Try these 3 good pick up lines the next time you go out approaching women. If you do, you will find that you probably only get to use one of the good pick up lines because it will usually work on the first woman or group of women.

Personally, I’ve used plenty of good pick up lines and bad pick up lines in bars and clubs across the world. A good pick up line, delivered with confidence, definitely helps to get things started no matter where you are or what nationality of woman you happen to be speaking to.

Try these good pick up lines:

Good Pick Up Line: #1

The next time you’re in a bar or club, watch to see other guys approaching women. Within 30 minutes, you will always see a guy approach a woman, make an idiot of himself and then get rejected.

After he walks away, confidently approach the woman, smile and ask, “So, how did that last guy go?” Not only will this get a laugh and show the woman that you’re different to other guys, but she will almost always turn to you and start explaining what he did wrong, which tells you exactly what to avoid so you can be succesful with her.

Good Pick Up Line: #2

When you see a woman waiting to get a drink at a bar, walk up to her and ask, “Can I buy you a drink or do you just want the money?” Smile and laugh with her when she laughs at your joke.

She’ll instantly see that you’re joking and making fun of other guys who try to seduce her with drink offers. It will set you apart from all the other guys and she will be charmed by that for a little while.

Good Pick Up Line: #3

My favorite good pick up line is just to be real and say, “Hey, I thought I’d come over and be social and say hi…I’m Dan – what’s your name?”

Women appreciate this because you are not trying to pick them up in a sneaky way. You’re just being a cool, social and friendly guy, which almost all women find attractive.

More Pick Up Lines (That Have Been Tested)

I can give you mamy good pick up lines that my friends and I have used to start conversations with women. However, as you will discover from this article – a good pick up line is NOT going to solve all of your problems with women. Why? If you want to be successful with women, the main thing that you need to learn is how to trigger feelings of sexual attraction inside of a woman.

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If you want to have your choice of beautiful women, you will need to find more than just a good pick up line to say to a woman. Sure, a good pick up line will get you a smile and help you get a woman interested in you right away. However, unless you know how to continue the conversation in a fun, interesting way from there – she will quickly lose interest.

Why? When a woman starts talking to a man, she wants to FEEL GOOD around him. If you are not using humor, displaying confidence, using flirting and being a cool guy, then you won’t stand out from all the other guys who’ve approached her. You’ll just be forcing her have another boring conversation with a guy who doesn’t believe in himself…and women aren’t attracted to that.

By the time a woman reaches 25, she will have been approached by 1,000s of guys who are trying to pick her up. Unless you know how to stand out from these guys and make an impression on her, she won’t care about you.

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