Life happens.

We all have schedules, appointments and deadlines to keep, so it unrealistic to expect your girlfriend to be available to you 24/7, 365 days per year.

Yet, if she’s constantly making herself unavailable to see you and the best excuse she can come up with is, “I’m just too busy,” then there is clearly cause for concern.

My girlfriend said she's too busy for me

A woman who is in love with her boyfriend will always make herself available for him, no matter how busy she gets.

Women thrive on having love flowing through their life, and they have a deep-seated need to stay in close contact with the man they love.

Girlfriend wanting to be around her boyfriend

So, if you’re in the position where you are saying, “My girlfriend said she’s too busy,” then you need to ask yourself, “What is she trying to tell me?” and “What can I do to make her change how she’s feeling right now?”

3 Signs That Indicate She’s Losing Interest in Being in a Relationship With You

Major work projects, a hectic exam schedule or family emergencies aside, when a girlfriend says she’s too busy to see her boyfriend, she is trying to avoid him for some reason.

For example: She might have lost attraction for him and is no longer interested in the relationship, or she might just be testing to see if he will chase her and stay interested if she doesn’t.

It’s also possible that she is insecure and worried about getting into a more committed relationship with him and is trying to create space between them so she can have some time to think about whether a committed, lifetime relationship is what she wants.

In most cases though, when a girl says that she’s too busy to see her boyfriend, it means that she is going through the process of breaking up with him.

Instead of just coming out and saying, “It’s over,” she will slowly pull away from him in the hope that will eventually “drift apart” and she won’t have to go through an intense break up with him.

For example:

1. She no longer enjoys being affectionate with you.

Most women enjoy holding hands, hugging, kissing and having sex with the man they love.

If your girlfriend is always making lame excuses like, “You’ll mess up my hair,” or “I’m just too tired,” or even, “Is that all you ever think about?” to avoid kissing you or having sex with you, then your relationship is probably in trouble.

Some women have a low sexual libido and don’t want a lot of sex or physical contact, but most women do. If your girlfriend used to be very physical and affection with you in the early days and is no longer interested in that, then she’s probably not feeling much attraction for you anymore.

Do you know how to make her feel attracted to you again?

If you’re currently not talking to her or behaving in a way that sparks her feelings of sexual attraction, then you can’t expect her to feel eager to see you.

To keep a relationship together with a woman, you need to deepen the love, respect and attraction that she feels for you.

You can’t just expect her to stick around because things felt good at the start.

Women are no longer dependent on men and are allowed to get in and out of relationships with guys until they feel as though they’ve met “the one.”

If you want to be the one for her, you need to make her feel the way that a woman wants to feel when in a relationship with a man.

You can’t just expect her to want to stay because you’re a good guy and you love her.

There’s more to love, respect and attraction than just that.

The feelings have to be mutual in a relationship in order for it to last and become better over time.

If you are the only one feeling attracted and in love, then your relationship will be coming to an end pretty soon.

You’ve got to focus on improving your ability to make her feel attracted to you, so she actually feels motivated to want to be around you.

2. She is no longer answering your calls or text messages.

Girlfriend ignoring texts from her boyfriend

Even worse than saying she’s too busy to see you, if your girlfriend is not taking your calls or responding to your text messages, she is probably trying to detach herself from you and the relationship.

No matter how busy a woman gets, she will always find a spare minute to text or chat with the guy she’s in love with.

A good way to test her commitment to you is to stop all contact with her for a week.

Naturally, if she’s still interested in being your girlfriend, she will contact you and say something like, “What’s wrong baby? I haven’t heard from you. Are you okay? I’ve missed you!”

On the other hand if you don’t hear from her within a couple of days, then you can be sure that it’s not a good sign.

She is either an insecure woman who can’t deal with a real relationship, or she has lost respect and attraction for you and no longer wants to be with you.

If that’s the case for you, then you need to focus on getting your ex back because, in her mind, it’s already over between you and her.

3. She is going out partying without you on a regular basis.

When a woman is committed to a man and her relationship with him, she won’t feel the need to go out without him, especially to places likes bars or night clubs where she will be hit on by men.

Of course, there are some occasions where it’s not appropriate for you to join her (e.g. a “girls only” birthday party, a bridal shower, a baby shower with all women, etc).

However, if your girlfriend insists on going out partying without you on a regular basis, it’s usually because she’s opening herself up to meeting a new guy before she fully breaks up with you.

Is My Girlfriend Going to Break Up With Me?

Is my girlfriend going to break up with me?

If you can relate to the signs mentioned in the previous section, then your girlfriend is either going to break up with you soon or wait until she is ready (e.g. she has found a new guy, she can afford to pay rent on her own or is moving in with a friend, etc).

The signs above show that, at the moment, she seems to pulling away from you and the relationship.

…but, don’t worry.

The good news is that you’ve noticed just in time.

Even though right now you’re saying, “My girlfriend said she’s too busy,” and feeling like you have no control over the situation, by following the advice in this article, you can easily make her fall back in love with you.

Here is what you need to do…

1. Identify what is causing your girlfriend to lose respect, love and attraction for you.

Unless a woman is a crazy psycho, she doesn’t just decide one day that she no longer feels love for her man and wants to break up with him.

Deciding to break up is a gradual process that happens over a period of time where her boyfriend (or fiancé or husband) keeps behaving in ways that are turning her off and making her lose respect for him.

For example: He’s being insecure, jealous, controlling, taking her for granted, etc.

For a while, she will try to ignore it and then eventually begin to nag him about it in the hope that he’ll realize she’s unhappy and make some changes.

Unfortunately, most guys fail to notice the signs until it’s too late.

A guy might ignore the signs because he assumes his girlfriend will stick around because they love each other, or because he feels like they are meant to be together so she wouldn’t want to break up.

Yet, that’s not how it works.

Today’s women can easily break up with a guy and have 100s of guys interested overnight by using a dating app or using online dating. If she wants to meet guys in person, all she needs to do is dress up and look a bit sexy and go to a bar or nightclub.

It’s easy for women to find a replacement guy, so before your girlfriend decides to leave you, now is the time for you to decide to make some changes to how you make her feel.

Start by identifying what is causing her to lose respect, attraction and love for you.

For example, ask yourself:

  • Have I been taking her for granted and expecting her to stick with me because things felt so good between us at the start?
  • Am I being too needy, clingy or insecure?
  • Am I rising through the levels of life like a real man, or am I hiding from my true potential behind her and the relationship?
  • Am I letting her wear the pants in the relationship?
  • Have I stopped trying to make her feel attracted to how I treat her and behave around her?
  • Am I being too nice to her?
  • Am I being too much of an asshole to her?
  • Do I even know what it takes to deepen a woman’s love, respect and attraction for me?

If you want to successfully change the way your girlfriend feels about you right now, you need to discover the real reasons why she is pulling away from you and then you need to make the correct changes to your behavior, conversation style and how you treat her.

For example: A girlfriend might begin to lose interested in her boyfriend if she notices that he has made her become his purpose in life. He’s not following through on his biggest dreams, ambitions and goals in life and simply wants to sit on the couch/sofa with her and waste his life away.

While a woman might put up with that initially, she won’t put up with it forever.

A woman wants to be with a guy who has the balls to rise up through the levels of life and reach for his true potential as a man. She doesn’t want to be stuck with a guy who lives a mediocre life because he’s too afraid to face up to his true potential and become successful.

How about you?

Why do you think that your girlfriend has been pulling away from you lately? What is it about your thinking, behavior or actions that has been making her lose respect and attraction for you?

2. Fix your issues and improve yourself.

It won’t matter if you know WHY your girlfriend is losing interest in you, if you then don’t act on that knowledge.

Actions speak louder than words, so making promises to change if she gives you another chance is only going to push her even further away.

Some women will temporarily stick with a guy who promises to change, but if he’s all talk and no action, she will quickly lose interest in being with him once again.

If you want your girlfriend to stick with you for real, you’ve got to be going through a constant stage of change, improvement and growth as a man.

Yes, it goes on for your entire life.

You will always be learning, growing and improving.

If you think that you’ve worked out the entire world already, you are kidding yourself. You might be an extremely intelligent guy, but believe me – there is always more to learn about life.

You are always going to becoming a wiser, more well rounded, capable man.

So, don’t stop now and think that since you’ve got yourself a girlfriend, you’ve now achieved everything in life.

Your life is just beginning.

It will always just be beginning as long as you are alive. There is so much to learn and understand about this life.

Show you girlfriend that you have that wisdom by constantly making improvements and becoming a bigger and better man over time.

When your girlfriend sees that you’re making a real effort to improve yourself and be the man she needs you to be, she will naturally feel drawn to you and want to be around you.

When You Make Her Feel Differently, Her Thinking and Behavior Will Change

If the way that you’ve been communicating with your girlfriend lately has been turning her off, then it’s only natural that she’s not going to want to make a lot of effort to talk to you or see you.

Instead, she will continue making excuses about being so busy that she can’t possibly fit you into her busy schedule. She will continue to push you away and with her actions, she will make it clear that she just doesn’t feel the same way about you anymore.

However, by changing your communication style with her in a way that makes her feel attracted to you, she will naturally begin to think and behave differently.

She will feel the need to talk to you and see you in person.

Right now, you might be saying, “My girlfriend said she’s too busy” and feeling worried about potentially getting dumped, but it’s not too late to turn things around.

You can change how she feels.


When talking to her on the phone, via text or social media or when you see her in person, you need to focus on making her feel the type of respect and attraction for you that has been missing lately from your relationship.

If she continues to see that you still don’t understand what type of attraction experience she wants from a relationship, she will continue to be distant.

So, I’d recommend that you start fixing things now before she sends you a break up text, calls you to break up with you or says, “We need to talk” and then ends the relationship.

You can get her to change how she feels and become a better girlfriend for you.

In fact, it’s she’s like most women, that’s what she will be hoping you do.

She will be hoping that you have what it takes to turn things around before she has to go through a break up with you.

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