Love is a beautiful thing.

Unfortunately, a lot of guys go through life never really experiencing what true love feels like. They have relationships with women and after it breaks up, they are left wondering, “Was I really in love? Did she really love me?”

If that happens often enough to a guy throughout life, he may eventually begin to wonder what it takes to make a woman really love him. He doesn’t want to end up as another divorce statistic or be dumped by yet another girl that he really loves.

So, what is the answer to the topic of how to get a woman to love you?

Be Attractive, Be a Man and Love Her Fearlessly

The secret to get a woman to love you is to:

1. Be attractive to her

Do you know how to make a woman feel attracted to you? Are you aware of how to deepen her feelings of attraction over time when in a relationship? Watch this video by Dan Bacon (founder of The Modern) to understand how a woman’s attraction for a man really works and how you can use it to get a woman to love you…

2. Be a man that she can always look up to and respect

This means that you are a man of your word and that you always follow through on your promises. It’s also about being the sort of guy that other men respect, rather than being the guy that others pick on. In other words, being an alpha male.

Being a man that she can always look up to and respect is also about having big dreams and ambitions in life and going after those with unrelenting confidence and determination.

3. Love her fearlessly

Loving a woman fearlessly is about giving her your love without being afraid of the consequences. You’re not worried that there is a certain level of uncertainty when it comes to human relationships and that you can’t fully trust her to stay with you for all of eternity.

Rather than wasting time worrying and being afraid, you simply love her with a full and open heart. You know that if you are attractive her and you are a man that she can look up to and respect, then there will be no reason for her to ever want to leave you.

The only way the relationship will fall apart is if you choose a woman with bad character (e.g. a lying, cheating woman) and she ends up doing something stupid.

Being Fundamentally Attractive to Her

If you love a woman and you want her to love you back, loving her alone is not enough to get you what you want. You need to have the type of fundamental qualities that she’s looking for in a man and she needs to fall in love with you because of who you are, not just because you want her to.

So have you got what it takes to be attractive to the woman that you’re hoping to get to love you back? Some of the fundamental qualities that women are attracted to in men include…

1. Confidence

Women are instinctively attracted to men with genuine self-confidence. This means that if you’re secretly in love with a woman, but you don’t have the confidence to believe in your sex appeal or attractiveness to her and only see yourself as being good enough to be a friend, then she’s probably going to agree with you.

If your interactions with her are missing the all important self-confidence that attracts women, then she might develop friendly feelings for you like having you in her life as a friend, but she probably won’t fall madly in love with you.

A guy who lacks confidence in his sex appeal to a woman can talk to her for months or years, only to be instantly pushed to the side when another guy comes along who has the confidence to attract her and move the interaction forward to kissing and sex.

2. Masculinity

The type of masculinity that most women are turned on by is not the bulging bicep type, but the type that shows in the strength of a man’s character and the way he handles himself in life. A man with true masculinity has a strong presence about him that women can feel. It can make a woman feel literally weak at the knees with desire for him.

Just by the way that he looks her in the eye, sometimes looks her up and down when she talks to him or in the way that he seems to confident, relaxed and in control when talking to other men is the type of masculinity that really impresses a woman. She feels girly and feminine around him because he is so wholly masculine in how he thinks, behaves and takes action in life.

Having what it takes to make a woman feel feminine and girly in response to your masculinity is a big part of how to get a woman to love you.

3. Social Intelligence


A guy with social intelligence has what it takes to be get along with all types of people in different social environments. He’s the sort of guy who is respected by others, but also respectful towards others too. He easily makes friends because he makes people feel good when around him, while also ensuring that they respect him.

A man with confidence, masculinity and social intelligence has a likeability factor that makes him someone other people – men and women – respect, and this in turn makes him a sexually attractive man in a woman’s eyes.

When a woman meets a guy who is confident, masculine and socially intelligent, he doesn’t have to do anything special other than be himself and she will naturally open herself up to falling in love with him.

Women are looking for guys who have those fundamental qualities, so when she meets a guy who she and other women would label as a “catch,” it only makes sense to deepen the connection by falling in love in the hope that it will mean she gets to be with him for life.

Do You Have What it Takes to Be Easily Loveable For Most Women?

Some guys who contact The Modern Man for advice on how to get a woman to love them, have already made the classic mistake of trying way too hard to be liked by the woman. This is especially the case for guys who know a woman as a friend, but secretly want her to be more than just a friend.

Unfortunately, many guys make the mistake of thinking that by being her best friend, doing stuff for her, always “being there” for her and generally making themselves available to her whenever she needs help or just needs a shoulder to cry on – she will eventually fall in love.

Sure, this might be the way things work out in the movies, but real life isn’t like the movies. In real life, the more desperate a guy thinks, behaves and acts in an attempt to be liked by a woman, the less sexually attractive he becomes in her eyes.

Being liked by a woman is not the same as being loved by a woman. If you want to know how to get a woman to love you, you need to know how to get a woman to feel sexually attracted to you and that means learning how to demonstrate the fundamental qualities that she’s going to be looking for in a man.

For example…

Are you currently too shy around women that you find attractive?

If you don’t have the confidence to approach a woman or you behave in a shy, anxious, and insecure way when you’re around a woman you like, you’re not showing her the inner confidence she’s looking for.

Are you being masculine enough around her?

Some guys make the mistake of almost behaving like “one of the girls” as a way of being liked by women. They gossip, have a sudden interest in fashion and say, “OMG!” a lot when talk about celebrities.

When a guy behaves like “one of the girls” around a woman in an effort to be liked, he’s not going to be displaying the masculine qualities that she’s looking for in a guy. Behaving this way might make a woman like him more as a friend, but it won’t make her feel sexually attracted or turned on.

Women might fall in love with shy guys, girly guys and socially awkward guys in the movies, but it’s not the way to get a woman to love you in real life. In the real world, women usually fall in love with a guy who has the fundamental qualities that she’s looking for and the ability to make her feel more deeply in love over time.

Are you offering her enough of a challenge?

A lot of guys don’t like it when women play hard to get during the dating process, but there is very specific reason why women do it. Watch this video by Dan Bacon to understand why women play hard to get when guys are too keen and why women prefer guys who offer a bit of a challenge in the beginning…

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