Can you get the spark back in a relationship that has become boring?

It is possible to recharge your sexual desire for each other and then build on it from there?

The answer to both questions is a definite, “Yes!”

What You Need to Do

Getting the spark back in a relationship with a woman is mostly about what you say and do around her.

It’s not about how you look, although there is nothing wrong with trying to get into better shape or improve how you look.

A woman’s attraction for a man is mostly based on how he conducts himself in life, at work, around friends and family and of course, around her.

As a man, it is your responsibility to get the spark back in a relationship if your woman isn’t taking on the responsibility herself.

Some women will take on the responsibility, but most women will simply wait for you to take the lead and fix the relationship.

She will wait and if nothing changes, she will begin to lose respect for you, feel less attraction for you and then begin falling out of love with you.

The Start of a Relationship is the Easy Part

When you first meet a woman and begin a relationship, it’s easy to feel great and get along because you’re so attracted to each other and are enjoying the novelty of being with someone new.

The sex is fun and enjoyable, you have so much to talk about and there are so many things that enjoy doing together.

You make time for each other, compliment each other and you both couldn’t be happier.

Yet, as time passes, other things seem to take on more significance in your life and going to the same old places often begins to feel a little boring.

Before you know it, your fantastic relationship goes from sizzling to fizzling and your exciting sex life begins to feel like a distant memory.

So, how do you get the spark back in a relationship when you reach that point?

More importantly, how do you maintain the sexual spark and make it grow over time?

Lack of attraction

Simple: You have to actively say and do the things that will reignite her feelings of love, respect and attraction for you.

If what you’ve been saying and doing around her hasn’t been achieving that, you need to change it.

You can’t keep doing the same old things and expect your relationship to feel exciting and alive.

For example: If you’ve gotten into the habit of getting angry or annoyed with your girlfriend or wife, you have to change that and bring back a more easy-going, loving and harmonious dynamic in the relationship.

Here’s an example of how to do that:

As you will learn in the video above, problems in a relationship are not all a man’s fault.

In many cases, a woman will be the instigator and the person who creates a problematic dynamic and the man will then go along with it.

However, just because she does that, it doesn’t mean that it’s completely up to her to fix it.

Some women will fix and improve themselves on their own, but in most cases, a woman needs a man to react to her in such a way that it causes her to change.

In the example from the video, rather than getting angry at her for not wanting to go and watch a movie and saying that movies are boring, a man can simply avoid getting dragged into the drama and let her realize (in her own time) that she was acting up.

It’s not the man’s fault that she behaved in that way, but the problems in the relationship (i.e. a lack of a spark) will be partially his fault if he allows himself to get dragged into the drama that she is creating.

Avoiding a Break Up or Divorce

Divorce or break up

Unfortunately, break ups and divorce are no longer seen as shameful to most people.

In today’s society, TV talk show hosts, movie stars and pop singers often glamorize the idea of break ups and divorce.

In effect, they make it look like a “cool” thing to do.

Yet, if you are interested in getting the spark back in your relationship, you are probably trying to avoid being dumped or divorced, right?

You don’t want to end up being single and alone again, right?

If you want to keep your relationship together, be sure to avoid the following 3 mistakes from now on…

3 Common Mistakes That Kill the Spark

Keeping the spark alive in your relationship is possible and even easy, as long as you avoid making classic mistakes like these:

1. Making her feel unattractive

Making her feel unattractive

Most women feel insecure about their physical appearance even when they are at their prettiest.

According to a global study conducted by Dove Cosmetics, 96% of women don’t consider themselves to be beautiful.

So, if your girlfriend, fiance or wife doesn’t feel sexy in your eyes, she will either lose interest in having sex with you, reject your attempts to have sex with her or even try to make herself feel better by flirting with other men, which may lead to her cheating.

The way to prevent this problem is to look at your woman as being attractive for who she is and how she looks overall.

Don’t focus in on one or two features that have changed since you got together and that you now don’t like (e.g. that she’s put on a bit of weight or has some wrinkles).

Continue to look at her as the sexiest woman on Earth in your eyes.

Let her feel it by the way you look at her, touch her and treat her.

2. Hiding from your true potential as a man behind her and the relationship

When a relationship begins, a woman won’t mind so much if you spend a lot of time with her.

She will enjoy all the affection and attention that you’re giving her.

However, after the initial feelings of excitement wear off, she wants to see that you are going after your true potential as a man with unrelenting determination.

If she notices that you’re stuck in a dead end job and are always complaining about it, but not doing anything to improve your situation, it will make her lose respect for you.

Likewise, if you have a big dream to follow a certain career path or achieve something that you’ve wanted to do since you were a young man, but aren’t doing it because you’re afraid to step up to the plate, it will also make her lose respect for you.

When a woman loses respect for a man, she then begins to lose her feelings of attraction for him.

Then, if the man notices that and begins to behave in a clingy, insecure or needy way, it makes the woman lose even more respect and attraction for him.

At that point, the spark really begins to die out and the love fades into the background.

Even though the relationship started out well, the woman now starts to feel like she has made a mistake.

She will then often begin to nag and complain to her man that he just sits around doing nothing.

If he doesn’t ever change, she may eventually get to the point where she asks for a divorce, breaks up with him or says that she needs time and space to find herself.

As a man, you have to decide what you want long term and then go after that with unrelenting determination.

You’ve got to have the balls to think big and go after your true potential or at least follow through on your biggest dreams.

If you don’t do that, you run the risk of becoming the sort of man who develops an unreasonable need for his woman.

Your life becomes about her and if she pulls back her affection or interest at any point, you become insecure, angry or clingy, which then turns her off even more.

Going after your true potential in life is a good thing for you and for her.

So, step up and be the man that you know you can be, even if you are afraid to do it.

Allow her feel respect for you, not look down on you and feel regret that she ever agreed to be in a relationship with you.

3. Not flirting

Flirting isn’t something that guys are taught in school, or even by their parents.

Yet, it’s something that is absolutely critical for keeping the spark alive in a relationship.

If you’re not flirting with your woman, then you are denying her the kind of sexual, romantic communication that she craves.

If you can’t give it to her, she will definitely get from another guy (e.g. a coworker, a male friend who has a crush on her, one of your friends, random guys she meets, etc).

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