The secret to picking up cougars is to make her feel like she’s still got it. In other words, let her know that you find her sexy.

As long as you are able to make her feel a lot of attraction for you, she will be excited that a guy like you (who could easily pick up younger women) is interested in her.

The type of traits that turn cougars on are the same as what turns a younger woman, but you really have to put more focus on your masculine vibe. If a cougar gets the sense that you are a masculine guy (in how think, behave, take action, make a woman feel in the bedroom, etc), then she will feel incredibly turned on and excited at the possibility of having sex with you.

So, if you’re interested in picking up cougars, make sure that you start by sharpening up your ability to make women feel intense attraction to your personality and vibe.

Why Pick Up a Cougar?

These days, there’s somewhat of a growing trend in the dating scene for younger guys to hook up with older women. It’s happening in response to a combination of things including the high divorce rate, acceptance of older women being sexual and the fact that a lot of younger guys simply can’t pick up women their own age, so they give older women a shot instead.

If a younger guy has a high sex drive and is looking for a woman to let it out on, cougars are often a good option. For instance, some cougars try hard to find themselves a younger guy who has the stamina to keep up with them.
It might be that they’ve found the majority of single men in their own age group have settled into a quiet life in slippers in front of the fire with a newspaper, or maybe the older guys on the dating scene just come with too much baggage, but whatever their reasons for preferring a younger guy, it’s good news for younger guys looking to make the most of what a cougar has to offer.

Cougar Myths

It’s not unusual for cougars to be portrayed in the movies and on TV as desperate older women who prey on younger men, getting their claws into them in an attempt to hang on to their youth and give their flagging ego a boost.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Most cougars are not desperate and they don’t need a younger man to feel good about themselves, because they could easily have sex and a relationship with a more mature, experienced man if they wanted to.

Thinking that all it takes to attract the attention of a cougar is to be an available younger man is a big mistake. Picking up cougars is no different to picking up younger women or women of any age; women are only interested in a guy who has what it takes to make them feel a deep sexual attraction.

Are You Able to Attract Hot Women Your Own Age?

If you want to be able to pick up hot cougars, you will almost always need to skills that are required to pick up hot young women.

All women are instinctively attracted to guys with strong alpha male characteristics, and while a cougar might be looking for a younger man, she’s still looking for the same confident and masculine characteristics that she seeks in any man that she has a sexual or romantic interest in.

For example: If you lack self-confidence and come across as a bit nervous or self-doubting when you approach, you’re usually not going to be of interest to a hot cougar – no matter how youthful and handsome you look.

Sure, if you’re a really good looking guy, then she might just have sex with you for the fun of it or for an ego boost, but it’s not going to be anything more than that. Why? Most women are much more interested in a guy’s inner qualities and masculine personality traits than just his pretty face.

Cougars are older women and therefore they’re generally women with plenty of relationship experience behind them. The usually know that if a guy is handsome, it doesn’t automatically mean that he’s going to make her feel intense love, respect and attraction.

Besides, if he was able to do that, he would most-likely be hooking up with younger, hotter women rather than wasting his time with a woman who’s losing her youthful attractiveness by the minute.

Cougars usually know what they’re looking for and they know how they want to feel in a man’s company. In most cases, youthful good looks are not enough on their own to hold a cougar’s attention, or any woman’s attention.

Unless a younger guy knows how to make a woman feel like a real woman in his presence (i.e. she feels feminine, girly and sexy in response to his masculine charm), he almost certainly won’t have what it takes to pick up a hot cougar.

Do Cougars Have Lower Standards That Younger Women?

Picking up cougar women

It depends on how attractive she is.

If she is a hot cougar, then she’s going to expect to be rewarded by having access to guys who are able to make her (and other women) feel attracted.

Hot cougar

She knows that she doesn’t have to settle for a guy who is not only unable to make her feel attracted, but he can’t get younger girls to like him too.

People base their value on the mating market (dating scene) on how much attraction they are able to make the opposite sex feel. For example: If a younger woman isn’t attractive, she will almost always have to lower her standards to be able to get herself a boyfriend.

The same applies with unattractive cougars, except that some of them will put on an act of having high standards, which will then trick a lot of younger guys (who could pick up hot, young women if they just knew how to attract women) into trying really hard to impress her.

When the unattractive cougar sees that the young guy doubts his attractiveness to her and is trying extremely hard to hopefully impress her, it actually makes her lose respect and attraction for him, which will almost always lead to a rejection or her getting him to take her out on a series of expensive dates, before he eventually gets to have sex with her.

If she’s experienced with men, she will know that his sexual interest in her will only be temporary anyway because he will quickly get bored of hooking up with her aged body. In that case, she will often milk him for all he will give her (e.g. expensive gifts, endless compliments, etc), while she actively seeks to find a real man behind his back.

Most cougars are not easy pickings, so believing that targeting older women is the easy option to get laid, get a girlfriend or get a wife is the biggest mistake you can make.

The truth is, you can attract and pick up very beautiful women of your own age or you can pick up hot cougars, but it all comes down to your ability to trigger a woman’s feelings of sexual attraction.

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