How Come I Can’t Get a Girlfriend?

You can get a girlfriend.

Getting a girlfriend is a very easy thing to do and you’re about to learn why in this video…

If you’re a good guy and you know that a woman would enjoy being with you, it’s only natural that you might ask, “How come I can’t get a girlfriend?” after being single for a while.

Some guys have never actually had a girlfriend, while others have never managed to get a second date with an attractive girl. It’s a horrible stage to be at in life as a guy and you may end up wondering, “How come other guys seem to have all the luck with women?”

How come I can't get a girlfriend?

Well, it’s not luck that gets those other guys a girlfriend, it’s displaying the types of personality traits and behaviors that women find sexually attractive (e.g. confidence, charisma, charm, humor, masculine vibe, etc).

If you’re wondering why you can’t get a girlfriend, the answer is simple: You haven’t been making women feel enough sexual attraction for you to warrant having sex and starting a relationship.

3 Questions You Should Ask Yourself

If you’re feeling a bit clueless about why you can’t seem to get a girlfriend, try asking yourself the following:

1. Do you know what women want in a man?

Unless you know what traits women are looking for in a man, you can’t know whether or not you have them, right? For guys who don’t have much experience with women, it’s all too easy to start looking for hints and tips on what women find attractive by watching TV and movies, but the problem with this is that real life is not like the movies.

The personality traits and behaviors that women seem to feel attracted to in guys in Hollywood movies (e.g. being really nice and polite, being generous to her, doing lots of favors for her, etc) are often the traits that guys get rejected for in real life.

Why do women reject guys who are too nice to them? Watch this video to understand why…

2. Are you confident enough to approach attractive women?

Unless you go to places where there is the potential to meet single women and then have the confidence to actually approach those women, you’re not putting yourself in a position to get yourself a girlfriend.

You’re simply looking on from the outside and wishing that you could get a girlfriend, rather than walking up to beautiful women, making them feel attracted to you and then moving the interaction forward to a phone number, kiss or sex that night.

3. Do women only see you as a friend?

Unless you have character traits and qualities that make you sexually attractive, women might like you as a friend but not see you as a potential boyfriend.

What Does It Take to Get a Girlfriend?

To see you as a potential boyfriend, women need to feel sexually attracted to you.

All women are instinctively attracted to men with alpha male characteristics, so the three essential qualities they look for in a potential boyfriend are confidence, masculinity, and social intelligence. Guys who have these qualities know what women want, they know how to approach women the right way, and they have what it takes to make a woman feel a deep sexual attraction.

It’s not luck that gets these guys a girlfriend, it’s having the characteristics and qualities that women want in a man. The good news is that every guy can learn how to be the type of guy that women want.

Every guy can learn how to develop the alpha male qualities that make him sexually attractive and learn how to put them into practice to begin enjoying unlimited success with women. Here at The Modern Man we’ve helped 1,000s of guys to do exactly that and you can join them when you take action to learn how to become a better man.

What Do Women Want?

Women want a man who has what it takes to make a woman feel like a woman. If you don’t know how, we can teach you. You can learn how to develop the alpha skills and qualities that make you a man that all women want.

Are Women Going to Be Open to Me Approaching Them?

As long as you can convey a relaxed, easy-going type of confidence when you approach women, most of them will be open and receptive to your approach. If you can also project a masculine vibe and presence, you will trigger a woman’s primal feelings of attraction to masculinity.

A lot of guys go through life thinking that it would be an inconvenience for a woman to be approached by a guy who liked her. Almost as though he would be interrupting her or doing a bad thing. Yet, that is completely wrong.

Single women are open to being approached, as long as the guy can be confident, easy-going and then trigger her feelings of attraction. It doesn’t matter how good a guy looks physically, most women simply won’t approach first. Sure, sometimes a good looking guy will get approached, but most of us guys don’t look like male models, so we need to approach first.

Don’t expect women to come running over to you because you’re dressed well or have big muscles after working out in the gym for years. That kind of stuff only ever happens on TV and or in the movies, so if you lack confidence around women and you’re hanging around in social environments waiting for them to approach you, then that’s how come you can’t get a girlfriend!

The second thing to realize is that real women, unlike fictitious women on TV, like a man to naturally take the lead in a relationship, so they want a man to make a confident, masculine approach. If you lack experience and confidence around women and feel shy and anxious about making an approach, your nervousness and awkwardness around her is a complete turn off.

Sure, in the movies the beautiful women all seem to be flattered by a guy acting in a way that shows him to be intimidated by them and insecure in himself as a man, but that’s not how it works in the real world.

The guys women want to be approached by are secure in who they are and they know how to strike up spontaneous and interesting conversations that make a woman feel relaxed and comfortable in their company. Until a woman feels at ease enough to let her guard down around a guy, she’s not open to feeling any sexual attraction toward him.

Stop Trying to Be “Liked” by Women and Start Making Them Feel Sexual Attraction For You Instead

A big mistake many guys make when they want a girlfriend is to try way too hard to be liked by a woman. They mistakenly believe that by being “best friends” with a girl, she will eventually fall in love with him and want to be more than just friends.

Again, stuff like that only happens on TV and in the movies, it doesn’t work like that in reality. A woman can like a guy as a friend but to see him as a potential boyfriend, she needs to lust after him and feel sexually attracted to him.

There’s a big difference between like and lust but it is possible to turn a female friend into a girlfriend by learning how to behave in a way that makes a woman feel differently about you and see you as a sexually attractive potential boyfriend.

So, the bottom line is that if you’re asking, “How come I can’t get a girlfriend?” it’s because you’re not displaying the qualities that attract women.

Just being a “nice guy” is not enough, you need to learn how to demonstrate the qualities that make you irresistibly attractive to women, and then you’ll find you have your pick of potential girlfriends.

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