Right now you might be feeling helpless and maybe even a little bit hopeless about the possibility of making your girlfriend fall in love you again, especially if she’s been saying things like, “I don’t feel the same anymore” or “I don’t know if I want to be with you anymore.”

The good news is that you can change how she feels and get her to fall in love with you again even harder this time.

As you will discover from the video above, just because your girlfriend has stopped loving you, it doesn’t mean she is going to be stuck in that state of mind forever.

When you make her feel a renewed sense of respect and attraction for you, she will naturally reconnect with her feelings of love for you.

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So, if you’re wondering what to do when your girlfriend stops loving you, then keep reading and I’ll explain how to fix the problem…

Avoid Making These Mistakes

What to do when your girlfriend falls out of love with you

When a guy begins to worry about losing his girlfriend, he will often begin making mistakes that will turn her off even more and push her further away.

So, if you’re concerned about your girlfriend not loving you the same way anymore, here are some things that you should avoid doing if you want to change how she feels right and make her love you again.

  • Asking her why.

Why don't you love me anymore? What is your problem?

It’s normal for a guy to want to know what he has done to cause his girlfriend to stop loving him, and it probably seems quite obvious that the best person to ask would be her.

Yet, asking a woman, “Why don’t you love me anymore? Just tell me what I have to do to get you to love me again,” will only make it clear to her that he hasn’t been paying attention to the warning signs she has been sending him for some time.

A woman doesn’t just fall out of love with her man; it is usually a gradual process that happens over weeks, months or even years.

Along the way she will argue, fight and say things that she hopes will get through to him to let him know how unhappy she is feeling.

She won’t sit him down and teach him how to be the man she needs because that is not a role that a girlfriend wants to be burdened with for life.

Why won't you tell me what is wrong?

She wants a ready-made man who already knows how to make a woman fall more deeply in love with him over time.

If her man doesn’t know how to do that, she wants him to figure it out on his own, rather than expecting her to take on a role as a teacher, big sister or mother figure in his life.

Asking his girlfriend why she doesn’t love him anymore, is like saying to her, “I never noticed what was happening between us and I really have no idea what I did wrong. Can you please spell it out for me? I don’t know how to be the man you need. I need you to teach me and help me become a real man. Please guide me and be my mentor.”

At this stage of the relationship, his girlfriend is already feeling little or no respect for him as a man, so by him asking her to explain what he did wrong only makes her think, “If he doesn’t understand what he needs to do, then I don’t want to have to be the one teaching him. I don’t want to mother him and teach him how to be a man in a relationship.”

She needs him to figure things out by himself, without her having to hold his hand and guide him.

If she has to teach him how to grow up and be at her level of maturity, she won’t be able to respect him and without respect, she won’t be able to properly feel attracted to him or feel excited to be in love with him.

  • Whining, begging, pleading or crying.

It’s normal for a guy to feel sad, hurt and emotional when he discovers that his girlfriend doesn’t love him anymore.

However, the worst reaction he can have is to whine, cry or beg her to change her mind.


When a woman stops loving a man, it’s because at some point during their relationship she stopped feeling respect for him, and this then led her to lose attraction for him and finally fall out of love with him.

If he then confronts her with tears and whining (like a boy would do to gain the pity of his mother), she will lose even more respect for him.

A woman wants to know that her man is emotionally strong enough to handle any situation, no matter how challenging.

If a guy breaks down, cries or begs for a second chance with her, rather than think, “Ah, poor guy, he really looks so miserable. Maybe I should give him another chance; after all he seems so lost and sad,” she thinks, “I never realized he was so weak. I think it would be better for me to break up with him and find myself a guy who is emotionally strong and can handle his problems like a real man. I don’t want to be stuck with a guy like this. What if I get pregnant to him? I will be stuck with him for life now. I’ve got to get away from him while I still can.”

So, whatever you do, just don’t make the mistake of seeking her pity by showing her how emotionally sensitive, insecure or hurt you are.

That is not going to make her love you again and will only cause her to fall further out of love with you.

If you want to get your girlfriend to fall in love with you again, you have to make her feel respect for you as a man by being a man that she can look up to, not a guy that she has to look down on.

If you’ve already made the mistake of getting emotional and even crying or begging her to change her mind; it’s okay. You can still turn it around and make her see you with fresh eyes.

From this point forward you just have to focus on regaining her respect and attraction for you by being a man that she can look up to and respect, and her feelings of love will naturally follow.

  • Trying to convince her to change her mind.

She needs you to change first

Many guys make the mistake of assuming that when a woman says, “I don’t love you anymore,” she will change how she feels if he just promises to change.

Yet, he will most-likely have made promises about changing before, which he wasn’t able to follow through on.

When she gave him another chance, he slowly reverted back to being his old self and making the same mistakes, hoping that she would just put up with it this time and not complain any further.

Here’s the thing…

When a woman stops loving her man, she doesn’t want to hear empty promises.

She wants to be able to see, feel and experience him in a different way (via his behavior, actions and communication style), before she will believe that he’s really changed and thus open herself up to the idea of loving him again.

If a guy makes promises and doesn’t keep them, it only adds another reason why she can’t respect him.

In the past, a woman had to remain a virgin until marriage and then stick with her man even if she was unhappy, because it was shameful to get a divorce.

However, in today’s world, women are free to get in and out of relationships until they find the right man for them.

If you currently aren’t the right man for your girlfriend, you need to start fixing your issues (e.g. insecurity) and improve your ability to make her feel respect, attraction and love for you.

If you don’t do that, you might have to face the dreaded talk with your girlfriend where she starts off by saying, “We need to talk” and then proceeds to say, “I don’t want to be with you anymore. I am leaving you.”

You can stop it before it gets to that point, but you have to be willing to fix your issues and improve your ability to make her feel the way she really wants to feel.

Identify the Real Reasons Why She Stopped Loving You and Fix Those Things

To get your girlfriend to respect you again, you have to show her that you now fully understand what caused her to stop loving you in the first place (e.g. insecurity, taking her for granted, being too clingy, having commitment issues, not being enough of a man for her).

If you’re unsure about what caused your girlfriend to lose respect, attraction and love for you, here are some questions that will help you gain clarity:

  • Have you been making her feel loved and appreciated in the relationship, or have you been making her feel taken for granted (e.g. expecting her to do certain things without helping out, not noticing when she did something nice for you, placing more importance on being with your friends than her)?
  • Do you have a clear purpose and direction in life that you are following through on with determination, or have you been using her and the relationship as an excuse to hide from your true potential as a man?
  • Have you been kind, loving and supportive towards her, or have you been criticizing or belittling her too much?
  • Are you a strong, confident man she can rely on, or have you insecure, clingy and needy?
  • Did you make her feel girly and feminine in contrast to your masculinity, or does she feel like more of a friend to you, or worse – does she feel like more of the man (more dominant, more emotionally strong) in the relationship?

These are just a few reasons why your girlfriend might have stopped loving you.

When you can identify the real reasons, you can then take proper action to fix those things.

You will then begin to offer her what she really wants, rather than what you think she might want.

For example: If one of the reasons why a woman stopped loving her man was because he wasn’t living up to his true potential as a man, she’s not going to care if he’s promising her more time together, or more romantic dinners.

She is going to want to see him starting to live up to his true potential, so she can trust him to guide him and her to a better future.

If he takes action towards improving himself, (e.g. by applying for a better job, trying to get promoted, going to university to improve his qualifications, working towards achieving certain goals) she will see that not only has he really understood what was bothering her, he is also man enough to do something positive about it and this will attract her and make her feel respect for him like never before.

She will then begin to reconnect with her old feelings of love for him, but this time it will be stronger because it will based on deeper feelings of respect and attraction for him.

Her Love for You Isn’t Really Dead

Right now, your girlfriend might be saying, “Leave me alone! I just don’t love you anymore,” but it doesn’t that mean her love for you is dead.

Instead, it simply means she doesn’t feel like she can love you right now.

Her love is somewhere in the background but, right now, she’s not willing to let herself feel that love for you because she’s focusing all her feelings on the negative things about you and your relationship.

When you change those negative things about yourself and start offering her what she really wants, she won’t be able to keep that love buried inside her for long.

When she sees that you are now the kind of man she can respect and look up to, her guard will naturally go down and she will start feeling attraction for you again.

She will then begin to reconnect with the love she felt for you, but this time it will be even stronger because she will believe in you as a man and feel a deeper respect and attraction for you as a result.

So, when you woke up this morning wondering about what to do when your girlfriend stops loving you, and feeling like you might not be able to change how she feels, as you can now see, it’s not impossible or even difficult.

You can do this.

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