The secret to kissing a woman is to display relaxed confidence before, during and after it.

She wants to feel your confidence before, during and after you kiss her because confidence turns a woman on.

Kissing with relaxed confidence is the secret to turning her on and leaving her wanting more.

On the other hand, a man doesn’t need a woman to be confident in order to feel turned on by her.

In fact, many men get turned on and feel more confident when the woman is a little shy or unsure of herself.

She seems vulnerable and innocent and that turns men on.

Yet, when it comes to women, they do not want to see you looking unsure of yourself.

A woman wants to see you looking as confident, relaxed and sure of yourself as possible before, during and after you kiss her.

If You’re Worried About Being Rejected, Hug Her First and Then Kiss Her

If you’re afraid that she might reject you when you try to kiss her, just use what I call the Hug Technique.

Essentially, the Hug Technique is about getting a woman to hug you for a certain reason, such as:

  • You are parting ways after meeting up: “Okay, give me a hug goodbye. Come here” and walk over with your arms open and hug her.
  • She passed her exam at university or got a promotion at work: “Yay! Congratulations. Come here – I’ll give you a congratulations hug”

Basically, just come up with any excuse or reason to hug each other and then move onto the next step: Eye Contact While Embracing.

While you are still holding each other in a hug, pull back a little and look her in the eyes.

If she keeps looking up at you and smiling, lean in for the kiss.

If she is open for the kiss, she will go along with it.

If she isn’t, she will turn away.

To avoid the possibility of her turning away and not wanting to kiss, you can use the Kiss on the Cheek approach instead of Eye Contact While Embracing.

So, just hug her for some reason and then when you are breaking from the hug, point to your cheek and say, “Okay, and give me a kiss on the cheek for being such a charming guy.”

Pretty much every girl will do it and those who don’t are simply weird or shy.

So, don’t worry – just do it.

Build a Connection With Her, But Make Sure She is Attracted to You First

The truth is, reaching the point where a woman is willing and ready to kiss you can be very easy or very difficult depending on how you approach the interaction.

You may already be aware that to get to a first kiss, you should aim to build a connection with a woman first.

While that is true in most case, your main focus should instead be on getting her to WANT TO kiss you by being attractive around her (e.g. being confident, using flirting, humor and great conversation.

If you just focus on building a connection with her or being a good friend, but don’t get her feeling attracted to you, then it will feel weird, awkward or even “wrong” to her when you want to kiss her.

She Will Enjoy it Just as Much as You


One of the biggest mistakes guys make when it comes to how to kiss a woman, is in thinking that the kiss will be a favor to HIM and will be a chore for her.

Women love sex just as much as men, but if you approach and talk to women as though they’d be doing you a favor by kissing or having sex with you, then it will turn them off at a deep level.

You don’t need to be a sleazy bad boy and be overly sexual with women, but you shouldn’t hide your sexual desire in her either.

This comes down to having the necessary levels of social intelligence that is required to successfully interact with women.

You might be a super intelligent guy academically, but if you lack dating intelligence, or don’t know basic things like how to kiss a woman, then you’re going to be making a lot more mistakes than just getting rejected when you try to kiss her.

Being successful with women requires more than just knowing how to kiss a woman.

Years ago, I discovered a powerful, but rarely-known approach to women that causes a woman to try to pick you up and often makes them kiss you first.

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