This is how to make a woman think about having sex with you, just by the way that you’re smiling at her.


Imagine that you’re talking to a woman that you’re attracted to and want to have sex with.

Picture yourself in a setting like a bar or a party, or maybe you’re at university or at afterwork drinks with coworkers and you’re talking to a girl from the office that you like.

Instead of just talking to the girl and displaying an easy going, friendly vibe and behaving as though you’re not even interested in having sex with her, mix it up and include The Sex Smile. What will happen is that she will immediately start feeling turned on by you and will immediately consider the idea of having sex with you.

How to Do it

While she is talking to you, maintain eye contact with her and instead of normal, friendly eye contact, change your eye contact to be more sexual (demonstrated in the video) and add in The Sex Smile.

While using The Sex Smile, look her in the eyes, then down to her mouth, back up to her eyes and back down to her mouth. When you’re interacting with a woman and you give her that sort of you look, her reaction is going to be based on the attraction she is suddenly feeling for you.

She might smile and playfully ask, “Whaaat?” :)” It means that she’s feeling turned on by you, is feeling the moment that you’ve just created and is trying to say something to break the tension between you. If you’re interacting with a confident woman who likes you and isn’t afraid to show her interest in you, she’s going to give you The Sex Smile right back.

She might also display some submissive body language (e.g. dipping her chin down and looking up at you in a girly way), which is a sign that she is open to submitting herself sexually to you.

She feels turned on, she feels like you’re the more powerful one in the dynamic between you and her and she likes that. If she didn’t like it, she would react negatively and would say, “What?! What are you looking at me like that for?” in an annoyed and even angry way.

Why it Works

When a woman feels attraction for a guy, it means that she will be more open to flirting with him and exchanging sexually suggestive body language or comments.

When feeling attraction for a guy, a woman will naturally consider the idea of having sex with him and if you can add in The Sex Smile, it will make her feelings of attraction for you even stronger. If you’re being a fairly confident guy around her, then she is going to be feeling some level of attraction for you.

If you want to make women feel intense levels of attraction for you, then use the advanced confidence and attraction techniques that we teach here at The Modern Man. You will be surprised at how easy it is to do, even if you’re a beginner.

If you’re being confident, most women will feel a good level of attraction and if you add in The Sex Smile, most will enjoy it and give you a smile back. When a woman engages in that type of flirting body language with you, it begins to create a private understanding between you and her that you’re attracted to each other and are toying with the idea of having sex sometime soon.

Depending on where you meet the woman, you then need to escalate the interaction to a phone number, kiss or sex that night. If you want step-by-step instructions for the escalation process, I recommend that you watch Dating Power.

The Trick to Making Sure That it Works

Since women are attracted to a guy’s confidence, when you BELIEVE and KNOW that your smile is turning her on, that actually gets her MORE turned on. She feels attracted to your confidence and starts giggling in response to how you’re making her feel with a simple smile.


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