A common reaction that guys have when they start thinking, “My girlfriend is no longer interested” is to assume that their relationship is headed for a break up and there’s nothing they can do to stop it.

Fortunately, there is always a way to rekindle a woman’s feelings for you and avoid a break up.

In fact, if you watch the video below and follow the advice provided, your girlfriend will not only change how she feels about you right now, she will even fall deeper in love with you than she was before.

You can get her to become interested in being with you again.

Her feelings for you are based on what you say and do when interacting with her.

As long as you begin making her feel a renewed sense of respect and attraction for you from now on, she’s not going to want to leave you.

She will begin to reconnect with the love she used to feel for you, except now it will be much more deep and meaningful.

You will have given her the exciting experience of falling in love with the same man all over again, but this time she feels even more for you.

Women love that, so don’t waste time worrying that you’re going to lose her forever.

Focus on attraction and she will change how she feels about you and the relationship.

She will have strong feelings for you again and will want to stick with the relationship and see where it goes.

All you have to do then is to make sure that you guide the relationship to Stage 5.

What is Stage 5? Watch this video for more info…

As you will discover from the video above, it’s not enough for a woman to just feel attracted to you at the start.

There is much more beyond that, which is so much more enjoyable, meaningful, exciting and fulfilling.

All of it happens at Stage 5.

By the way…

People’s Feelings Change All the Time

Did your girlfriend feel a lot of love, respect and attraction for you during the first few minutes of knowing you?

Probably not. 

However, by talking to her and building up a connection, your body language and communication style made her feel attracted to you.

She went from thinking, “Who is this guy and what does he want?” to “Wow! I like him. I’d definitely go out with him” all in the matter of a few hours, days or weeks.

This means that when you met, your behavior and communication style was attractive enough to her for her to be interested in becoming your girlfriend.

So, quite clearly, her feelings for you changed from “not interested” to “interested.”

Unfortunately, somewhere along the line you stopped behaving in the ways that initially attracted her to you, which is why you now find yourself saying, “My girlfriend is no longer interested.” Basically, her feelings changed again from “interested” to “not interested.”

The good news is, if her feelings for you changed once before, they can easily change again.

At the moment she may not feel like she wants to be with you anymore. She might even be saying things like, “I think we need to break up” or “I need some space” or “I just don’t feel the same way about you anymore,” but her emotions can definitely change again.

How quickly your girlfriend is going to go from not being interested in you anymore, to being open to feeling respect, attraction and love for you again, depends on the approach that you use.

Remember, there may be things about you that are still attractive to your girlfriend, but if she’s losing interest, right now the things about you that are turning her off are outweighing the things that are drawing her to you.

If you’re going to make her change the way she feels about you right now and make her feel interested in you again, you’ve got to be able to present her with qualities and features about yourself that are attractive to her.

It’s actually very easy to make her change how she feels about you once you know what you’re doing.

You don’t have to sit around wasting time saying, “My girlfriend is no longer interested” and hoping that if you pretend nothing’s wrong, she will magically change back to being in love with you. What you need to do is make her feel differently.

How do you do that? By making her feel understood, and by making her feel attracted to you when you interact with her, whether that is in person or on the phone, via text, or on social media.

What Has Caused Her to Lose Interest?

Are you a loveable kind of man?

If your girlfriend is no longer interested in being in a relationship with you, something about your behavior or attitude in the relationship must have also changed to cause her to lose interest.

So, if you want to re-spark the respect, attraction and love your girlfriend felt for you before, you must first understand what has caused her to lose interest, and then you must fix those things and get her love back.

To help you figure out what may be causing your girlfriend to lose interest, ask yourself if you’ve been behaving in any of these ways…

1. Are you being clingy and needy?

Clingy, jealous, insecure boyfriend

Does the more your girlfriend pull away from you make you cling to her tighter? Do you keep asking her “Why?” or, “What’s wrong?” or, “Do you still love me?” or, “What can I do to make you love me again?”

2. Are you too jealous or insecure in the relationship?

Does seeing her talk to other guys make you feel jealous? Do you constantly ask yourself, “What is a girl like her doing with a guy like me?”

Do you feel lucky to have her, almost to the point where you feel like she deserves someone better?

Do you believe that if she breaks up with you, you won’t be able to find another girlfriend like her?

3. Do you let her wear the pants in the relationship?

Do you believe that if you ever disagree with her she will stop loving you?

Do you let her have her way and make all the decisions in the relationship because you fear that she will break up with you? Do you let her take the lead?

Fix Your Issues and Improve Yourself

Fix your issues and improve yourself

As a man, it’s up to you to understand the emotional issues and behaviors that are turning your girlfriend off and then fix them.

For example: Have you become too insecure, jealous, controlling, needy or argumentative? Have you been taking her for granted and treating her badly, or have you been sucking up to her and giving her way too much power in the relationship?

The thing is, just knowing why your girlfriend is no longer interested is not good enough.

To get her to feel respect and attraction for you again as a man, you need to actually start fixing those things and improving yourself right now, before it’s too late.

You don’t have to become perfect to make her feel attraction for you again, but you do need to show her that you’ve understood what has been causing her to lose interest in you, and that you’re working on fixing your emotional issues.

Once you’ve begun fixing your issues and improving yourself emotionally as a man, it won’t take long before your girlfriend will begin noticing these changes in you.

She will begin to sense it in the way you interact with her, see it in your body language and hear it in your voice. She will naturally feel renewed attraction for you because you will be giving her what she really wants in a man.

On the other hand, if you try to get her to “change her mind” about how she feels about you right now without really fixing or improving anything, she will simply stay “turned off”.

It’s Almost Never Too Late to Make a Woman Feel a Renewed Sense of Respect and Attraction For You

Right now you’re probably feeling confused and desperate and it’s easy to make mistakes that will push your girlfriend further away. What you need to understand is that women are attracted to the strength in men and repelled by weakness.

Qualities like, insecurity, neediness, a lack of self confidence, etc., are not going to be attractive to her, so if you want to get your girlfriend to feel attracted to you again, you have to make her feel the way she wants to feel when she’s with her man.

If you feel that you don’t have the type of confidence in yourself that will make your girlfriend (and other women) feel attracted to you, then that is where you have to start improving yourself.

Rather than sit around saying, “My girlfriend is no longer interested” and feeling like there’s nothing you can do to change it, click around and keep learning from us here at The Modern Man.

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