If you’re looking for advice on how to make a woman fall in love with you again, the first thing you need to do understand why a woman falls out of love with a man.

Essentially, she has lost touch with her feelings of love with you because you ruined her feelings of respect and attraction for you.

Don’t worry, you can get that back.

Just because she has lost interest in you now, it doesn’t mean that you can’t get her to feel respect and attraction for you again. You can!

Once a woman feels a renewed sense of respect and attraction for a guy that she once loved, she will reopen her heart to the love that she used to feel for him. It’s a completely natural and normal thing and it happens all the time.

What Changed?

What changed about your relationship?

A lot of the guys who contact us for advice on how to get a woman to love them again say that the change in their woman’s feelings for them came out of the blue – one day she was in love and then the next day she was out of love.

However, this is unlikely to be the case as falling out of love with someone is a process that takes time, just like falling in love with someone takes time. To get her to love you again, you first of all need to look for some answers to the question of what changed about you to cause her disconnect with the love she once felt for you.

1. Did you become less sexually attractive?

Women are instinctively attracted to alpha males. If you have alpha qualities, you have genuine self-confidence and a masculinity that women can sense when they’re in your company. When your woman fell in love with you, she must have seen these sexually attractive qualities in you, so what changed?

If you want to know how to make a woman fall in love with you again, something about you or your behavior must have changed to cause her feelings for you to change and getting those feelings to change back again comes down to figuring out what changes you need to make for the better.

As Dan Bacon (founder of The Modern Man) explains in this video, a man’s ability to trigger a woman’s feelings of sexual attraction is critical to maintaining her desire to want to stay in the relationship.

Do you have the skill of being able to actively trigger a woman’s feelings of sexual attraction and then deepen that attraction over time in a relationship?

If not, then it’s only natural that a woman will fall out of love with you and want to leave the relationship.

2. Did you become clingy or overly possessive?

One of the most common love killing mistakes guys make in a relationship is becoming clingy and overly possessive, or behaving in any other kind of way that shows him to be insecure.

Women feel the most amount of sexual attraction and respect for confident, emotionally secure alpha males and guys with the type of qualities that effectively give them their pick of women.

If a guy then begins to behave in a clingy or overly possessive way, he’s showing himself to be a guy who lacks confidence and fears losing his woman because he’s unsure of himself and his ability to attract another woman into his life.

Insecurity of this type is a complete turn off and a woman won’t feel flattered by a guy wanting to spend every moment with her or showing jealousy if she chooses to spend time with friends and doing things that don’t include him, she’ll feel suffocated and turned off by his weak and wimpy behavior.

3 Mistakes You Must Not Make

With the above in mind, if you’re looking for answers to the question of how to make a woman fall in love with you again, the following mistakes are mistakes you must not make:

1. Don’t make promises you can’t keep

If you’ve realized that your woman has fallen out of love with you or that her feelings for you have changed, it can be all too easy to promise her the earth in an attempt to get her to feel differently again.

You might say something along the lines of, “Whatever it is you need from me, I can do it” or, “I can change; whatever you want me to be or to do differently, I can do it.”

The very fact that you’re looking to her to tell you what she wants or to tell you what changes she wants to see in you only backs up her feeling that you don’t know what the problem is and you don’t know what negative changes have taken place to cause her feelings for you to change.

If you don’t know what changes need to be made to fix things, you can’t make changes for the better and your promises are all empty.

To get her to fall in love with you again, you need to show her that you have what it takes to confidently take the lead in your relationship and to turn things around by making changes for the better, becoming a better man and a more sexually attractive and loveable man in the process.

2. Don’t try to “buy” her affections

Another common mistake guys make when they think their woman is falling out of love with them is to lavish her with gifts and tokens of affection in an attempt to maintain her interest. A woman doesn’t fall in love with a guy because of what he can buy for her, she falls in love with a guy because of the way he makes her feel.

To feel sexually attracted to a guy, she needs to feel like a woman in his company and it takes alpha characteristics, alpha thinking, and alpha behavior to make her feel this way.

Lavishing her with gifts or devoting every spare moment to doing things for her might be something you want to do but unless you’re doing it as a confident, masculine alpha male, behaving this way will make you come across as a guy who is so insecure in himself and what he’s got to offer as a man that he has to “buy” a woman’s affections with material possessions.

To get a woman to fall in love with you again, you need to show her through your thinking and your behavior that you’ve got the alpha qualities she’s looking for in a man.

3. Don’t try to talk her into feeling differently

When a guy wants a woman to return to the feelings she once had for him, he’ll often try to get her to focus on the “good times” they’ve shared in an attempt to get her to feel that way again.

The problem with this is that there’s nothing you can say that will make a woman feel differently about you and reminding her of times past will only remind her of how much you’ve changed – and not in a positive way.

If you’re trying to get a woman to fall in love with you again, you need to show her through your actions and your attitude that you’ve recognized the mistakes you made to cause her feelings for you to change and you’ve taken action to make improvements for the better.

Saying that you can change is not enough to make her feelings for you change, but showing her that you have developed the qualities that make you a more attractive man will.

When she feels a renewed sense of respect and attraction for you, she will look at you again through different eyes and rediscover what it was about you that she fell in love with the first time around.

When you’ve got what it takes to make her feel the way she wants to feel in your company, you’ve got what it takes to not only make her fall in love with you again, but fall even more deeply in love than ever before.

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