The main thing that makes a woman want to sleep with a man is his ability to spark intense feelings of sexual attraction when she interacts with him in person.

For example: If a guy displays confidence, charisma and charm while he interacts with a woman, she will automatically have some sexual feelings for him.

If he then builds on her feelings of sexual attraction by making her laugh and making her feel girly in comparison to his masculinity (i.e. how he thinks, feels, talks, moves, behaves), she will then feel more than enough sexual attraction to want to sleep with him.

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Sexual attraction is what makes a woman want to have sex with a guy or then start a relationship with him.

If a woman doesn’t feel sexually attracted to a man, she might want to be his friend and experience friendly feelings for him (e.g. “He’s such a nice guy” or “He’s like a brother to me”), but she won’t much or any interest in ever sleeping with him.

If you want to make a woman want to sleep with you, don’t waste time trying to be her friend or hoping that she likes you as a person if you can just show her how nice, trustworthy and intelligent you are.

If you want her to experience a desire to sleep with you, the main thing that you must do is spark her feelings of sexual desire for you by the way you interact with her.

When she feels sexually attracted to you, she will then appreciate the fact that you’re also a good guy.

She will feel as though she’s hit the dating jackpot because she gets to be with a guy who is not only nice, but who who can also make her feel very attracted.

When you display the personality traits and behaviors that are naturally attractive to women (e.g. confidence, making her feel feminine in contrast to your masculinity, making her laugh), a woman will feel herself drawn to you without you having to do anything to “make” her want to sleep with you.

Since you are making her feel sexual desire and that feeling is building up the more you interact with her, she will then want to release that tension with kissing and sex.

What if I’m Not Her Type? Will She Still Want to Sleep With Me?

What makes a woman want to sleep with a man?

A woman may be going through life with an idea of what she thinks her type is, but that can easily change if she meets a guy who makes her feel a lot of attraction for other reasons.

For example: If she thinks that she wants a handsome man with brown hair, it doesn’t mean that an average or even below-average looking guy with black or blonde hair won’t be able to make her feel attracted.


For most women, the attraction that they feel for men has less to do with how the guy looks and more to do with how he makes her feel when interacting with her.

If a guy who isn’t a woman’s normal type is able to make her feel a lot of attraction during an interaction, she might say, “You’re not my usual type, but I like you…there’s something about you.”

That “something” is his ability to make her feel attracted. She is feeling attracted to him, so she then begins to look at him in a more positive light.

Almost any guy can attract women

If he makes her feel a lot of attraction, she may even realize that she was wrong to have such a restrictive type when it comes to guys and she will open up to him, kiss him, have sex with him and get into a relationship with him.

That’s how it works, but don’t ever expect women to admit that or for other guys to tell you what I’m telling you.

Many guys go through life believing they must have the kind of physical appearance that a woman is looking for; otherwise she just won’t feel attracted.

Yet, they are wrong.

Guys think that way because they don’t even understand how a woman’s attraction for a man works.

They assume that because guys feel intense attraction to a woman’s looks, women must choose men for the same reason.

So, if a guy isn’t good looking, he will assume that he’s simply not good enough for the majority of women.

Yet, he is wrong.

He can actually make the majority of women (90% of women based on all my experience picking up women and helping other guys to pick up women) feel attracted to him and want to be with him.

He first needs to understand that a woman’s attraction for a man does not work in the same way as a man’s attraction for a woman.

For example: A guy will notice a beautiful woman and instantly decide, “Yep, I’d definitely sleep with her.”

He doesn’t stop to check whether she’s intelligent, interesting to talk to, or if she has a great sense of humor first before he makes that decision.

For most guys, if a woman has other great qualities about her, that’s just seen as a bonus to him.

However, if she doesn’t have a great personality, he still feels attracted to her and wants to sleep with her, even if it’s just once or if the relationship wouldn’t last as long.

On the other hand, a woman might notice a guy and feel very attracted to his appearance, but if she interacts with him and he behaves in ways that are not attractive to her (e.g. he is nervous, insecure and self-doubting, puts on a fake persona and pretends to be more confident or nicer than he is, tries too hard to impress her), her initial attraction for him will fade.


Most women (not all) are mostly attracted to other things about a man besides his appearance (e.g. his confidence, his conversation style, his ability to make her feel girly and feminine in contrast to his masculine vibe, etc.).

Making a woman want to sleep with you

Of course, there are some women who will only sleep with and date good- looking, rich or successful guys, but the majority of women feel attracted to who a man is as a whole.

So, if you’re asking, “What makes a woman want to sleep with a man?” because you’ve been blaming your lack of success with women on your appearance, you need to take a moment to understand how a woman’s attraction for a man really works.

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It sometimes takes a few hours, days or weeks for a guy to accept the reality of attraction, but once he does, he realizes that he’s wasted most of his life thinking that he isn’t good enough for women.

Almost all guys have the capacity to naturally attract most women they meet. A guy cannot pick up every woman he meets (i.e. some are taken, some are not compatible with him, etc), but he can definitely attract most of the women he meets.

He simply needs to meet women, make them feel attracted and hook up with the compatible ones.

Have You Ever Seen Unattractive Men With Beautiful Women?

If women only slept with good looking guys, the world would be full of unhappy, single and sexually frustrated men, because the majority of men are not as good looking as women are.

Most of us guys are just guys and we don’t really have any special about our appearance. We look plain, uninteresting and average or below-average.

Most guys have some physical flaw that they hate about themselves (e.g. a big nose, ears that stick out, a receding hairline, a weight problem), which they then use as the reason why they can’t get laid.

Yet, other guys who have the same “flaws” get laid with beautiful women all the time and even have a beautiful girlfriend or wife.

When you begin to realize that you can attract a woman by the way you think, feel and behave around her, you will have discovered a big piece of the secret to what really makes a woman want to sleep with a man.

When you trigger a woman’s feelings of sexual desire by the way you interact with her (e.g. your conversation style, by making her laugh, by making her feel sexy in your eyes, making her feel girly in comparison to your masculinity), rather than looking at you and seeing flaws, a woman will see things about you that are cute and unique and that make her feel even more attracted to you.

For example: If a guy has a big nose, she will see that as being a cute feature and will come to really like it because it is attached the guy who is making her feel so attracted.

The more attraction he makes her feel, the more she will want to sleep with him and the more she will love his little “flaws” and unique characteristics.

On the other hand, if a guy tries to get a woman to sleep with him before he has properly triggered her feelings of sexual attraction, a flaw like a big nose, or a bald head will seem a lot more unattractive to her.

She will look at the “flaw” and think, “I don’t like this guy…and he has a big nose too…gross. I hate guys with big noses.”

You Have a Natural Ability to Attract Women

When a guy lacks confidence around women, he will often waste a lot of time looking for some kind of superficial way to make women feel attracted to him (e.g. he will buy a new car, work out at the gym, get a better job, wear expensive clothes, etc).

What he doesn’t realize is that the magic is inside him.

The magic is in his confidence, his natural ability to make a woman feel girly and feminine in comparison to his masculinity, his ability to make her laugh and many other qualities that naturally attract women.

Yet, if a guy doesn’t know that he can properly attract women by displaying some of the personality traits, behaviors and inner qualities that naturally attract women, he will lack confidence in himself around beautiful women.

He will assume that women wouldn’t want to sleep with a guy like him because he isn’t perfect looking, tall or rich.

He’s just a normal, every day guy, so why would beautiful women want to sleep with him.

Simple: Attraction.

Attraction is what makes a woman want to sleep with a man and if you have the ability to attract women, you can sleep with beautiful women.

If you want a woman to sleep with you, simply make her feel attracted to you and believe that she wants to sleep with you.

You can’t doubt yourself and your attractiveness to her and then expect her to feel turned on, or expect her to make it really obvious that she likes you and wants to have sex with you.

A woman can sense when a guy is feeling insecure and doubting himself by noticing his body language, the way he interacts with her and how he looks (or avoids looking) at her.

If a woman senses that you don’t believe in your attractiveness to her, she will rapidly lose interest in you because the number one trait that women look for in a guy is self-confidence.

The more self-confidence you have around women, the more that women will want to sleep with you.

Getting a Woman to Sleep With You

Using your natural ability to attract women

If you are attracted to a woman and you want her to sleep with you, here’s what you need to do:

  • Focus on triggering her feelings of sexual attraction for you.
  • When you sense that she is properly attracted, confidently attempt to escalate things to the next level (e.g. a first kiss, a date or sex).

If you don’t make a move, it’s more than likely that some other guy will come along and take her from you.

If the other guy has the confidence to seduce her and make her feel the way she wants to feel, she’s not going to wait around for you to build up the courage to make a move; she will be kissing and having sex with the other guy instead.

In the past, when women saved their virginity for marriage, a guy would wait a long time to make a move and she would still stick around.

However, in today’s world, most women have sex with a guy on the first night, first date or second date at the latest, so don’t waste time acting like you just want to be a nice friend to her.

These days, if you take too long to make a move, you will often lose your opportunity to be with a woman and she will say something like, “Umm…you’re really nice and I like you, but I’m not looking for a relationship right now” or “I think we’d be better off as friends.”

Making a Woman Want to Sleep With You is Easy

Using your natural ability to attract women

Hopefully by now, you have realized that you don’t have to be good looking, rich or successful to make a woman feel sexually attracted to you and want to sleep with you.

When you display the behaviors and traits that are attractive to women (e.g. confidence, charisma, masculinity, emotional strength) you will automatically be seen as attractive in their eyes.

What makes a woman want to sleep with a man is simply his ability to make her feel the way she needs to feel to be willing to have sex (i.e. attracted and turned on).

So don’t waste another minute trying to make a woman want to sleep with you by being really nice, polite and friendly around her.

Be a good guy, but make sure that you make her feel sexually attracted to you because if she only has friendly feelings for you, she’s not going to want to sleep with you.

It’s up to you to be confident and masculine enough (in the way you think, behave and take action) to talk to a beautiful woman, spark her feelings of sexual attraction and then escalate to kissing and sex.

When you’re confident enough to do that, many of the women you meet will want it too.

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