As long as you make a woman feel a lot of attraction for you first, it will feel natural for her to kiss you. She will want it because she will have sexual feelings for you, rather than just friendly feelings.

Yet, despite how much attraction a guy makes a woman feel, she will rarely make the first move by kissing him first. Instead, she will give you as many signals as possible, in the hope that you have the confidence to start kissing her.

In the movies, you will sometimes see a woman walk over and start kissing a guy, but in real life, most women would prefer to miss out on an opportunity to have sex or a relationship, rather than have to make the first move by kissing him first.

Why is that? Women are attracted to confidence in men, so most would prefer to wait for a confident guy rather than hook up with a nervous guy who lacks the mental and emotional strength that can make her feel the type of attraction she wants.

7 Signs That She Wants You to Kiss Her

To ensure that you don’t miss out on opportunities with women who are open to kissing you, look out for these signals and then confidently make the first move…

1. She keeps holding eye contact and then staring at your lips

When a woman is interested in kissing you, she will usually try to maintain eye contact with you and also keep looking down at your mouth, staring at it for a few seconds and then looking back up to your eyes. If she is shy, she won’t make a lot of eye contact, but she will make a point of regularly looking at your mouth to show you that she interested.

If you’re talking to a woman who tries to maintain eye contact with you and also keeps looking down at your mouth, staring at your lips for a bit and then looking up at your eyes again, it’s a sign that she is open to kissing you.

You have made her feel attracted to you and she is either consciously showing it (i.e. trying to let you know that she likes you) or she is reacting on instinct and just going with the flow.

Not all guys are confident enough to start kissing a woman with only one signal of interest though. Luckily, there are other signals to look out for…

2. Biting her lip / licking her lips

Women don’t all show the exact same signs of interest in a sequence or at all, so not all girls are going to show the “biting her lip / licking her lips” signal to you.

When interacting with a woman that you want to kiss, you should be on the look out for any of the signals on this page, but don’t be worried if she doesn’t show all of the signals during her interaction with you. If you focus too much on the signals, you may end up wasting too much time and come across as nervous, self-doubting or uninterested in her in a sexual way.

Obviously, the more signals she shows you, the higher the chances are that she wants you to kiss her, but part of being successful with women is being confident enough to make a move on one or two signals that a woman gives you.


Not all women give a lot of signals and the more attractive women tend to show signals that they are not interested, just to test your confidence level. At my level of skill with women, a woman can’t stop herself from showing me signs of interest because I make her feel intense feelings of sexual attraction just by the way I look at her and talk to her.

If you’re talking to a woman and she is biting her lip in a girly way or licking her lips in a sexually suggestive way (demonstrated in the video), then you can’t get a more obvious signal than that.

Do not doubt yourself when women show you this signal – it is the most obvious of them all. When a woman bites her lip or licks her lips in a sexually suggestive way, she is essentially trying to communicate this to you, “I’m feeling girly and submissive around you.”

When a woman feels girly and submissive around you, what’s going through her mind is that she wants to submit to you sexually; she feels like you are the more powerful one, the more confident one and the dynamic between you and her is turning her on.

She is trying to signal this to you and it is then up to you to have the confidence to act on that signal and make a move. If you don’t have the confidence to move in and kiss her based on that signal, there are other signals to look for as well.

3. Regularly touching you / playfully hitting you

When a woman doesn’t like a guy, doesn’t feel any sexual attraction for him and doesn’t want to give him any signals that she’s interested in him in a sexual way, she avoids touching him. She doesn’t want to give him the impression that it’s okay to touch each other, so she tries to avoid as much physical contact as possible.

However, if a woman is regularly touching you, it reveals that she is comfortable with that sort of physical contact between you.

Does she want to kiss me?

You have to believe in yourself and go with the moment. In most cases, a woman won’t want to make it any more obvious than showing you how comfortable she is with you physically. She doesn’t want to have to guide you through the process and instead expects you to have the confidence to act on her signals.

Not all touching means that she wants to kiss you though…

If you’re just having a normal, friendly conversation with a woman (e.g. no sexual flirting, no obvious feelings of attraction) and she touches you, it doesn’t necessarily mean that she wants to kiss you.

To know for sure if her touch is suggesting that she wants you to kiss her, she has to also be showing you other signs of interest (e.g. submissive looks, biting her lip, playing with her hair in a girly way, etc) other than just regularly touching you on the leg or arm for example.

Some women touch guys in more of a friendly way; you might have a coworker who does that with a lot of guys and girls because that’s her nature and she’s very “touchy feely” with people.

However, if you’re interacting a woman who likes you and is showing other signs of interest in you and she’s regularly touching you or playfully hitting you, (e.g. hitting on the arm and saying, “You’re baaaaad” or hitting you on the butt in a sexually suggestive way), then she’s trying to get more of a playful, physical, touchy feely vibe and dynamic going back and forth between you.

She doesn’t want the dynamic to only “talking” and no “touching.” She is instinctively reaching out to touch you and is trying to spark something more sexual between you and her.

A confident guy like myself would see that and I would say to myself, “This girl likes me” and I would then do whatever I wanted to do (e.g. move in and start kissing her, keep talking to her and then get her phone number, have sex with her that night, etc).

A guy who lacks confidence in himself may wonder, “What does that mean? Does this mean she likes me?” and will hesitate and hold back. The thing is, if you hesitate around women and hold back from making a move, you will usually miss your “window of opportunity.”

For most women, when they’re interacting with a guy that they’ve just met, they will give a Window of Opportunity (WOO) to a guy when they feel a spark of attraction and realize that they like him.

A woman will open herself up to the situation and it is then up to the guy to have the confidence to make a move. If a guy doesn’t make a move, the window will start to close.

The WOO is a bit different for women you already know. If there’s a woman you already know who really likes you and has been trying to give you signals of interest, but you haven’t had the confidence to take action, she will usually keep showing those signs of interest and the Window of Opportunity will remain open (until a confident guy comes along and attracts her).

If you meet a girl in a bar and she’s hoping to have sex that night or find herself a boyfriend, then you have to make a move very quickly (i.e. anywhere from instantly to within the first hour). If she likes you, shows signs of interest and opens the WOO for you, but you then don’t make a move, most women will close the WOO and begin playing hard to get or try to exit the interaction completely.

Of course, you can turn that around if you have a high level of skill with women and know how to make women experience deep feelings of respect, attraction and lust for you.

4. Submissive looks

In the sexual act, it is the man who penetrates the woman; the woman opens up and receives the man. If the man is masculine, she enjoys the feeling of submitting to him (e.g. getting down on her knees to suck him, bending over and receiving him “doggy style,” etc).

So, when a woman gives you submissive looks (e.g. dipping her chin down and looking up at you in a girly way) when she is interacting with you, she is instinctively (and sometimes actively/consciously) trying to communicate, “I’m open to submitting to you. I like you. I’m feeling this. I feel girly around you. You’re making me feel turned on.”

It is then up to you as a man to make a move (e.g. put your arm around her lower back and draw her into you, then look her in the eyes and then start kissing her).

If you don’t have the confidence to do that, let’s talk about another sign that a woman wants you to kiss her…

5. Plays with her hair or necklace

I’m not saying that when you’re interacting with a woman and she casually readjusts her hair or necklace, that it means she wants you to kiss her. What I am referring to is when you are talking to a woman and she is constantly playing with her hair or necklace in a girly, shy or submissive way (demonstrated in the video).

This is a clear sign that she is feeling girly around you, that you’re the more powerful one in the dynamic and that it is turning her on sexually. She is showing you that she is willing to submit to you sexually and showing you that she is enjoying the feeling.

If she is really obvious in the way that she shows a guy that she wants him to kiss her (about 20% of women), she will give you submissive looks and continually play with/fidget with her hair and necklace in a girly way.

If she’s afraid of being rejected by you and is worried that you don’t like her or is the type of woman who withholds obvious signs of interest to test a guy’s confidence level, she might play with her necklace, but maintain a serious look on her face to avoid giving you too much information about her interest level.

6. She is open to you touching her

If a woman is not sexually interested in you and doesn’t want to show you any signs of interest, she usually isn’t going to be open to you touching her. If you put your hand on her leg or put your arm around her, she will push you away in an annoyed way or angrily say, “Hey – no need to touch.”

However, if you’re talking to a woman and you put your arm around her lower back, touching her on the shoulder, playing with her hair while talking to her (demonstrated in the video) and she reacts in a girly, positive way, then it’s a clear signal that she is sexually attracted to you and is open to you kissing her.

7. Primps herself for you

Primp (verb): Making minor adjustments to (one’s hair, makeup, or clothes).

When it comes to the male/female dynamic, it is the woman who needs to look pretty and beautiful and the man then selects the pretty and beautiful woman. It’s not up to us guys to primp ourselves look all pretty for women; it is the woman who needs to be pretty, colorful and beautiful and it is the man who needs to be confident, masculine and select the women he finds attractive.

Male peacock displaying pumage

For peacock bird, it is the male bird who needs to be pretty and colorful to attract the female. She then selects a mate based on how colorful and pretty his plumage is. As a human man, you are not a bird and you do not need to be all pretty and good looking to get a beautiful woman.

You are a man and in the human mating dance, it is the man who needs to be confident and masculine enough (in the way he thinks, behaves and takes action) to choose the beautiful women that he likes.

The man needs to believe that he deserves to choose women and he then needs to choose women with authority. The more he believes that he has the power of choice, the more masculine he will come across and the more girly that women will feel around him.

When it comes to what women do to show you that they want you to kiss them, one of the signs is that they will primp themselves to look even better for you.

So, if you’re talking to a girl and she fixes her top to readjust her breasts to show better cleavage to you, it is a sign that she is trying to look attractive to you. She might also put on or reapply some lipstick or lip gloss, which can mean that she is trying to draw attention to her lips and make her lips as appealing as possible for you.

For a guy who doesn’t believe in himself, he will see a woman applying lipstick in front of him and may think, “Ohh…she’s so pretty…now she’s putting on lipstick…wow, that looks really nice” or might not even think anything of it at all.

For a confident guy like me, I look at that and think, “Look at this girl…trying to make herself look nicer for me…how cute.”

I will then put my arm around her, move in closer or pull her in closer to me. I will then have eye-to-eye contact with her and I’ll look at her mouth and then back up to her eyes (a couple of times) with a confident smile.

When I see that she is smiling back or at least maintaining eye contact in a positive way, I will then just move in and kiss her…

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