If you’re asking, “What are some signs that my girlfriend wants to break up with me?” then your gut instinct is telling you that something has changed between you and her.

You might have woke up today feeling concerned that you’re about to lose her, but don’t worry – you can fix this.

Even if, your girlfriend is currently thinking about breaking up your relationship, you can still change how she feels by re-sparking her feelings of love, respect and sexual attraction for you.

Watch this video to understand how…

As you will discover from the video above, your girlfriend has probably been losing touch with her feelings of respect and attraction for you, which has caused you to begin worrying that she might be about to break up with you.

So, what are some of the signs to look out for?

4 Signs That Your Girlfriend Wants to Break Up

How to know when your girlfriend wants to break up

Most women don’t want to have a nasty break up with their boyfriend, so instead of just coming out and saying they want to break up, a woman will often avoid the issue and hope that the relationship just fizzles out over time.

For example: Has your girlfriend been doing any of these things?

1. Has she stopped calling or texting you? Has she stopped returning your calls or text messages? Has she been ignoring you on social media?

Unless something really serious is going on in her life (e.g. she’s working long hours to finish a project a work or university, a friend is going through a really tough time in life, a loved one has died, etc), a woman will always make herself available for the man she loves.

So, if your girlfriend is essentially ignoring you for no apparent reason, she’s probably trying to send a message that she’s losing interest or has lost interest and is about to break up with you.

2. Does she avoid telling you where she’s been and with whom she’s been hanging out?

When a woman loves and respects her man, she will be very open and honest about what she’s doing and the people she’s hanging out with.

If this is not the case for you, then your girlfriend is probably hiding something (i.e. she’s hanging out with a new guy, partying with her girlfriends and trying to find a new guy or has even begun dating a new guy behind your back).

3. Is she uninterested in sharing any details about her day-to-day life with you?

I think my girlfriend wants to break up

In a healthy and loving relationship, a couple wants to listen and share details about their life, even if those details are trivial.

It feels good to talk to each other about anything and everything because you’re in love, you’re attracted to each other, you respect each other and you’re also like best friends at the same time.

So, if your girlfriend isn’t interested in talking about her life with you, she’s clearly shutting herself off to you.

If she’s closed off to you, she will be opening herself up to other people.

That doesn’t necessarily mean she is opening herself up to other guys, but she feels better opening up to others than she does with you right now.

4. Is she going out partying without you?

When a woman loves a man and is truly committed to the relationship, she will want to party with him.

Going out partying and getting drunk (especially with her single girlfriends) without inviting her boyfriend means she’s opening herself up to meeting other men.

If your girlfriend goes out with girlfriends who have a boyfriend, then you don’t have much to worry about. However, even still – there’s no reason why she shouldn’t be inviting you along.

If she doesn’t want you around when she’s having a good time, then she is definitely open to finding herself a new guy.

Essentially, if a person is still playing games like that, then they aren’t ready for an adult relationship. It’s just a dating relationship and it will break up sooner or later unless the person changes their ways.

Avoiding a Break Up

How to know if she wants to break up

Rather than feeling hopeless about the situation and simply letting her slip away from you, take charge of the situation by making her feel a renewed sense of respect and attraction for you.

As you will discover from the video above, you have a lot of direct control and influence over how much or little attraction your girlfriend feels for you.

For example: If you’re being insecure, needy, clingy and jealous around your girlfriend, you are going to be ruining her feelings of respect and attraction for you and therefore, she is going to fall out of love with you.

To make her feel attracted, you need to remain confident in yourself, display high self-esteem, make her laugh and feel good around you, make her feel girly in response to your masculinity, etc.

You don’t have to become perfect to keep your girlfriend, but you do need to fix the things about your behavior, attitude and vibe that are currently turning your girlfriend off.

Finding yourself in this situation with your girlfriend is an opportunity for you to not only make your girlfriend feel respect, attraction and love for you again, but to become the kind of guy you’ve always wanted to be.

To do that, you have to be honest with yourself about your current ability to make her feel the kind of respect, attraction and love that will keep the relationship together.

Ask yourself…

  • Have I been behaving in ways that are turning my girlfriend off (e.g. being too jealous, needy, clingy or insecure)?
  • Have I stopped making my girlfriend feel the way she wants to feel when she’s with me?
  • Have I stopped trying to reach for my true potential as a man because I now have a girlfriend?
  • Am I making her feel proud to be my girlfriend?

These are important questions that you need to ask yourself because unlike in the past, today’s women don’t stick with a guy for life just because they get into a relationship.

In the past, a woman had to save her virginity for marriage, marry one man and stick with him for life even if she was unhappy.

In today’s world, a woman can have sex with whomever she wants and get in and out of relationships until she feels like she’s found the right guy for her.

So, if you want to keep a relationship together in today’s world, you’ve got to know what you’re doing. You can’t just expect a girl to stick around because things felt good at the start.

Are You Unknowingly Pushing Your Girlfriend Away?

Classic examples of behaviors that make a girlfriend (or fiancé or wife) want to break up with her man include the following:

1. Being clingy, needy and insecure.

Relationships change all the time and you need to be emotionally prepared for the ups and downs, otherwise you might make the mistake of becoming insecure when things don’t feel like they did the week before.

For example: At the beginning of a relationship, there will be new and exciting feelings of lust and physical desire. It will feel amazing just to hug each other, touch each other or kiss.

Eventually, the, ‘I want to rip your clothes off every time I see you’ phase wears off (this is perfectly normal and natural) you transition to a deep respect, emotional attraction and love for each other.

Sex, kissing, hugging and touching still happens very often, but because you are feeling a deep love, respect and attraction for each other, you begin to display that in other ways (e.g. caring for each other, building relationships with each others family, sharing experiences together, building a shared future together, etc), rather than just sex.

This is not only normal, but it’s a sign that the relationship is real and has a chance at lasting for life.

So, if your girlfriend is no longer behaving the way she did during the first couple of months, don’t worry – it’s normal. Just relax and enjoy the transition to deeper love.

As long as you remain confident in your position as her boyfriend and believe in your attractiveness to her, she will remain attracted to and respectful of you based on your emotional strength and maturity.

Guys who lack relationship experience, or who are unaware of the stages of a relationship, will often mistake these changes in their girlfriend as being something bad.

Rather than see that things are actually developing in a natural and healthy way, they assume that something is wrong and then begin to feel insecure.

Feeling insecure, he then begins to behave in jealous, clingy, controlling or needy ways.

What's wrong? Are you going to break up with me?

For example: He might panic and ask his girlfriend the following types of questions, which will only make things worse because she will feel turned off by his insecurity…

  • What’s wrong with you? Do you still love me or not?
  • Why don’t you jump all over me like you used to?
  • Are you going to break up with me?
  • Are you still interested in being with me?
  • Are you interested in another guy?
  • Are you seeing another guy behind my back?
  • Are your friends trying to get us to break up?

Feeling insecure about losing her, a guy might then stop hanging out with his friends so he can spend even more time with her. He won’t want to let her out of his sight because he’s worried that she might stray.

Rather than maintaining a balanced lifestyle and being a man that she can look up to and respect, he might also give up his own interests and hobbies to ensure that all of his spare time is devoted to her.

While a woman may feel somewhat flattered to see that her man is so devoted to her and that he likes to spend all his time with her and even worries about losing her, she will eventually begin to feel smothered by him and will then feel turned off. Why?

That type of needy and insecure behavior doesn’t make her look up to him as a strong, confident man who believes in himself and his value to her.

Women are naturally attracted to the emotional strength of men and turned off by the weakness.

It doesn’t matter if a guy really cares about his girlfriend and loves her with all of his heart – if he’s emotionally weak, she’s not going to be able to maintain her feelings of respect and attraction for him and the relationship will fall apart.

2. Having no real purpose or direction in life.

Women are attracted to men who know what they want in life and aren’t afraid to go out there and get it.

Life is challenging and it takes balls to achieve big things in this world. You’ve usually got to work very hard and overcome a lot of challenges and obstacles to achieve true greatness and massive success in this competitive world.

When a guy makes a woman his most important purpose in life, she instinctively knows that he’s a lost guy in this world and doesn’t yet know how to be a real man.

He’s hiding from his true potential as a man behind the safety of a relationship with her. He doesn’t want to face the big bad world out there and wants to be able to do as little as possible outside of the relationship with her.

It’s not that women want a man who is already successful in life – if that was the case then the only guys with girlfriends and wives would be the successful ones – but a woman wants to know that her man has the potential to become more powerful and successful, and he also has the courage to make things happen; even if that means he has to fight for what he wants and overcome many obstacles to finally achieve success.

If a guy wastes most of his time watching TV, browsing social media and being stuck in a dead end job that isn’t ever going to lead to a promotion, it’s not attractive to a woman because it’s not achieving anything.

A woman wants to feel safe that if she stays with a guy, he is going to guide both himself and her to a better life over time.

A real man rises through the levels of life, reaches for his true potential and goes after his true purpose in life without fear.

So, the question is: Are you living life on purpose, or are you just going through the motions?

What are you biggest dreams and ambitions in life? Are you making real progress towards achieving them?

If you’re not living life on purpose, make sure you begin doing so right away.

Nothing makes a woman feel more lasting respect and attraction for a guy than seeing him rise through the levels of life and reach for his true potential as a man.

It’s Not Too Late to Change How Your Girlfriend Feels and Make Her Fall in Love With You All Over Again

Right now, you might be feeling like it’s too late to make her change how she feels because you’ve made too many mistakes with her prior to today.

It’s never too late.

I know this because I’ve helped 100s of guys to get a girlfriend, fiancé or wife back in situations where the woman is saying things like, “I hate you! Get out of my life! I never want to see you again.”

If situations like those can be turned around, then getting your girlfriend to fall madly in love with you again is going to be a piece of cake.

When you can show your girlfriend that you have fixed your issues (e.g. being clingy, taking her for granted, being needy or insecure, etc) and have improved and changed, she will instinctively stop closing herself off from you and then allow herself to feel attracted to you and respectful towards you once again.

When your girlfriend opens herself up to feeling respect and attraction for you again, it won’t take long before she falls back in love with you and decides that she wants to stick with the relationship rather than break up.

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