These days, there are millions of older, divorced women who are starving for sex, love and attention

Cougar (noun): An older woman, aged between 30 and 60 who prefers to have sex with younger men.

If you feel like mixing things up by having sex or even having a relationship with an older woman, make sure you read this article to understand what you’re getting yourself into first!

1. Hot-to-Trot Cougar

She is generally more interested in ‘just sex’ rather than a serious relationship. You’ll find her in clubs that normally attract a younger, hip crowd.

She will look and dress younger than her age and often more provocatively than the younger women (i.e. showing more cleavage, wearing shorter skirts and really ‘flaunting it’ with her outfit). This type of cougar is just as likely to seduce you as you are to try to get her into bed.

Her type of man: Looks aren’t important as long as you’re flirty, great in bed, and can make her feel incredibly sexy, young and desirable.

2. Took the Money, Now Let’s Have Fun Cougar

She’s done very well in her divorce settlement and now prefers to have expensive fun with younger, more virile men. She doesn’t like guys who want to sit around on the couch all weekend and she is even willing and eager to pay for your social companionship.

However, although she is willing to pay, it is always a good idea to at least attempt to pull out your wallet or credit card regularly so she can stop you. This is especially true in the beginning and occasionally later while you’re dating.

If you have a longer relationship with her, you will likely travel often and dine in great restaurants. She will be very adventurous in bed and just like the “Hot-to-Trot Cougar,” you will find her at trendy dance clubs, upscale hotel bars and country clubs.

Her type of man: She wants someone fun, energetic, flirty and adventurous; and while looks and attire aren’t her top concern, she is looking for a well-groomed companion. Basically, she wants to live out the sort of fantasy romances that she’s seen in movies and TV shows.

3. I Want Revenge Cougar

Her husband cheated on her with a much younger woman and possibly even married the younger woman and now she wants to show him that two can play at that game. If you’re looking for a discreet relationship, this isn’t going to be it.

She’s going to want to show you off as often as possible and in as many places as her ex-husband/boyfriend or his friends may frequent.

She will discuss you with almost anyone she can to ensure that the word of her desirability gets back to her ex-boyfriend or husband. You’ll find her at country clubs, on the golf course or tennis courts as frequently as you’ll find her at trendy restaurants, bars and clubs that attract a considerably younger and fashionable crowd. She will be aggressive in bed to prove that “she’s still got it.”

Her type of man: She likes men who are young, confident, attentive, athletic and fun. You have to be a grade above her husband in all areas, or else the revenge plan won’t work and she’ll feel worse about herself.

4. Corporate Cougar

This cougar is well-paid, in a position of power in her workplace and busy with work. Similar to the “Hot-to-Trot Cougar,” she’s more interested in a quick roll in the sack than a relationship because she simply wants to get laid while she’s away on a business trip, or wants to squeeze in some quick sex before she gets back to thinking about her work.

She will likely be eating alone or having a martini at one of the town’s best business hotels, while she is in town for a business meeting.

She’ll probably be working on her laptop or Blackberry or chatting with the bartender, but she’ll also be scanning the room to see if there is any potential prey. Look out to see if she isn’t wearing a marriage or engagement ring on her finger and walk up to start a conversation.

Her type of man: She likes a cub (slang for the men who cougars prey on. Also referred to as: Cougar Bait or Boy Toy) who is intelligent, articulate, and great in bed and who has a flexible schedule (or who can take a long lunch break so you can hook up and have a quickie).

She’s attracted to someone who dresses in a suit or business-casual attire (in case she runs into a client or business associate). She wants you to allow her to take the lead both in and out of bed, while also being ready to take charge of her when the time is right.

5. The Society Cougar

With her, you will be as much of an escort as you will be her lover. So if you love the theatre, art, museums, music (opera, symphony, classics – not hip-hop or techno), then she’s the cougar for you. She wants someone that she can show off to her friends, is articulate on a variety of subjects and can join her for a tennis match or golf game.

She will expect you to look good in a tuxedo, suit or in country club attire.

She will also usually expect you to be very attentive to her, show great social skills and etiquette and handle yourself with confidence on the ballroom floor. You need to be able to mix well with her other society friends (who could also be great business or social contacts for you) and she will assess this when you meet for the first time, so make sure you brush up on your conversation skills.

You’ll find her at high-profile local charity events that deal with the arts, children, education and animals (favorite causes of the wealthy), having lunch at an expensive restaurant, playing a round on the golf course, tennis court or taking her time walking through an art show, museum or any cultural venue.

Once you’ve snagged your “Society Cougar,” you may not have to pay for most things you do together. You may even be given an allowance or taken shopping as the relationship develops.

Her type of man: Upscale appearance, wears business or preppy attire, is knowledgeable about the arts and mixes well with a variety of people.

So, if you’d like to mix things up and start sleeping with the many available cougars, stop for a moment and work out where you fit in. Then, go on the hunt for the type of cougar who is right for you. There are a lot of divorced women out there these days that are starving for some cougar-cub sex.

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