How can you make a woman never want to leave you?

How you can make sure that she always wants to be with you?

The start of a relationship can easily be forgotten if the dynamic changes

Well, the thing is, at the start of a relationship between a man and a woman, it’s very easy for a woman to say things like, “Oh, I love you so much. I want to be with you forever. I want to grow old with you. I want us to be together and never break up. Give me your word that you’ll be with me forever,” and all that sort of stuff.

Yet, that doesn’t mean anything if later on in the relationship her feelings of respect, attraction and love start to be ruined by the guy.

For example: If a guy is confident at the start of a relationship and his woman falls in love with him and they have great sex together and they go on nice dates and holidays and vacations, but he eventually becomes insecure, needy and clingy, then the promises that she made before don’t mean anything.

She’s going to change her mind about what she said to him before.

The way that it works is that a woman will go along with whatever relationship dynamic that you create and maintain.

When the relationship dynamic changes

For example: With the guy who became insecure and clingy and jealous, if he had remained confident and didn’t turn into that guy, then her attraction and respect and love for him would have been maintained and she would have gone along with that.

She’s got herself a man who is confident, she’s in love with, she respects and she feels attracted to. Great, so they stay together then!

Yet, if he changes and becomes insecure and clingy and jealous then okay, she is stuck with an insecure, clingy and jealous guy.

Therefore her feelings are not going to change and she will begin to think about breaking up with him or cheating on him and then getting into a relationship with the new man.

The reason why a woman will do that is because women are not attracted and turned on by emotional weakness in men such as insecurity, neediness, clinginess and so on.

Women are attracted to confidence in men, self-belief, self-esteem, determination.

That’s the sort of thing that attracts women to men in the first place and maintains their attraction.

Women Wait to See Where You Take the Relationship

What you need to understand about women in relationships is that they essentially wait to see where it goes and where you take it. They follow the man’s lead.

If you think about when a woman is ballroom dancing with a man. What do women like?

They like it when the man leads.

The man leads the dance and she goes along with him.

She feels feminine and she enjoys it.

She doesn’t like it if a man just stands there awkward going, “Oh, I don’t really know what to do here. You lead.” If he does that, she has to take the lead and the dance feels awkward for her.

Now, think about what women do when it comes to dating. They go out to bars and clubs and places like that and what do they do? They stand around looking pretty. They’re waiting for the man to come over and take the lead and make something happen.

The same applies with relationships.

Women go along with what the man does and a woman is at her happiest when a man creates the relationship dynamic where she is his woman.

She’s not his friend, she’s not his partner, she’s not his neutral buddy or anything like that. She’s not 50-50 with him. She is his woman.

That’s what makes a woman the happiest.

You won’t hear many women admitting that in public because they’re embarrassed to admit that they want to be a man’s woman.

Yet, when you see a woman who is the happiest with her man and she looks at him with loving eyes, she cuddles into his arm, she kisses him, she’s attentive towards him, she respects him, she does nice things for him and she is happy doing that, that’s when she’s his woman.

It’s not when they’re neutral partners in love and they’re 50-50 and it’s not when she is the boss and he does whatever she says.

It’s also not when she’s a pain in the butt and he puts up with it.

It’s when she is his woman. She looks up to him, respects him and she actually gets pleasure and happiness out of being a good woman for him. When she does good things for him and is nice to him, it actually makes her happy.

Yet, a woman isn’t going to give that to a man unless he creates that type of relationship dynamic.

What women usually do is they give that at the start.

They’re often very passive at the start, might be a little submissive and be really nice to the guy to get him into a relationship.

Yet, if the guy doesn’t maintain the dynamic of him being the man and her being his woman, then the whole thing changes.

She begins to change.

She loses interest in having sex with him.

She stops being affectionate towards him. She stops respecting him and listening to what he says. She starts being a pain in the butt.

She starts wanting to get everything her way and if he doesn’t do it, she throws a tantrum or gives him the silent treatment.

When she is ready to leave you

At that point, a lot of guys will start to become angry, insecure or treat her badly because he wants to get her back for treating him badly.

Then, the whole relationship starts to fall apart.

Make Her Feel Like Your Woman

The secret of how to make a woman never want to leave you is to flip that switch in her mind that makes her your woman.

Not your partner, not your friend, not your equal buddy, none of that stuff.

That’s politically correct, confused people out there repeating things that they don’t really understand.

Those confused, politically people usually don’t know how to maintain a relationship between a man and a woman. They simply follow along with what they hear politically correct people talking about at work, on TV and in general life.

Yet, they fail to notice that most of those people are not happy in there relationships because the man is not clearly the man and the woman is not clearly the woman.

They more like friends or neutral partners in life and their sex life dries up in pretty much every relationship they get into.

The answer to the question of, “How can I make her never want to leave me?” is to make her feel like your woman, not your friend, buddy or partner.

Being a man’s woman is what a woman REALLY wants. It’s not what she will usually admit in public because it’s not politically correct to say it, but it’s what makes her the happiest when in a relationship with a man.

Just think about those women that you see that are so happy with their man.

When she cuddles into his arms, she looks at him with loving eyes, she’s attentive, she’s affectionate, she treats him well, she respects him, she listens to what he says, she’s his woman.

Then you think about those guys who get treated badly by their woman.

She’s a pain in the butt, she puts him down, she throws a tantrum and expects everything to go her way.

In relationships like that, the man isn’t in the power position and he’s headed for a break up or he’s headed for getting cheated on or he’s headed for a divorce.

Be the Man She Never Wants to Leave

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When you have this knowledge, you don’t have to live in fear that your woman is going to cheat on you or leave you one day. You will know for sure that she is totally in love with you and only wants to be with you.

What you need to understand is that when you hear statistics like approximately 50% of relationships or marriages end in a breakup or divorce, what that actually means is that approximately 50% of relationships and marriages don’t end up in a breakup or divorce!

What you need to know is that it is possible to keep a relationship together for life and it is possible to make a woman love you for life.

Unfortunately, a lot of people just don’t get to experience that.

One study that I came across found that 60% of couples were unhappy in their relationship or marriage.

What do you think the problem is there?

In most cases, it’s going to be that the man hasn’t flipped that switch in his woman’s mind and made her become his woman.

That’s what she actually wants.

A woman is at her happiest when she loves and respects and feels so attracted to her man, that she gets pleasure out of doing nice things for him.

She gains pleasure from that.

She enjoys cooking for him, she enjoys sucking him off, she enjoys being nice to him, being affectionate, listening to him and being a good woman for him.

That actually makes her happy.

Yet, when you hear about men and women who are unhappy in their relationship, just take a look at the relationship dynamic.

The woman isn’t the man’s woman. They’re equal partners, neutral buddies or the woman is in charge and is wearing the pants.

That’s just not the way to have a happy, sexual, loving relationship with a woman.

What she wants and what a woman is waiting for when you’re in a relationship with her is to flip that switch in her mind. Make her be your woman.

Make her take on that role where she gains pleasure from doing good things for you. It makes her happy to be a good woman for you.

That’s what women really want.

Most Women Avoid Break Ups Unless Absolutely Necessary

When she starts thinking about leaving you

Another thing to point out is that women are hardwired to not want to break up with their man.

If you think about what happens when a man and woman are in a sexual relationship, it can often result in the woman getting pregnant.

So, a woman has a natural tendency to want to make a man fall in love with her and stay with her.

If they happen to have a child one day, she doesn’t want to have to then raise that on her own or go out there and have to attract another guy and hopefully get him to accept the fact that she’s already got a child.

She has a natural tendency to want to find a man and stick with him.

So, you need to remember that women usually try to avoid breaking up with you unless they feel that it’s absolutely necessary (i.e. you don’t even know what she wants you to change, so giving you another chance would just mean more of the same).

In most cases, a woman will wait and give a guy plenty of chances to change and correct his mistakes.

Even after a break up, a woman will open to giving him another chance if he truly does change and starts being the kind of man that she can look up to and respect from now on.

She wants to go back to being good to him, loving him and being happy with him.

She’s not going to tell him that though. She wants him to figure it out on his own and start doing it.

So, when in a relationship with a woman, always remember this…

The best way to make a woman want to stick with you for life and never want to leave you is to flip that switch in her mind where she gets to be your woman.

Remember that what makes a woman the happiest is when you create the relationship dynamic where she wants to be good to you and please you. It actually makes her happy to do be like that for you.

Again though, you won’t get women admitting that in public.

They don’t want to go around saying that, but just look at the women who are the happiest with their man and that is how they behave.

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