I was at a party last weekend and a friend of mine introduced me to a guy he knew from his work. He introduced him to me by saying, “Hey Dan, this is Jon and he could really use your help.”

I asked Jon what was up and he said, “I asked a girl out and she said no.” The look of total dejection on his face spoke volumes.

Here was a guy who had clearly had his confidence crushed because it had taken a lot for him to pluck up the courage to ask the girl out in the first place.

I asked him to explain more about the situation and it was pretty clear that the reason why she rejected him was that his approach was based on being too much of a nice guy. I explained to Jon that there is nothing wrong with being a nice guy, but being nice isn’t what makes a girl wet and eager to go out with you on a date.

What does? Sexual attraction. If you want to be successful, you have to focus on making girls feel sexually attracted to you. When a girl feels sexually attracted to you, she then appreciates the fact that you’re also a good guy.

Hearing the disappointment in Jon’s voice and seeing the effects of the rejection in his whole demeanour really struck a chord with me and it reminded me of why I founded The Modern Man.

I used to be hopeless with women and getting dumped by a girlfriend led to me embarking on a quest to figure out just what it was that the guys who seemed to have effortless success with women had that I didn’t have.

A lot has been learned since then and I’ve used everything I’ve become a guy who has his pick of women, but not only that, I’ve learned how to pass on what I know to other guys to help them begin enjoying the unlimited success with women they once only dreamed of.

What’s Your Story?

Jon’s story is typical of many I hear and if you’re also saying, “I asked a girl out and she said no,” you’ll know the devastating effect that being rejected in this way can have on a guy’s confidence.

Of course, having your confidence knocked then leads to feeling insecure and nervous about approaching women which then leads to behaving in a shy, anxious, or awkward way around women which inevitably leads to further rejection – and so a vicious cycle begins.

So what’s the answer? How can a guy get himself out of this confidence crushing cycle of rejection?

If your story is similar to Jon’s, you first of all need to take action to rebuild your confidence. Guys who have always lacked confidence around women, or lacked self-confidence in general, often make the mistake of believing that confidence is something you’re either born with or you’re not.

This is simply not the case, and here at The Modern Man, we’ve helped 1,000s of guys to develop the genuine self-confidence they need to begin getting the results they want and deserve with women, and the results they want in all other areas of life too. Your story so far does not need to be the story of your life.

You can change your outcomes just as I did, and I can show you how.

It’s All In the Approach

Asking a girl out and getting a positive response is all about knowing how to approach the courtship correctly.

Before asking her out, you need to know that she’s interested in you and feeling attraction for you. If she’s not attracted to you, asking her out will result in rejection – simple. Of course, if you lack experience or confidence with women, this simple step doesn’t seem so simple at all, right?

You’re wondering how you’re supposed to know whether she’s interested in you or not, and you’re wondering what you need to know to be able to tell whether a woman is attracted to you or not, and you’re probably wondering whether any woman would ever feel attracted to you anyway. Stop!

All of this uncertainty and insecurity is holding you back and preventing you from enjoying the success you want.

All women are instinctively attracted to confident men. If you approach a woman with thoughts of “I’m going to get rejected” in your mind, you’re most-likely going to get rejected because you will come across as being unattractive to her. She will sense your nervousness, self-doubt and feelings of unworthiness and it will turn her off.

I’ve had guys say to me, “I asked a girl out and she said no,” and then add on, “I’m just not good looking enough,” or, “I’m not tall enough,” or, “It just goes to show that women do prefer bad boys after all.”

This is all nonsense. Most women are turned off by shy, anxious, awkward behavior and not by outer appearances. You only have to take a look around you at all the ordinary guys of every shape and size out there with gorgeous girlfriends or wives. Success with girls has little to do with how you look on the outside and is instead about who you are as a man on the inside.

Want some proof of that? Watch this video…

Back in the days of being hopeless with women, I learned that the something the guys who appeared to have unlimited success with women had that I didn’t have was nothing to do with looks, money, or material possessions, it was all about having the inner qualities that made them sexually attractive men.

I now know that those qualities include things like genuine confidence, true masculinity and social intelligence. I also know how to help every guy who wants them to develop those qualities and put them into practice for himself.

Are You Willing to Try a Different Approach With Girls?

If you want to change, “I asked a girl out and she said no” into, “I asked a girl out and she said yes,” you need to take action to develop the qualities that make you an irresistibly attractive man and a man all women are desperate to be asked out by.

You can quickly become the type of guy who enjoys unlimited success with women, just as I have for more than 10 years now.

When you develop genuine self-confidence, you learn how to relax and feel comfortable just being yourself around women, and when a woman feels relaxed in a guy’s company, she’s interested in spending time with him.

Her interest becomes attraction when a guy knows how to escalate a conversation into flirting and build up the sexual tension …leading to a kiss, a phone number, a date, or sex…

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