When a man is in a relationship with a woman, he will sometimes have a moment of weakness where he’s being a bit insecure, needy, jealous, or clingy.

He sort of lost himself in the moment and it caused his woman to lose respect for him.

At that point, the relationship can either go downhill from then on and the woman will lose even more respect for him based on how he reacts to the situation and how he then behaves, or the relationship can become stronger.

He can actually end up feeling better about himself.

She can end up feeling better about him and the relationship, as a result of him having that moment of weakness and then reacting to it in the right way.

So, my first tip on how to react to having a moment of weakness in the right way that is going to result in her feeling more respect, attraction and love for you over time is…

1. Don’t see your mistake as the end of the world.

You simply made a mistake, have learned from it, leveled up and are now stronger as a man.

If you see it that way, she will respect you.

If you see the mistake as meaning that you’re always going to be a weak guy in her mind, then she won’t respect you and she’ll see you as weak.

Of course, for you, you might feel as though it is a really bad mistake.

You became very insecure, or you became needy.

You did something clingy or overly jealous.

You feel bad about it and she reacted in a way that showed she didn’t like it.

You might be thinking that you’ve really screwed up here, but as I’m going to explain to you throughout this video, if you react in a way where you’ve really screwed up and it’s going to be difficult to get her respect back, then it’s actually going to become a bigger problem.

It’s going to become more difficult to get her respect back.

So, let’s move on to number 2 for now.

2. Be better from now on, but don’t expect immediate perfection from yourself.

The same rule applies to what you expect from your girlfriend.

If she makes a mistake where she has become a bit too angry, or she was behaving in a way that you didn’t like and it has turned you off, then you can expect her to do better, but expecting perfection is unreasonable.

The same thing applies to you.

You’ve had a moment of weakness where you’ve been insecure, clingy, needy, or jealous and you are going to do better from now on.

You’re not going to be as insecure or as needy or as clingy or as jealous.

You’re going to reduce that pretty much to nothing.

There might be another moment of weakness at some point, or you may feel it within and want to do something that would be a jealous behavior or an insecure behavior and then you stop yourself, or you do a little bit and then regret it.

That’s totally normal in the learning and development process.

It’s not possible to become perfect overnight, but the fact that you’re gonna do better from now on is something that she will respect.

She will see that you’re no longer as insecure as you used to be.

She will see it.

She will feel it and she will feel respect for that.

She will feel respect for the fact that you are leveling up as a man.

3. Maintain your masculinity rather than suppressing it or overexpressing it.

So, when you have that horrible feeling in the pit of your stomach where you see that look on your girlfriend’s face; she has lost respect for you and you know that you’ve stuffed up there, you’ve been weak.

That can really motivate you to want to fix the problem.

Deep down, you know that the relationship could start to experience problems now.

This girl who has loved you and has been your girlfriend could start to lose interest.

Yet, after your display of weakness, you have to be careful not to now suppress your masculinity and become really soft and hesitant around her to try to suck up to her, or overexpress your masculinity where you try to act really manly and you go overboard with it.

If a guy tries to act really manly and overly confident, tough, domineering and so on to hopefully get his woman’s respect back, then she can simply say that she doesn’t like the way that he’s behaving.

She can say that it’s turning her off and she doesn’t like how he’s acting.

Then, if she notices that he suddenly seems like ‘a deer in the headlights’ where he doesn’t know what to do next because he thought he would impress her by being really manly and now she’s not impressed, she’s going to lose even more respect for him, which is why number 4 on the list is very important.

4. Assume that you have her respect rather than desperately trying to regain it.

So, if a woman notices that a guy is desperately trying to get her respect back where he’s trying to impress her and then thinking, “Now, do you respect me now? Now, do you look up to me? Do you forgive me for what I’ve done?” it’s not going to make her respect him.

If she senses that type of feeling inside of him, or that type of panic or thinking inside of him, she actually sees him as weak because she knows instinctively that a confident masculine man always assumes that he has the respect of other people.

He operates from a place of an assumption of respect.

Now, that’s not to be confused with saying to your girlfriend, “Hey, you’ve got to respect me. I’m the man. I assume that you respect me because I’m the man” and so on.

That is trying too hard.

That’s putting on an act.

Instead, it’s a relaxed assumption of respect.

If you have a relaxed assumption of respect and are also behaving in a better way from now on, but not hoping and trying to be perfect for her to hopefully get her respect, then she’s going to respect you.

She’s going to see you as a man who has learned from the experience and leveled up.

Now, before I give you my final piece of advice in this video, I just want to point out that if you want to learn my best ever techniques, examples and advice on how to build on a woman’s respect, attraction and love for you in a relationship, then I recommend that you watch my program, Make Her Love You For Life.

When you use the techniques from the program, your woman will always feel more respect, more attraction and more love for you as the relationship continues.

My final piece of advice for you in this video is that in some areas of life, you have to earn respect.

For example, in a career, you have to earn respect based on your behavior, your actions and your achievements.

As a result, those in higher positions than you begin to look at you as someone who should be respected, should be promoted and so on.

You don’t just walk into a job and say, “Alright, I’ll be the CEO, thanks. I’ll run the whole operation. Just trust in me.”

Yet, in a relationship with a woman, you do need to take on the position as the ‘CEO’ or as the boss, or leader.

You need to assume that position and not feel like you need to hopefully be granted that position from the woman, by essentially asking her qith your behavior “Am I good enough yet?” and so on.

She doesn’t ever want to get that sense from you.

So, if you’ve lost your girlfriend’s respect after being weak, don’t see it as the end of the world.

Be better from now on, but don’t expect immediate perfection from yourself.

Maintain your masculinity and assume that you have her respect.

If you do that, you will regain her respect for you and she’ll feel more respect for you over time.

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