How can you maintain a woman’s attraction in a relationship and achieve what I call Never-Ending Attraction?

One of the ways to do it, is to not let her take away your masculinity.

To be clear here, the dictionary definition of masculinity is:

Masculinity (noun): Possession of the qualities traditionally associated with men.

In a relationship or a marriage, a woman will test her man’s ability to hold onto his masculinity by pretending to get angry about certain ways that he behaves, or certain things that he says to her.

She will essentially tell him to behave more like her or to behave like a woman.

She will pick on his behavior when he is being masculine and say that it’s wrong, that she doesn’t like it and so on.

If the man takes what she is saying seriously and starts being softer, more docile, more hesitant and obedient around her, then she is going to lose respect for him.

As a result, she will stop feeling sexually attracted to him because she will see that he can’t even withstand the fake pressure that she is putting on him.

Her instinct to want to submit to him sexually starts to diminish, because she can see that he isn’t a more powerful force than her emotionally.

She feels like he can’t handle a woman like her because he so easily buckles under her pressure in moments like that.

Don't suppress your masculinity in response to her fake anger

The thing is, though, women are very good at making a man feel like he’s really done the wrong thing.

In a relationship, a man might say something to his woman in a certain way, he might behave in a certain way and then she will verbally attack him for that.

She will pretend to be really angry about it.

In the moment, the guy can feel like he has really stuffed up and he’s out of line and he should be behaving more like her, he should be behaving like a woman.

Yet, if he falls into the trap of suppressing his masculinity around her, then she’s going to lose respect for him and she’s going to struggle to feel sexual attraction for him.

So, what’s an example of how it works?

Well, imagine that a couple is in the car together and the man is driving.

While he’s driving, he ends up making a little bit of a mistake on the road by going into the wrong lane, turning at the wrong time or whatever.

Pretending that she's letting him drive the car

His woman then says, “You’re a horrible driver. I’m a way better driver than you. I don’t even know why I let you drive when I’m in the car. The next time we go somewhere, I’m driving.”

Now, some guys may have noticed a particular word in the example that stands out and suggests she thinks she’s in the dominant position, or she is testing to see if he will accept her being in the dominant position in the relationship.

That word is “let.”

She said, “I don’t even know why I let you drive when I’m in the car.”

So, how can a guy deal with that type of interaction with his woman in a way where he doesn’t suppress his masculinity and look at her as being in the dominant position?

When faced with a situation like that, each guy will react differently.

Some guys will react in a way that deepens the woman’s respect for them, makes her feel attracted and gets rid of the negative tension between them.

On the other hand, some guys will get angry at their woman and get into a pointless argument with her about it.

Another guy will think that he’s really stuffed up and he will try to drive better for the remainder of the trip to hopefully impress her and so on.

So, what’s the type of approach that a guy can take that will end up making her feel more respect for him, feel attracted and ease the tension between them?

Well, first of all, he shouldn’t take what she is saying so seriously.

That’s one of the things about interacting with a woman in a sexual, romantic relationship.

When you’re interacting with a woman in the workplace, it’s important to take her seriously.

You have to be able to take your coworker seriously and your manager or your boss, if she’s a female, you have to be able to take her seriously.

That’s a different environment.

However, when you’re in a sexual, romantic relationship with a woman and you want her to feel respect, sexual attraction and love for you, then you can’t take what she is saying seriously all the time.

If she has an emotional outburst, don’t take it personally.

It’s her having an emotional outburst, not you.

You don’t have to get emotional with her.

It’s fine for a masculine man to feel emotion and it’s fine to sometimes get frustrated with your woman.

Yet, if you want to make your relationship as easy as possible and you want to make her feel the most amount of respect, sexual attraction and love for you, it’s best that you maintain control of your emotions when she is getting emotional.

You don’t have to do that 100% of the time and be an unemotional robot.

Instead, you’re allowed to feel emotions, but the more you can control your emotions when she’s being emotional, the more she will respect you.

The more she respects you, the more she will feel sexually attracted to you.

So, what can a man say in a moment like that when his woman is accusing him of being a horrible driver and saying that she is letting him drive and that she doesn’t know why she lets him drive?

Rather than getting angry and getting into a pointless argument with an emotional woman, a man can chuckle, not take her seriously and say something like this,

“Yeah, it’s true. You got me there. I’m a horrible driver, probably the worst. Dan Bacon, World’s Worst Driver. It’s got a good ring to it. I like that.”

Alternatively, he might say something like this, “What did you say? The next time we go somewhere, you’re driving? Sweet. I can relax. Thank you.”

Put her back in her place with some humor

Alternatively, he might jokingly say something like this, “Yeah, I don’t know why you let me drive either. It’s so dangerous when I’m driving. An accident can happen at any moment. Watch out, keep your seatbelt on. Get ready.”

Something to point out here is that when you’re in a relationship or a marriage with a woman, it’s still very important and essential that you treat her well and that you’re a good man.

That’s fine.

However, in moments where she is attacking you and saying that you’re the worst at something or you’re this or you’re that, it’s fine not to take her so seriously and lovingly put her back in her place.

For example: She’s saying that she’s letting you drive and then you’re thanking her for letting you drive, but making a joke out of it and letting her see that you don’t actually feel like she’s letting you drive.

You are driving because you want to drive and you don’t need to get permission from her.

Where some guys go wrong with this particular area of a relationship is that they end up taking what the woman is saying too seriously.

They end up giving her too much power and dominance in moments like that, or they end up getting into a pointless argument with an emotional woman where she ends up blaming him for the argument in the end.

Women are very good at pushing a man to get more annoyed and angry to the point where he ends up saying or doing something that causes her to say, “Well, now you’ve crossed the line. Now you’re being very angry. Now I’m scared, or now you’re behaving in this way or that way. You’re crazy. You’re this, you’re that.”

It can so easily end up being the man’s fault if he gets dragged into the drama that a woman is trying to create.

This is why you need to be able to control your emotions around her.

It’s fine to get frustrated at your woman at times, no problem, but if you want her to respect you, feel sexually attracted to you and be in love with you, it’s very important that you’re able to maintain control of your emotions and not allow her to push your buttons so easily.

The thing is, these little battles will happen in your relationship with a woman regardless of how nice or good of a woman she is.

Every woman is going to test her man’s confidence and masculinity.

It’s just the way that the nature of attraction works between a man and a woman and it’s actually one of the biggest benefits of being in a relationship.

Your woman constantly makes you stronger by instinctively testing your confidence at what seems like the wrong moment.

That’s when women really tend to do it, in a moment where it’s like, “How could she say something like that? Why is she saying that now? You know, I’m feeling stressed out about something, I’m feeling vulnerable about something, I’m feeling frustrated about something, I’m feeling unsure about something and then she goes and says this or that. That really annoys me. Why does she have to say something like that when I’m feeling this way or that way?”

Well, it’s part of a woman’s instinct to make her man stronger.

It’s a primal instinct where a woman wants to feel safe and protected by her man.

She wants to be with a man who doesn’t crumble under pressure, who is able to maintain control of his emotions, like a masculine man.

This is her instinct.

Some women know it consciously, but most women just act on their instincts.

Her instincts know that if a man doesn’t crumble under pressure and doesn’t become emotional, then other men are going to respect him.

As a result, she feels safer and more protected when she’s with him.

Another example of this is that many men struggle to deal with is when their woman says something like, “You’re stupid.”

That sort of comment really digs deep for a lot of guys because they see themselves as being intelligent and they want to be respected for being an intelligent man.

So, when their woman says something like, “You’re stupid or you’re dumb, you’re an idiot,” it can really dig deep and make a man feel annoyed and lose control of his emotions.

However, if you can show her that it doesn’t negatively affect you and that you’re able to remain being a good, loving man, she will feel like she is the one who is in the wrong and she will eventually apologize for saying that about you.

If she doesn’t apologize because she’s so used to being negative, you can help her transition from communicating in a negative way to complimenting you, thanking you for being such a great man and acknowledging how lucky she is to have you.

Many women will do that on their own, but sometimes, you do need to encourage a woman by giving her some compliments yourself and then saying something like, “It’s okay for you to give me a compliment like that every now and then if you want to.”

Yet, if you take her comment of, “You’re stupid, you’re dumb, you’re an idiot” or whatever too seriously and end up verbally attacking her, then she’s almost certainly going to end up making it seem like your fault.

You got angry, you’re acting emotional, you’re saying all these things to her and she then makes it out to be your fault.

Additionally, she feels turned off that she can negatively affect you in that way by saying a simple thing like, “You’re stupid or you’re dumb.”

So, essentially, what you need to do is take your woman seriously when she is saying something serious or sincere, but don’t take her seriously when she is being emotional and saying things about you that aren’t true.

The thing is, sometimes there are going to be situations where you say or do something that isn’t effective in the relationship or isn’t loving and is causing problems between you and her.

In moments like that where she gives you feedback and tells you to stop doing that or to change or adjust, that’s fine.

However, when a woman is essentially trying to get you to behave like her or like a docile man, don’t take that seriously.

If you take that seriously and you start behaving more docile, hesitant and soft around her, then she’s not going to feel attraction for you, it’s just not going to be there.

What women naturally feel attracted to is a man’s confidence and masculinity, so you must maintain that when you’re in a relationship with her.

An important thing to point out here is that masculinity isn’t all about how you look.

Some guys get confused and think, “Okay. I have to go to the gym and I have to build up big muscles and then she’s going to feel attracted to my masculinity.”

The thing is, having big muscles and being physically strong is a sign of masculinity, that’s fine.

If a guy wants to do that, no problem.

However, the fact is that a man does not have to build up big muscles in order to make his woman feel attracted to his masculinity.

Maintain your masculine position and she will naturally feel attracted, even if she doesn't admit it

The most important type of masculinity comes from within.

It’s about how you think.

How you think determines how you behave, how you move, how you take action, how you speak, how you touch her and so on.

If a man thinks that it’s wrong to be masculine around his woman and he thinks that it’s right to be soft and docile, then his behavior is going to reflect that.

He’s going to be hesitant when he touches his woman.

He’s going to worry how she might react if he says or does something.

However, when a man embraces his masculinity in a relationship, it comes through in the way that he talks to his woman, the way that he touches her, the way that he behaves and the way that he takes action.

As a result, he’s able to naturally maintain her attraction in the relationship.

Learn More?

Okay, I hope you’ve enjoyed this video and learned something from it.

If you’d like to learn more ways to maintain a woman’s attraction in a relationship, I recommend that you watch or listen to my program, Make Her Love You for Life.

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It doesn’t fade away.

Her Tests About Something Will Stop When…

One final point that I want to make for you in this video is that when your woman can see that you are honestly not bothered by a particular test of your confidence or masculinity, then she will stop doing it.

If she’s not 100% sure, then her instincts will urge her to test you one, two or three more times, but if she can see that it doesn’t bother you anymore, then there’s no more point for her to do that.

However, her tests in other areas just won’t stop.

Now, some guys might think that that’s a bad thing.

Yet, it really is a good thing.

What happens is that when you don’t take your woman’s tests seriously and you’re able to withstand that, it makes you stronger and stronger over time.

It makes you become such an emotionally strong man and as a result, other men respect you.

It has a flow on effect to your work or your business where you get promoted, or you get things done better because you just don’t get rattled.

People respect you, they can trust in you and they can see that you are an emotionally strong man that doesn’t crumble under pressure.

The thing is, so many guys out there go through life thinking that relationships are hard work because they take their woman’s tests or outbursts too seriously.

It’s fine to take a woman seriously if she really has a point and you’re behaving in a way that isn’t loving or isn’t effective, that’s fine.

However, when she’s being ridiculous, or she’s being overly emotional or saying something that isn’t true, you shouldn’t take that seriously.

Additionally, if she’s trying to get you to behave like her and be more feminine in a way, don’t take that seriously.

You can’t let go of your masculinity.

If you want to maintain a woman’s attraction in a relationship and you want the sex to happen easily and regularly, you have to maintain your masculinity.

Be man enough to withstand her fake pressure for you to stop being manly.

If you can do that, it will be one of the things that easily and naturally makes her respect, attraction and love for you increase over time.

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