One of the best examples of what to say to a woman you like is to tell her that you think she is sexy.

However, make sure that you have made her feel sexually attracted to you first before you say that.

If you have already triggered her feelings of sexual attraction for you (e.g. by being confident and charismatic), then she will be excited to hear that you think she is sexy too.

So, when you’re having a conversation with her and she laughs at something you say, stop for a second, look her up and down and say, “Hey, I just want you to know that I think you’re sexy…and I like you more than just a friend.”

This cuts right to the core of what is really going on between you and her and gets rid of the need for pointless mind games where she plays hard to get to see how much you like her.

Watch this video for some more examples of what to say to a woman you like…

As you will discover from the video above, you can talk about pretty much anything with this woman you like, as long as you are also making her feel attracted to you.

If you’re wondering what to say to a woman you like because:

  • You want to show her know that you like her, without actually coming out and saying it.
  • You want to see if she likes you too.
  • You struggle to think of things to say when you’re around her.

…then, the most important thing you need to focus on is making her feel attracted to you by displaying some of the types of personality traits and behaviors (e.g. confidence, charm, charisma, humor) that are naturally attractive to women, when you interact with her.

As long as you make her feel sexually attracted to you, she will be less picky about what you say because she will like you and will be hoping that something happens between you and her.

Do You Fully Understand How Attraction Works For Women?

Many guys go through life never really understanding how a woman’s attraction for a man works.

If you aren’t fully sure about how to attract women, watch this video…

Unlike men who are instantly attracted to a woman based on her appearance, most women (not all) are attracted to men for many different reasons other than what they look like.

Even though a lot of guys are afraid to admit it when asked, they are mostly attracted to how a woman looks.

If a woman is beautiful (or even just attractive), most men will feel sexually attracted to her regardless of whether she is a nice person, has a great sense of humor or is intelligent.

Women on the other hand, feel the most amount of sexual attraction for a guy based on how he makes her feel when he interacts with her (e.g. is he confident or insecure? Is he masculine or does he come across as neutral, or worse, as being feminine? Does he make her laugh or does he bore her with polite, formal conversation?).

Of course, when a woman first notices a guy, she will naturally judge him based on his appearance.

She might think, “Hmmm… that guy is cute,” or “Oh, he’s definitely not my type because he’s too short.”

However, when she interacts with the guy, she can easily change her opinion of him if he begins turning her on with his personality and behavior.

On the other hand, if a woman interacts with a guy that she initially thought was cute (e.g. because he is good looking) and he then behaves in a nervous, insecure and self-doubting way around her, her initial attraction for him will fade because his lack of self-confidence is unattractive.

Women are instinctively attracted to confident men because genuine self-confidence is a sign that the guy will go after what he wants in life and will be able to handle the challenges that life throws at him.

She won’t have to keep encouraging him emotionally and supporting him through tough times because he is a real man that she can rely on.

When a guy is confident, a woman assumes that she will be able to rely on him to be the man and to take the lead in a relationship.

This is why you will often see good looking guys who are single and can’t get a girlfriend, or good looking guys who can only get unattractive women.

If a good looking guy doesn’t know how to attract women with his personality and behavior, he will often have to put up with whatever he can get, which usually won’t be the type of women he really wants.

Here’s the thing…

If a woman interacts with a guy she perceived as being not her type (e.g. he is bald, a bit overweight or thin) and he happens to display some of the personality traits and behaviors that are naturally attractive to women (e.g. confidence, charisma, can make her laugh, is interesting to talk to), her feelings of attraction towards him will change.

He will begin to look more attractive to her because of the way he is making her feel when he interacts with her.

So, if you want to get a woman you like to like you back, the main thing you have to focus on is making her feel attracted to who you are as a person (i.e. display confidence and let your true, charismatic personality come through).

Even if this woman already thinks you’re cute and is interested, it doesn’t mean that she will wait around for you forever.

If you don’t build on her attraction (e.g. by making her laugh, making her feel girly and feminine in contrast to your masculine vibe) and then make a move to kiss her or take her out on a date, her interest in you probably won’t last.

3 Mistakes to Avoid Making When Talking to a Woman You Like

Knowing exactly what to say to a woman you like is only beneficial when you don’t make any of these classic mistakes…

1. Pretending that you just want to be her friend

A common mistake guys make around a woman they like is to hang around her and pretend they are only interested in being her friend, even though deep down they want to start a sexual relationship with her.

If you want to have a sexual relationship with a woman, you must focus on triggering her feelings of sexual attraction for you, and you also need to make it clear to her (by what you say and the way you behave around her) that you find her sexually attractive.

In addition to saying something like, “You’re sexy…and I like you more than just a friend” you can also refer to her as your sexy little friend, which will make her want to be more than a “friend” if you have been making her feel attracted.

For example: If you and her are leaving a café or venue, you can say to her, “Okay, my sexy little friend…it’s time to go…let’s get out of here.”

She will love it that you are referring to her as being sexy, because she knows that it means you are open to having sex with her.

All you need to do then is make a move when the time is right (e.g. invite her back to your place to “chill out” or “hang out”).

However, if all you do when you’re around this woman you like is act like a nice, sweet guy who is available to her every beck and call, she will most likely think you’re a sweet guy, but if another guy comes along who can make her feel attracted, she won’t think twice about hooking up with him.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with being a nice guy to a woman, but being a nice guy isn’t going to be enough if you’re not actually triggering her feelings of sexual attraction for you every time you interact with her.

Watch this video to find out why…

If you want to have a sexual relationship with a woman, don’t pretend that you want to be her friend.

It’s fine to refer to as a friend, but make sure that you add in the word “sexy” and refer to her as your “sexy friend.”

You can also show your sexual interest in her by the way you look at her (e.g. when she arrives to meet you, just stop for a moment and look her up and down and say, “Nice…you look extra sexy today. How am I going to keep my eyes off of you? You look stunning”).

2. Telling her that you want to have a relationship with her before you’ve even kissed her

Most women put their guard up and feel turned off when a guy comes on too strong about wanting a relationship before he’s even actually had sex, or at least kissed her. Why?

When a woman is beautiful, or even just attractive, she knows that she can get pretty much any guy she wants.

All she has to do is go out in public and guys will stare at her, call out to her or whistle at her.

If a guy does pluck up the courage to talk to her, he assumes that if he pours his heart out to her by telling her how beautiful she is, how much he likes her and how special he thinks she is, she will then be impressed that his intentions towards her are good and she will give him a chance with her.

Yet, what the guy doesn’t realize is that pretty much every guy she interacts with say and do the exact same thing.

It’s not new to her.

She knows that guys want to have sex with her and would feel lucky to have a relationship with her.

Since she is so bored of the endless stream of guys who want to tap her or marry her, what she hopes to meet is a guy who is more of a challenge to win over.

She wants a guy who will make her work a little bit (or a lot depending on the woman) to impress him before she gets a chance with him, rather than him just immediately wanting her because she looks good.

So, when you’re interacting with a woman you like, rather than try to convince her to have a relationship with you, just focus on making her feel so attracted to you (e.g. by making her feel girly in contrast to your masculine vibe, by making her laugh), that she wants to kiss you, have sex with you and then start a relationship with you afterwards.

That’s what she really wants.

3. Giving up when she tests you during a conversation

Whether you choose to accept it or not, most women will test you during a conversation either by only saying 1-3 words in response to your questions (e.g. Yes, No, I don’t know), by talking to you one minute and then ignoring you the next, or even by making fun of you in some way.

It’s just how women are.

Testing is a woman’s way of seeing whether a guy will become nervous, insecure and tongue-tied, or if he will remain confident and relaxed.

Why does she need to test a man’s reactions like that?

When a woman tests a guy, she is instinctively trying to see if he is capable enough and strong enough to protect her and survive in this world if they get into a relationship.

If he crumbles at her tests, then in her mind, he’s probably not going to be emotionally strong enough to face any problems that might arise in their life together and she doesn’t want to get stuck with a weak guy that she will have to support and guide through life.

What you need to understand going into a conversation with a woman you like, is that she’s most likely going to test you in some way.

You simply need to remain confident and relaxed and continue leading the way during a conversation.

Don’t let her tests make you feel rejected or unworthy.

Instead, just know that when you pass her tests by remaining confident, she will like you even more.

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