Here are 6 possible reasons why women act like they don’t like you.

1. She’s Testing You to See How Confident You Are

She is testing your confidence

Have you ever approached a woman and she acted in any of the following ways towards you?


  • Acted cold and aloof towards you.
  • Made it difficult for you to talk to her by either, only giving you “Yes” or “No” or “I don’t know” answers to the questions you asked her.
  • Acted bored or rolled her eyes at you while you tried to talk to her.
  • Was sarcastic or mocked you during conversation.

If you’ve ever experienced that kind of reaction from a woman, it’s only natural that you might wonder, “Why do women act like they don’t like you? Life would be so much simpler and easier if women would just be more open and friendly when a guy tries to talk to them. Why do they have to play games?”

Yet, here’s the thing….

Women have a very good reason why they act that way.

In almost all cases, the reason why a woman will act like she doesn’t like you and will behave cold, aloof and unfriendly towards you when you try to talk to her is because she is testing to see if you’re a confident man.

She wants to see whether you are going to feel insecure, begin to doubt and second-guess yourself, and give up on her as soon as she shows some resistance.

Why does she do this?

It is a woman’s instinctive way of finding a man who will be emotionally strong enough to handle the challenges of life, and who will be able to protect her and take care of her when life gets tough.

This is important to her, because even though we now live in a world where women can earn their own money and take care of themselves, on a deep, instinctive level she still knows that her life will most likely be safer, better off and more enjoyable if she chooses a confident guy.

If she chooses an emotionally weak guy who is insecure and cannot even handle her simple tests, then how will he be able to handle the challenging situations and people in his life?

Will he get picked on at work? Will he be the butt of jokes around her friends and family? Will he be able to stand up for himself if him and her are being treated unfairly in a situation?

If a guy is too emotionally weak to handle a woman’s confidence tests at the very beginning of their interaction together, her instincts tell her that she will most likely have to mother him or baby him through life, and she definitely doesn’t want to do that.

So, rather than making the mistake of pairing up with an insecure, emotionally weak guy, she would rather just act like she doesn’t like him and see how he reacts.

If the guy remains confident and relaxed no matter how she behaves, she will accept that he is man enough for her and will open up to him and show him her gentler, more loving side.

On the other hand, if she notices that he’s insecure, wimpy and crumbles at the first sign of resistance from her, she will save herself the trouble of investing her time and energy, only to find out later on that he’s too emotionally weak for her.

Her instincts are trying to protect her from getting impregnated by a guy who won’t be able to keep her safe and look after her, so even if the guy is well dressed and looks good, she’s not going to interested.

She would rather accept a more scruffy, average looking guy who can pass her confidence tests than accept a well-dressed, insecure guy who will need her to support him emotionally throughout life.

It’s just how the nature of a woman’s attraction for a man works.

Some guys hate it that women test men and wish that women would just accept them for who they are, insecurities and all.

Yet, rather than get angry and frustrated about it, all you need to do is use a woman’s tests as an opportunity to trigger her deep feelings of sexual attraction for you.

When you can maintain your confidence, and stay calm and relaxed no matter what test she throws at you, it will make her feel deeply attracted to you.

2. She Wants to Make Sure That You Aren’t Just Flirting For Fun

She wants to know if you are for real

Some guys flirt with women to get them interested and chasing after them, but the guy then doesn’t actually follow through on kissing her, having sex with her or getting a relationship started.

A guy will do that because he wants to boost his self esteem by having lots of girls interested in him, or he will do it because he’s afraid of getting rejected if he makes a move.

So, if you meet a woman who is tired of being tricked by guys like that, she will play hard to get for a while to make sure that you really do like her and are actually going to follow through all the way until she is your girlfriend.

3. You Haven’t Triggered Her Feelings of Sexual Attraction Yet

You haven't attracted her yet

Another reason women act like they don’t like you is because they are not feeling sexually attracted to you yet.

For example: A guy might walk up to a woman, start a friendly conversation with her and then immediately try to get her interested in starting a relationship with him.

In his mind, he is thinking, “I’m well dressed, I look good and I’m telling her about my good job, so she should be interested.”

Yet, in her mind, she is thinking, “This guy seems friendly, but I don’t feel any sexual spark” because talking to a woman in a friendly way isn’t what makes her feel sexually attracted and turned on.

Even though he is only making her experience friendly feelings for him with his innocent, friendly approach, he might then say to her, “I think you are very pretty. Do you have a boyfriend?” or “Can I take you out sometime?”

He’s assuming that just because he’s attracted to her, all he has to do is show her that he’s interested in her, and she will automatically respond by also feeling attracted to him.

Yet, that’s not how it works.

If a guy hasn’t said or done anything to make her feel sexually attracted to him, telling her how beautiful or special she is, or asking her out on a date, isn’t going to make her think, “Wow, he likes me! Okay, I want to be with him.”

If you want a woman to desire sex or a sexual relationship with you, then the main thing you need to focus on is making her feel sexually attracted to you during the interaction.

Watch this video for more info…

When you actively trigger a woman’s feelings of sexual attraction by displaying some of the personality traits and behaviors that are naturally attractive to women (e.g. confidence, charm, masculinity, sense of humor), she will automatically like you.

She may act like she doesn’t like you to test your confidence, but if you’ve triggered her attraction, she will like you and she will be open to you guiding her into a relationship by kissing her and having sex with her that night or getting her number and calling her to set up a date a couple of days later.

4. It Was Too Easy For Her to Impress You

You were too easily impressed by her

Attraction works differently for men and women.

When a woman is beautiful (or even just fairly pretty), she knows that all she has to do to attract a new man for sex and a relationship is make herself look physically appealing (i.e. wear makeup or dress in sexy, tight-fitting or revealing clothes).

She knows that 95% of the guys she meets are going to be fully interested in her right away simply based on her physical appearance.

Even if she is boring during conversation, or has a disloyal or annoying personality, most guys will likely have sex (and maybe even start a relationship) with her anyway just because she looks physically attractive.

A woman knows this is how attraction works for most guys, so she doesn’t get excited when she can instantly impress 95% of the guys she meets just by looking good.

She knows that she can have her pick of the 95% of instantly impressed men, but that’s not exciting to her.

It’s not what’s going to make her think, “Wow, this guy is so different from every other guy who wants to have sex with me. He’s nice, he’s friendly and he is interested in me. Wow! How different! I’ve just got to pick him or else I will never find another guy who likes me so easily!”

Obviously that’s not how it works.

What a woman wants is to meet a guy who triggers her feelings of sexual attraction and shows some interest in her, but then makes her work hard to fully impress him and maintain his interest.

Women refer to guys like that as a challenge…

The majority of women are bored by how easily impressed guys are by their looks.

If she is pretty, she will have experience the same thing all of her life and each guy thinks that he is being original when it does it.

He feels attracted to her, feels drawn to her and starts thinking that she’s “the one” based on how much attraction he is feeling for her.

Yet, he doesn’t do anything to turn her on and expects her to like him and want to be with him because he’s being nice and friendly.

What he doesn’t realize is that pretty much every guy that has met her throughout her life has reacted in the same way.

Of course, unattractive women do like it when guys react in that way, but hot women don’t.

Why? A hot woman knows that pretty much every guy wants to bang her.

If you haven’t first triggered her feelings of sexual attraction first by behaving in ways that are attractive to her (e.g. confident, charismatic, making her feel feminine and girly in contrast to your masculine vibe), she will feel as though she has more attractive value than you.

In her eyes, you are the one who is attracted to her and you want something from her (i.e. sex, a relationship), while she’s not feeling much of anything at all for you.

So, rather than immediately being impressed and won over by her physical attractiveness, you need to initially focus on making her feel attracted to you.

When she feels attracted to you and notices that you’re not desperately trying to get her into a relationship like other guys, she will begin trying to impress you and win you over.

5. She Can See That Don’t Think You’re Good Enough For Her

Many guys go through life believing that beautiful women don’t like them because they’re not good looking enough, rich enough or successful enough.

For example: A guy might approach a beautiful woman and notices that she acts like she doesn’t like him by immediately giving him the cold shoulder or by ignoring him.

Then, a little while later, he might see her happily talking and laughing with other guys, and he automatically assumes that it’s because those guys must be better looking than him.

Even though in reality the other guys are just average or below-average looking, he can’t understand why he got rejected by her and they didn’t, so he thinks something like, “I guess it’s because those guys are seen as good looking to women…and I’m not.”

He might then begin to think of all the other things that aren’t good enough about him (e.g. he’s not rich enough, doesn’t have a good enough job, drives a cheap, unimpressive car), until eventually he convinces himself that women act like they don’t like him because he simply isn’t good enough for attractive women.

Unfortunately, a lot of guys make the same mistake.

Watch this video to see what I mean…

Most guys fall into a pattern of believing that their lack of success with women is based on the fact that they are not good looking enough, or they aren’t rich or successful enough. Why?

A guy like that will convince himself that to get a pretty or beautiful girlfriend, he needs to be good looking or rich.

Yet, he fails to see the true reality around him every day, where average and below average looking guys with little money have hot women as a girlfriend or wife.

How does that happen?

When a woman feels attracted to who a man is as a person (e.g. confident, charismatic, ambitious, driven) she will begin to overlook any physical flaws that he might have and love him based on how he makes her feel.

So, instead of trying to get a woman to like you as a person from now on, just focus on making her feel sexually attracted to you (e.g. by making her feel feminine in contrast to your masculine vibe, making her laugh).

You will then find that most women like you, feel attracted to you and are interested in being with you.

Of course, there are some women out there who will only date very good looking, rich and successful guys, but the majority of women are open to hooking up with most types of guys, as long as he can make her feel the way she wants to feel when she’s with him.

6. You’re Trying Too Hard to Get Her to Like You

What a lot of guys don’t realize is that a woman liking him as a person is not the same as her liking him in a romantic, sexual way.

So, when a guy doesn’t know how to make women feel attracted to him (i.e. by displaying the personality traits and behaviors that women are instinctively drawn to, e.g. confidence, charm, humor) he’ll often make the mistake of thinking that if he gets them to like him as a person (e.g. by paying for everything, being at her beck and call, listening to all of her problems, being a helpful friend), at least some women will give him a chance.

However, that’s not how it works.

Some women enjoy using a clueless guy to buy her gifts, take her out to expensive dinners, or have him run errands and be at her beck and call, but most women don’t.

If a woman notices that a guy is insecure and self-doubting and will do anything she wants to make her like him enough as a person to give him a chance with her, she will not respect him; and women do not feel attracted to guys they don’t respect.

There’s nothing wrong with doing nice things for a woman or treating her well, but women really only appreciate those gestures from a man that they feel sexually attracted to.

If a clueless nice guy is on his best behavior in the hopes of impressing a woman and getting a chance with her, she’s not going to feel turned on and want to be his girlfriend.

It’s just not how it works.

If you want a woman to want you, simply trigger her feelings of sexual attraction, turn her on and then kiss her, have sex with her or get her number and call her to set up a date.

If you try to be Mr. Friendly and slowly “grow on a woman,” you will be rejected by most women you try that on.

The simple way to be successful with women is to focus on sexual attraction.

Once a woman feels sexually attracted to you, everything flows naturally and easily from then on.

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