As the years of your life pass by, you will either become an increasingly wise, happy and successful man or you will fade away and look back at your life in regret.

Regardless of how good of a man you are already, there is always room for improvement. You may be an awesome guy right now, but you can be even better.

So, if you’ve reached a point in your life where you want to know how to be a better man, here are 10 life-changing tips that will make all the difference for you…

1. Take full responsibility for your success or failure

Take responsibility for your success or failure

One of the main things that separates the men from the boys, or separates successful men from unsuccessful men is the ability to take responsibility for how successful you are in life.

Growing up, we often get helped by our parents, teachers and other adult role models in our life. If we fail at something, they are usually there to help us finish the job, do the job for us or encourage to keep going until we succeed.

However, when a guy grows up, he needs to take complete responsibility for his own success or failure in life. If he doesn’t, people will begin to lose respect for him and want to steer clear of him because he will feel like a burden for them.

If a guy makes mistakes along the way, gets stuck at certain stages of life (e.g. finding a girlfriend) or isn’t living the kind of life that he always dreamed of, he needs to take responsibility to fix that himself.

If he doesn’t take responsibility to make his life better, he will likely become negative about his future, feel depressed about his current life and think that it’s all just too difficult, because he is expecting that success should be handed to him on a silver platter.

For example, he might think, “Why is life so hard? I’m a good guy. I deserve to be successful. Why am I not living the life I want? It’s not fair. Life sucks.”

Why is life so difficult for me?

Yet, that’s how young boys think. A man with a boyish outlook on life still expects people to rush to his aid just like parents and teachers did during his childhood.

It would be nice if everyone was completely focused on making you happy and successful, but that’s just not how life works. You have to stand up for yourself, otherwise you get left behind.

Real men take responsibility for their own success or failure in life and they do whatever it takes to achieve the type of life they really want. They don’t waste time making excuses or sit around talking with friends about how unfair life is. They make things happen.

Of course, some people do achieve success very easily and some people even get lucky and become successful without even trying, but most people have to work their butt off to achieve the type of life that they dream of living.

So, one of the most important tips for you on how to be a better man is to realize that you have a lot of direct control of your own success and failures in life. If you’re not getting the type of results that you want in life, then step up and complete the required actions to get to where you really want to be in life.

Don’t waste time thinking that life is too hard and that you can never succeed at what you’re aiming to achieve.

Every single day, new men are succeeding in what they set out to achieve in life and you can do that too, but you need to take complete responsibility for your level of success or failure. Don’t waste time blaming the government, society, women or other guys for your lack of success in the areas that you want to achieve certain things.

The fact is, millions of guys who were in much worse situations than you have pushed past many obstacles and challenges to achieve the success that they have now.

You can get to their level of success and happiness in life and even exceed it.

You can be one of the strong men in this world who take responsibility for your own success and don’t waste time making excuses. You find a solution, use it and then get on with enjoying the next level of success and happiness in life.

You’re not one of those guys who go through life with a closed mind and look for excuses to justify their lack of success. You rise up and take whatever action you need to get to where you want to be.

A classic example of guys not taking responsibility for their lack of success is when it comes to women. Watch this video to find out the real reason why a lot of good guys (who women would love to be with) fail with women…

As you will discover from the video above, many guys waste most of their life thinking that they aren’t good enough for women.

They come up with excuses for their failure, rather than looking for real world solutions to get the result they want.

2. Love and accept others for who they are

This is a very important part of being a better man.

Loving and accepting others for who they really are not only helps you be the sort of guy that people admire and want to be friends with, but it also makes you much more attractive to women.

When you meet people, you should aim to love and accept them for who they really are deep down, rather than always trying to change people or expect that people change themselves around you to suit you.

Let people be who they want to be.

Love and accept people for their unique personality that they bring into this world.

When people get the sense that you are a wise man in that way, they feel much more comfortable around you and they feel glad that someone can appreciate who they really are.

In a relationship with a woman, it also gets rid of feelings of stress that she would otherwise experience if she were in a relationship with a guy who couldn’t love and accept her for who she really is.

She doesn’t have to put on an act of being someone that she not around you and for that, she will love you so much more deeply.

We all want to be loved, accepted and appreciated by others and part of being a better man is leading the way to that type of dynamic with the people in your life.

3. Be the kind of man that others can look up to and respect

Be the kind of man that others can look up to and respect

Being the kind of man that other people can look up to is not all about becoming a huge success in life, being a celebrity, being a sports star or creating a world changing business.

If you want to do that, then go ahead and do it, but it’s not actually required to be the sort of man that other people look up to and respect.

Essentially, all you really need to do is be the sort of man that sticks by his word, goes after his biggest ambitions in life, loves and accepts others for who they are and remains emotional strong; especially when others are feeling emotionally weak.

To be a better man, try to be an emotionally strong man that others can lean on as a pillar of strength in this world, rather than being yet another guy that others have to lift up emotionally and carry around like a burden.

4. Follow through on your word

This is a pretty obvious one, but there is an important point that I want to make for you here.

As a man, you need to follow through on your word if you promise to do something, but it’s not always possible to follow though on every single promise that you make.

For example: If you make an outrageous promise and tell your friends that you’re going to fly them to the moon next week, you’re probably not going to be able to follow through on that.

So, what you need to do is only make promises that you can actually keep.

Try to avoid promising people things that you really cannot deliver on or that you don’t even think is possible.

As you go through life, you’ve got to do what you think is possible and only promise things that you can actually follow through on.

When you approach life in that way, you are a much better man that a guy who promises the world to people and then doesn’t even follow through on it, or a guy who makes promises and then comes up with excuses later on as to why he can’t do it.

5. Be emotionally stronger than everyone else in your life

Your emotional strength as a man is one of the most attractive and important things that you can provide to women and others throughout life.

It is a priceless gift that you can give to women and the world and in return, women will love you and want to be with you and men will look up to you as respect you.

Be the kind of man that others can look up to and respect

In terms of women, regardless of how successful, independent, intelligent and emotionally strong a woman is, she will always still want to be with a man who is emotionally stronger than her.

An unattractive or insecure women might accept a guy who is emotionally weaker than her, but she will still secretly wish that she could be with an emotionally strong man who made her feel safe, proud to be his woman and excited to in love with him.

Women don’t want to feel as though they need to be the tough ones in this life, because it takes away from their femininity and forces them to be more masculine and strong like men.

So, when a guy is unable to be strong enough for a woman, she naturally loses respect and attraction for him.

An important part of a woman’s sexual attraction for a man is based on his emotional masculinity (i.e. strong, confident, assertive, determined to succeed no matter how many challenges come his way, etc) and how that then allows her to be feminine, vulnerable and sensitive around him.

If a woman feels like she is emotionally stronger than her man when in a relationship, it will cancel out her sexual attraction for him and she will begin feel attracted to other guys who are more masculine than he is.

Emotional strength is also just as important in work environments and around friends and family.

When you are the man who is emotionally stronger than everyone else (i.e. you don’t crumble under pressure, you remain strong no matter what), people will then look up to you, respect you and admire you as a powerful, reliable source of strength in their life.

By being emotionally strong as a man, you are more likely to get promoted at work and friends are more likely to look up to you, respect your opinion and want to be around you.

6. Have a huge life purpose and follow through on it with unrelenting determination

A big part of how to be a better man is to have a huge purpose in life.

Essentially, this means having huge ambitions or dreams that you want to achieve and make happen in this lifetime.

The reason why I say, “follow through on it with unrelenting determination” is that anything really big that you want to achieve in life, will usually come along with many obstacles and challenges before you get to the final destination.

If you think about some of the most successful people in the world or people that you know personally (e.g. sports stars, business people, coworkers, family or friends), you will realize that, in almost all cases, it wasn’t an easy straight line to success for them.

They had to make their way along many winding paths, take some detours, do a couple of u-turns, get through challenges and overcome obstacles before they eventually got to the amazing place that they are at now or that they eventually reached.

The same thing is most-likely going to happen in your life as you aim to become more successful and become a better man than you already are right now.

Although it’s essential to have a positive mindset, the reality of life is that there are usually certain challenges and obstacles that anyone will encounter as they rise up to higher levels of success.

As long as you are prepared to follow through with unrelenting determination, you will eventually get there.
When you do reach your goals, you will be seen as a better man than most other guys on this planet who simply give up and think that life is too hard.

7. Be a good guy alpha male

A lot of guys are afraid of being an alpha male because they feel as though it’s about bossing people around, being an asshole, being aggressive and being selfish.

However, that’s not how it works at all.

Yes, there are some bad boy alpha males in this world, but the majority of alpha males in this world are good guys or fairly good guys.

If you are wondering how to be a better man, don’t look past your natural ability to be a good guy alpha male. You will not be a bad boy, a bad person or an asshole if you take on an alpha male role in life.

Being a good guy alpha male essentially means going after what you want in life with confidence and unrelenting determination, while also being good to other people and being kind, loving and considerate.

If you think about some of the most respected men in history, you will see that they were good guy alpha males. Times were different back then, so they might have been a bit more ruthless than a modern man, but they were good guys for their time.

When you become more of an alpha male (i.e. you take on the lead when you can, you believe in yourself, you push forward to achieve what you want in life, you are assertive, etc), women find you irresistibly attractive and men respect you and look up to you.

8. Expand your mind by learning new things

Harness the power of your mind

An interesting thing about many people is that they assume that they’ve got everything worked out already and don’t ever have to learn anything new.

Yet, we all have the capacity to keep learning, growing and become more wise and enlightened over time.

If we keep our mind open, we will always discover new, interesting things that have been right under our nose the entire time, but we simply weren’t ready to see it.

For example: A lot of guys go through life thinking that women are only attracted to guys who are good looking and rich, but one of the enlightening things that I teach here at The Modern Man is that you can attract women in other ways (e.g. with your confidence, charisma, masculine vibe, humor, etc).

Watch this video to understand how a woman’s attraction for a man really works…

As you will discover from the video above, women can feel attracted to good looking rich guys, but they can also feel just as attracted to personality traits, behaviors and inner qualities in men.

Some women are extremely picky and will only accept a man with male model looks and truckloads of money, but most women have what I call an Open Type.

Having an Open Type means that they are open to feeling attracted to all different types of guys (e.g. overweight, bald, skinny, from other races, average looking, below average looking, etc) as long as the guy can make her feel enough attraction in other ways (e.g. with his confidence, charisma, masculinity, humor, etc).

9. Watch less porn and have more real sex

There’s nothing wrong with looking at porn or masturbating to clear out a build up of semen that you haven’t got rid of by having real sex.

Masturbating is completely natural and normal and porn is one of those cool gifts that comes along with an advanced civilization that has technology and has become less conservative about what it allows the public to access.

However, a lot of modern men have gotten sucked into jerking away their sexual desire, which then makes them less passionate about life, more prone to depression, less willing to approach women and less interested in maintaining a healthy sex life when in a relationship.


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So, if you are one of the many modern man who’ve been masturbating way too much, an important tip for you on how to be a better man is to keep your hand off it.

If you’re over-masturbating, try to cut it back to once a week or twice a week if you absolutely have to. Instead of jerking away your built up sexual desire for women, use that desire to approach and have sex with new women or give it to your girlfriend, fiancé or wife.

10. Commit to a life that gets better and better over time

It is possible to be happy and successful in life

One of the keys to being a better man is to have a positive outlook on life, where you are continually working towards an even better life for yourself (and those in your life) over time.

You don’t have to achieve everything tomorrow.

It may take you 10, 20 or 30 years to get to where you really want to be, but have a positive, forward moving attitude while you do it. Head towards a better future with a positive outlook and know that you will get there.

Don’t get sucked into all the bad news around you.

For example: When a man watches too much bad news on TV or listens to the negative viewpoints of friends, he might begin to think that the world is screwed up, relationships are too difficult now and life is just getting worse and worse.

Yet, thinking about life in that way is only going to make a guy feel miserable and see no point to living at all.

To be a better man, try to focus on the bright side of life by paying attention to the people who are happy and successful in life and in their relationships, rather than focusing on all the bad news that you hear around you in every day life.

Personally speaking, I am a now close friend of many happy, successful people and life has never felt better than it does right now. I also have a confident, happy, sexy wife (she’s 23 and I’m 38) who is just as excited about the future as I am.

However, prior to becoming the man that I am now, I tended to attract friends who were negative or who looked at life in a more pessimistic way. During those years of my life, I hated so many things about the world, the government and the people around me.

Yet, all that was a waste of time and energy. It got me nowhere and only left me feeling crap about life, myself and everyone else.

It’s your choice whether you want to be a pessimist, optimist or somewhere in between, but what I’ve found is that, it’s feel better and it is more effective to be positive and focus on creating a life that gets better and better over time.

When you approach life in that way, you become increasingly happier over time because you reach goals that make your life better. You feel proud of yourself for becoming a bigger and better man over time and the people around you look up to you and respect you because of it as well.

On the other hand, if a guy thinks about life in a negative way and believes that his life is just going to get worse and worse, it naturally kills his motivation, happiness and attractiveness to others and he ends up feeling depressed and out of place in this world.

So, here’s what you always need to remember…

Regardless of what negative people say, the truth is that there are many successful, happy people in this world who started out at the bottom of the ladder in life and are now enjoying an amazing life. They worked their way towards success and happiness and it wasn’t always easy, but they got there and they are now enjoying the benefits of that.

In terms of relationships, there are also millions of couples who are falling more deeply in love with each other over time and are enjoying life more and more as the years go on.

Think about the couples that you’ve seen who are still madly in love, happy and excited to be together after 20, 30 or even 40 years together.

That is what is possible for you.

You can be that happy about your life and you can be that happy in a relationship.

So, rather than getting sucked in by all the bad news that you see on TV or the pessimistic mindsets of the unsuccessful people around you, try to focus on the millions of people who are happy, successful and continually moving towards a better life over time.

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