3 classic signs that a girlfriend is looking for a way out of a relationship include:

1. She tells you she needs space

This is a very clear and obvious sign that your girlfriend is losing touch with her feelings of love, respect and attraction for you.

Most women won’t come right out and say they want to break up with a boyfriend, so in many cases a woman will say things like, “I need some space to figure out what I really want” or, “I think we should spend some time apart so that we can decide where we want to take our relationship.”

In some cases, the woman will like another guy and will want to secure a relationship with him first, or at least hook up with him, before she breaks up with her boyfriend.

So, she will ask for space, go ahead and do that and then tell her boyfriend that it’s over.

That way, she can be sure that she will walk away from the relationship as the dumper, rather than the one being dumped.

Additionally, women know that most guys feel disgusted if their girlfriend cheats on them and will not want her back, so it’s another way of trying to ensure that the break up happens and he doesn’t want to get her back.

2. She avoids having sex or being affectionate as much as possible

An obvious sign that the relationship is in trouble is when the sex dries up and a woman makes excuses to avoid kissing, touching, holding hands or any other displays of affection that are common between happy couples.

So, when was the last time your girlfriend initiated sex?

Also, what happens when you touch or kiss her these days?

Does she turn into you and reciprocate, or does she pull away making some excuse like, “Not now, you’re going to ruin my lipstick” or, “Not now, I have to go out” or, “I have a headache”?

Deep down, you will know whether or not she seems to have lost attraction for you.

If she has lost attraction, then you need to learn how to reawaken her attraction for you, before she goes through with a break up.

3. She goes out without you

If she is clubbing without it, she might cheat...especially if she gets drunk

In a healthy relationship, a couple will do things together, but they will also spend time apart doing things with friends or by themselves.

However, if a woman is looking to break up with her boyfriend, she will begin going out partying without him.

Some women will keep their boyfriend around until they find another guy to replace him with, which is why a woman will suddenly start going out without her boyfriend and making new friends.

So, if your girlfriend is going out without you on a regular basis, it means that she is making herself available to meet new men.

If she loved and respected you, she would want you to come along or she would have little interest in going out without you because she would prefer spending that time with you.

I know this personally because an ex girlfriend of mine cheated on me many years ago by doing exactly that.

Yet, my wife would never go out partying without me.

She always wants me with her and is not interested in being hit on by other men.

When a Man’s Behavior Makes a Woman Want to End the Relationship

When a guy is experiencing some of the pre-breakup signs mentioned above, he may begin to worry about losing his girlfriend.

He might then make the mistake of becoming needy, clingy or showing obvious signs of insecurity around her.

In his mind, he hopes it will make her see how much she means to him, which will then result in her not wanting to leave him.

However, his approach has the opposite effect (i.e. she feels more turned off and determined to leave him) because women are attracted to the emotional strength in men and turned off by the weakness.

Instead of making her realize how lucky she is to be with him and make her feel a renewed sense of respect and attraction for him, his behavior will cause her to see him as weak and insecure.

She will begin asking herself, “Is this really the guy I want to be with in the long term?” or, “How could I have overlooked how insecure and needy he really is?”

Since women are naturally attracted to confident, emotionally secure and mentally strong men and turned off by insecure, emotionally and mentally weak men, she will begin to feel repelled by him on a deep and instinctive level and she will pull away even further.

If he then reacts by becoming more needy, clingy and insecure, she will lose eve more respect and attraction for him and a break up will almost certainly happen.

Understand What’s Really Going On and Fix it Before it’s Too Late

When a woman begins to distance herself from a relationship, it’s because she has been continually losing feelings for her boyfriend and nothing he is doing seems to be able to fix it.

Essentially, your girlfriend stopped getting what she really needs from you, so she is now pulling away and opening herself up to find someone else who will give her what she needs.

To understand where you’ve gone wrong with her, begin by asking yourself these questions:

  • Did I take her love for granted and not really care about how I was making her feel?
  • Did I become too clingy and jealous?
  • Did I let work/studies/friends come between us?
  • Did I smother her by needing too much of her time, affection and attention?
  • Did I stop pursuing my own goals and ambitions in life and put too much focus on her?
  • Did I listen to her and understand her needs in the relationship, or did I expect her to stick around even though I was making her feel unhappy?
  • Do I know how to make her feel attracted, or have I lost my way with her?

Answering those questions will help you to begin seeing where the problems in the relationship are coming from and what you need to change.

From now on, you have to begin making serious changes.

You can’t just say to your girlfriend, “I realize that we had problems and if you give me another chance, I promise I’ll do whatever I can to change.”

That isn’t good enough for most women, especially when they want to break up with you.

Instead, your girlfriend is going to want to see that you already have changed and that, in every interaction she has with you, it now feels better and different.

Here are some of the ways you can change to begin making her feel respect and attraction for you again:

  1. Being more manly to make her respect you and feel attracted.
  2. Maintaining your cool when she tries to make you feel angry or upset. 
  3. Making her feel protected and safe based on how you approach her and everyday life.
  4. Making her feel attracted in ways that she secretly wants, but won’t tell you about.

The Start of the Relationship is the Easy Part

When a guy contacts me to say, “I’m scared of losing my girlfriend, what should I do?” he is usually unaware of how to deepen a woman’s respect, attraction and love overtime.

Instead, he has been assuming that she will stick with him because of how much she loved him at the start, or because he’s such a good guy.

Yet, the reality is that you can’t expect a woman to stay with you for life because things felt good at the start, because she used to say that she loved you and wanted to be with you forever, or because you’ve been good to her.

It just doesn’t work that way.

Relationships are mostly about right now and are partly about the past and the future.

If your girlfriend currently doesn’t feel enough respect and attraction for you to want to stay with you, it doesn’t really matter how good things were before, or how good they might be in future.

She wants to feel in love now.

So, starting right now, you have to make sure that you focus on saying and doing the types of things that will make her feel respect and attraction for you (e.g. being more manly, being a better communicator, not being emotionally sensitive, making her feel girly in comparison to your masculine approach, not sucking up to her, but at the same time, making sure that she feels loved, appreciated and wanted).

If you can do that, you will see that she stops wanting to leave you and starts falling back in love with you.

This time, the love will be stronger because you will be making her feel attracted in ways that she always wanted, but was never able to experience with you.

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