If you’re saying, “My girlfriend is trying to make me jealous” then you’re probably feeling frustrated, confused and maybe even a little betrayed by your girlfriend right now.

You may be asking yourself, “Why is she doing this to me?” and even, “Am I doing something wrong?”

To better understand why your girlfriend is trying to make you jealous, you first need to understand that women behave in completely different ways to men. For men, things are usually as simple as “What you see is what you get.” Most men will say and do what they mean. Simple and straight forward.

However, women will rarely say (or do) what they mean. They’ll say “It’s fine” when they really mean “It’s NOT fine,” or they’ll say, “I need space” when what they really mean is, “I want to break up with you.”

When it comes to relationships, just because a guy manages to get himself a girlfriend, it doesn’t mean he can then sit back and relax and just assume that the relationship will flow naturally by itself. In any relationship, it’s the man’s responsibility to maintain the love, respect and attraction that his woman feels for him.

Yet, at the same time, he needs to understand that it doesn’t matter if him and his girlfriend have only just met, or if they’ve been dating for a long time, she will always test him. It doesn’t matter how much attraction she feels for him, or how much she respects him; she will keep testing him. It doesn’t even matter if she’s head over heels in love with him; she will test him.

And one of the many “tests” women will subject a man to, is trying to make him jealous.

Why Do Women Test Men?

Often guys will ask us here at The Modern Man, “Why are women so complicated? Why do they always do things that men can’t understand? Why should a woman test a man; especially when they’re in a relationship?”

The fact is, a woman will test a man to see how much power she has over him. This is her way of checking that he is really the kind of man she wants him to be. If, when she tests him he faces her test with confidence and mental and emotional strength, she will feel attracted to him. Her respect for him will increase and she will naturally fall more deeply in love with him.

On the other hand if when a woman tests her man he crumbles under the pressure because he can’t deal with it in a masculine and confident way, she will more than likely begin to question whether he’s really the man she wants to be with.

When a guy who is inexperienced with women, or who simply doesn’t understand women says, “My girlfriend is trying to make me jealous,” he naturally panics and ends up making mistakes that in her eyes add up to “TEST FAILED”.

3 Mistakes to Avoid Making When Your Girlfriend is Trying to Make You Jealous

The best approach to take when your girlfriend is trying to make you feel jealous is to simply not get involved in it.

Put your focus on other things, laugh at her attempts to make you jealous and just keep moving forward in life. If you can show your girlfriend that you have that type of emotional strength where you love her and want her in your life, but are not dependant on her for your emotional security or confidence, it actually makes her respect you.

However, if you don’t take that approach, you might end up making one of the following mistakes…

1. Feeling insecure.

Feeling insecure in a  relationship

Women are naturally attracted to confident, emotionally secure men and turned off by insecure, emotionally weak men. When a woman tries to make her boyfriend jealous and he reacts by becoming clingy, needy and insecure, she will feel repelled by him on a deep level.

Although it may seem normal for you to get upset when your girlfriend comments about, or flirts with other guys, the real reason is not her behavior but rather how you feel about yourself.

Feeling insecure in a  relationship

If you feel that you’re lucky to be with your girlfriend and that if she leaves you, you won’t be able to get another girlfriend, you will naturally feel insecure when she appears to be interested in other men. However, all that you are doing is making her lose attraction and respect for you as a man.

Don’t get involved in her games. Simply love her and laugh off any attempts that she makes to cause you to feel jealous. Do that and you will pass most of the tests that women put you through.

2. Trying to make her jealous in return.

It might feel like a good idea to try and make her jealous back when she tries to make you jealous, but ultimately this is pointless and will only lead to needless arguments where she will try to make you out to be the bad guy even though she’s the one who started it.

When you’re confident in yourself and in your abilities to attract women, you don’t have to try and make her jealous because deep down you know that you’re already good enough and much better than any guy she could potentially hook up with.

3. Fighting over her.

Just because your girlfriend is trying to make you jealous, it isn’t anyone else’s fault. Picking a fight with another guy over her is just playing into her hands. She will get the satisfaction of knowing that she got to you and then she’ll end up being the dominant one in the relationship.

However, if this happens, the relationship dynamic will go out of sync and she will end up dominating you, which will eventually lead to her losing respect for you.

You Can Pass Her Tests With Flying Colors

The next time you catch yourself thinking, “My girlfriend is trying to make me jealous and I don’t like it,” instead of getting upset or angry about it, use it as an opportunity to make her feel more attraction for you. As long as you believe in yourself, you can handle what she throws at you with a casual confidence that will draw her even closer to you.

When you’re confident in yourself it comes across in your actions, in your tonality and in your body language. No matter how she behaves, your actions (and re-actions) will be saying to her, “It’s okay if you want to make me jealous, I know I’m better than any guy you flirt with.” At the same time by not taking the bait, you are turning the tables on her.

When a guy doesn’t get jealous, a woman will naturally begin thinking, “Why isn’t he afraid of losing me? He must know he can easily replace me.” Without having to say it, you’re letting her know that you can have any other woman if you wanted to, but you are choosing to be with her.

This makes HER feel like she needs to be the one to work hard to keep YOU and this only makes her feel even more turned on and attracted to you.

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