The secret to turning a girl on is to trigger her feelings of sexual attraction for you and then build up the sexual tension between you.

When you do that, a girl will feel the desire to kiss you and have sex with you to release all the built up tension.

Getting Her to Feel the Same Way About You

You meet a beautiful girl and you’d love to develop a relationship with her – or at least make-out with her and get her into bed.

However, unless you know how to turn a girl on with your masculinity and your obvious sexuality, your chances of her even sticking around long enough to talk to you are slim to none. To ensure that you can score with a hot chick, you must be certain that you don’t show these types of unacceptable behaviors or shortly after you say, “Hello!” she’ll be saying “Goodbye!”

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Would You Please Repeat That?

Some guys are so shy that they are almost invisible. Many shy men have a tendency of speaking so quietly – if he has the nerve to speak at all – that women are always asking him to repeat what he said.

He doesn’t make eye contact and he looks down so often that the girl he’s talking with starts to wonder if there is something on the floor that she dropped. This man’s ability to hold a normal conversation doesn’t exist and the woman he’s with will soon lose interest and become invisible to him as well.

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Constant Motion and Nervous Ticks

Whether he’s constantly fumbling with his keys, toying with his watch, drumming his fingers on the table or doing something equally annoying, a guy who constantly fidgets or who is always moving around during a conversation is going to exasperate the woman he’s talking with.

When she takes his hands in hers, it won’t be a romantic or sexual gesture. Instead she’s just trying to either grab whatever he’s fidgeting with or to get him to stop moving.

Those types of nervous impulses or being in constant motion as if you’ve had too much caffeine are never how to turn a girl on, but if you want to turn a woman off quicker than flicking a light switch, that’s one way of doing it.

Good Manners vs. Gallantry

Yes, of course, it’s polite to hold a door open for a woman, to help her carry a heavy load, or to reach down if she drops something. It’s normal manners that most guys were taught.

However, when it becomes overdone like this, “Are you too cold? Can I get you a sweater? Maybe you’re too hot. Do you want me to turn down the air conditioning? Are you sure you’re fine? Just tell me what you want to make you comfortable,” or “Is your drink okay? I ordered what you asked for. If it’s not okay, I can get the bartender to remake it. Are you sure that’s what you want?” girls start to feel weird and awkward around the guy.

Being polite is absolutely essential, but crossing the line from being polite to being a pussy, is a definite turn-off. Watch this video by Dan Bacon to understand why being too nice to a woman will often result in rejection…

I’m Not Self-Centered, I’m Just Perfect

There are some guys who think they are perfect the way they are. In fact, the only thing he can (or will) talk about is himself.

He’s always trying to impress women with his sexual exploits, his triumphs at work, his outstanding education, his luxury vehicles or anything else that he thinks makes him stand out from the crowd. Well, in a way he’s right. If he keeps up this type of self-absorbed conversational patter, he will be standing out – way outside of the woman’s earshot!

Woe Is Me

Now overly sensitive guys can take form in a number of different ways. For instance, a sensitive guy and a girl are having a conversation and everything is going well when she suddenly makes a mildly teasing remark. An excessively sensitive guy would then either storm off or he will start to pout and will question why the girl is being so mean to him.

Sometimes very sensitive men will talk about some of the world’s problems and will tell a woman how badly he feels about it all. He may even say how much worse he feels because he’s not doing enough to help. The conversation just gets worse from there which makes him a dating downer.

Another behavior that an especially sensitive guy could exhibit is that he’s a crier. When he and his date start crying over the same romantic movie, that’s definitely not how to turn a girl on, or he starts weeping at a dog food commercial because it reminds him of a dog he had as a child.

He sniffles watching the evening news because it’s so depressing. Women always seem to be handing HIM tissues to dry his eyes. At first she might think this behavior is sweet but she’ll soon realize that she wants a man who is emotionally stronger than she is!

Look, there’s nothing wrong with a man getting emotional, when it’s appropriate, but to take it to the extreme is not a particularly masculine behavior that attracts a woman.

“Did you know that…”

Pick a subject, any subject and a guy who loves to hear himself speak will begin an endless monologue. He will ignore the fact that, after a few minutes, the woman he’s with has obviously stopped listening. He wouldn’t care what she had to say even if he allowed her to get a word in.

The only thing that’s important is that he “shares” his opinion. He thinks that being so “knowledgeable” in so many areas is how to turn a girl on.

One-sided conversations by a guy who drones on and on are not appealing to women. If you want to learn how to be an interesting conversationalist that women enjoy speaking with, XXX

If You Don’t Agree with Me You’re Wrong!

An over-the-top fanatic is one of those guys who insists that you love whatever it is that he loves. It could be his favorite sports team, his political views, his taste in music or whatever he deems to be important. He thinks that his strong sentiments are what make him a tough, informed, masculine man. However, if a woman doesn’t agree with his opinions, he’ll act as if she’s a moron…that is, if she’s still around when he’s finished with his verbal diatribe.

Of course you can have lots of opinions or be a true fan, but it doesn’t mean that anyone who disagrees with you should be treated with less than respect for their differing point of view.

Did You Hear the One About…

Women love a guy with a sense of humor but if a woman is talking with a man who seems more like she’s listening to a stand-up comic who doesn’t know when to get off the stage, he can forget about turning her on because his non-stop jokes have turned her off.

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