted to women because of their appearance, so, they assume that women choose men in the same way.

For this reason, when a guy is attracted to a beautiful girl and wants to talk to her, he makes the mistake of thinking that he has to look a certain way for her to want to talk to him too.

For example: A guy might be a student at a university and he might feel attracted to a beautiful girl on campus.

However, rather than just approach her and strike up a conversation with her, he makes excuses as to why he doesn’t do it. He might say, “I will talk to her, but I have to find the best time to do it,” or, “I can’t just talk to her any time I want; it has to be a good time for her.”

The truth is, he is not talking to her because it’s not a good time for her, but rather because deep down he’s probably thinking:

  • “Why would a beautiful girl like her want to talk to a guy like me?
  • “What if I’m not her type? She probably only goes out with very good looking guys.”
  • “What if I talk to her and she rejects me?”
  • “What if she’s too busy to talk to me?”
  • “What if she laughs at me or humiliates me in front of everyone?”
  • “What if I freeze up and don’t know what to say to her?”
  • “What if I make a fool of myself?”

What a guy like this doesn’t realize is that the majority of women (not all), judge men on their confidence, personality and character, rather than looks, money or status.

Naturally, before a woman has a chance to experience a man’s confidence and personality, she will have to judge him about something, so she will naturally look at the superficial things about him like his looks, popularity, body language, to base her attraction on.

However, once she interacts with him, her attraction will either get stronger, or she will even feel repelled by him (even if he is very good looking), if his behavior is not attractive to her.

For example: If she interacts with a good looking guy and he is arrogant, puts on an act trying to impress her, or behaves in other ways that are unattractive to women, her attraction for him will fade.

On the other hand, if an average looking or even unattractive guy talks to her and is displaying the personality traits and behaviors that women are instinctively drawn to (e.g. confidence, charm, masculinity), her feelings of attraction for him will grow.

Basically, when you can attract women with your confidence and personality, they forget about your looks and begin to fall in love with who you are as a man.

So, consider that, if you are not a very good looking guy and you feel that you can’t get women to feel attraction for you from a distance, then it is important for you to walk over to them and let them experience your attractive personality traits.

This is why it is so important for you to not sit around wasting time thinking, “When is the best time to talk to a girl?”

While you’re debating when to talk to her, she is not getting the opportunity to interact with you and experience your confidence, charm, sense of humor or other great qualities for herself.

If she can’t interact with you and experience your personality, she won’t be feeling attraction for you.

Attraction always comes first; then everything else (e.g. kissing, sex, a relationship) will easily follow.

3 Things to Remember When You Talk to a Girl

The best time to talk to a girl you like

Here are some things to remember when you talk to a girl:

1. She will test you.

Women test men, regardless of whether she’s only just met him, or if they have been in a relationship together for a long time. Why?

She wants to see if he is going to be insecure and crumble at the first sign of resistance from her, or will he remain confident and relaxed. Why?

She wants to feel safe with the guy she is with, because we live in a challenging and sometimes dangerous world. Girls don’t want to get involved with a guy who crumbles under pressure.

What a lot of guys don’t understand is that when a woman tests them, they can use that as an opportunity to make her feel even more attraction.

So, if you talk to a girl and she tests you in some way (e.g. acts bored, shows interest one minute and ignores you the next), if you can maintain your confidence in yourself, stay cool and just continue believing in yourself, she will not be able to help herself from feeling more attracted to you.

2. You have to make her feel attracted.

Some guys make the mistake of being nice and getting a woman to like them as a friend or as a person first.

Liking a guy and feeling attracted to him is not the same thing. A woman can like you as a person or a friend, but that doesn’t mean she is going to feel sexually attracted to you and will want to kiss, have sex and be in a relationship with you.

So, when you talk to a girl, you have to focus on triggering her feelings of sexual attraction via your personality (e.g. by being confident, charismatic, making her feel girly in response to your masculine vibe).

Only when she feels attracted to you will she be eager to start a relationship with you.

One of the best ways to make a girl feel attracted during a conversation is to show her that you’re not afraid to be yourself.

Girls hate it when guys put on an act to hopefully impress them. On the other hand, girls respect guys who just be themselves and don’t feel like they need to work hard to impress her.

3. Confidence is king.

When do girls like to be approached?

Confidence is something everyone can have; it’s a choice.

You can choose to be confident and believe in yourself and your abilities, or you can choose to be insecure and self-doubting.

The biggest favor you can do for yourself is to make sure that you choose to be confident.

Confidence is the number one thing that women are attracted to in men, so when you talk to a girl, make sure that you believe in yourself. When you do, she will not be able to help herself from feeling attracted to you.

Just Walk Up to Her and Talk to Her

When to talk to a girl you like

Don’t wait around hoping for the best time to talk to a girl, just walk up to her, make her feel attracted to you via your confidence, charm, by making her laugh, and then move things forward to kissing, sex and a relationship.

Nothing is going to happen while you are sitting around wondering, “When is the best time to talk to a girl?”

In fact, while you are waiting for the perfect moment, you stand the chance of losing her to another guy who has the confidence to make a move.

The best time to talk to a girl is right now, so, strike while the iron is hot.

Talk to her, make her feel attracted and the move forward to a kiss, sex and then relationship.

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