Yes, but it’s not about being mean in the sense that you treat her badly.

The definition of “treating a woman mean to keep her keen” essentially means that you’re not a pushover. You still need to be a good, loving, respectful man to her, but you also need to have a pair of balls.

The Correct Way to Do it

The way to “treat a woman a woman mean to keep her keen” is different when you are:

  1. Picking her up for the first time.
  2. Dating her.
  3. In a committed relationship or marriage with her.

Here’s how it works…

1. Picking her up for the first time
Treating her mean to keep her keen essentially means that you need to be a bit of a challenge, rather than being 100% interested in her just because she looks good.

Watch this video to understand why…

You don’t need to be a jerk, bad boy, asshole or arrogant prick to “treat a woman mean to keep her keen.” You just need to be a bit more of a challenge. You have to make her feel like she needs to impress you in ways other than just looking good to get a chance with you.

2. Dating her
When you begin dating a woman, you will usually have to pursue her until you’ve first had sex. Some women will pursue you, but if the woman you’re dating is hot and has plenty of options or wants to test you by playing hard to get, you will usually have to pursue her for a while.

So, how can you “treat her mean to keep her keen” during the dating process? Essentially, you have to be willing to risk losing her. Some women will test a guy by continually cancelling plans or not showing a lot of interest, to see if you are secretly a bit desperate and are willing to put up with anything to get a chance with her.

Treat her mean - dating

The way to essentially treat her mean to keep her keen is to show her that you’re not a pushover. For example: If you call her up to arrange a date and she says that she’s busy for the next week, you can jokingly say, “Fine…be that way…I’m never going to invite you out to anything again.”

You have to say that in a joking way, but the point is that she will see that you have some balls. You’re not a pushover type of guy who just says, “Oh, okay…then maybe another time then? When are you free after next week?”

3. In a committed relationship or marriage with her
Treating a woman mean in a relationship doesn’t mean being a prick or an asshole to her. If you want to keep a relationship together, you’ve got to deepen a woman’s love, respect and attraction for you over time. Being a mean prick is definitely not the answer to that.

What the old saying of, “treat her mean to keep her keen” means in terms of a relationship is that you don’t turn into a pussy. A lot of guys get into a relationship with a woman and then end up becoming too clingy and needy of her love, affection and attention.

There is nothing wrong with wanting a woman’s love, affection and attention or enjoying it. The problem is when a guy needs it for his emotional security.

To avoid becoming an insecure, needy guy in a relationship, you’ve got to have big, important ambitions outside of your relationship. Your woman has to be very important to you and you have to respect her, love her and treat her well, but you also have to be rising through the levels of your true potential as a man and reaching for your true purpose.

Your purpose has to be more important to you than anything else, while also still loving, respecting and appreciating her. If you don’t have that as a man, you run the risk of placing way too much importance on your woman.

When a woman sees that her man’s life is essentially about her, she will begin to feel restless. She will realize that she is with a lost man who is afraid to rise up the levels of his true potential as a man and is just hiding from it behind her and the relationship.

Do You Know How to Make Your Woman Feel Attracted to You?

Most guys don’t ever get taught how to attract women.

We’re not taught this sort of thing in school and only some guys are lucky enough to have a father who acts as the perfect role model on how to be successful with women.

Yet, knowing how to attract women when you meet them and then deepen the love, respect and attraction when in a relationship is one of the most important things that a guy ever needs to learn in life.

If you don’t know how to attract women when you meet them, you will have to rely on getting lucky, which means that you won’t ever have your choice with women. You will likely accept a woman who isn’t even compatible with you and then try to “make it work.”

If you don’t know how to deepen a woman’s feelings of love, respect and attraction for you when in a relationship, you will likely end up as another break up or divorce statistic. In the past, women had to stay with a man for life even if they were unhappy because it was shameful to get divorced.

Not anymore.

No sex before marriage vs. have sex whenever you want

Today’s women can have sex with whomever they want and they can break up or divorce men whenever they feel like it. To have a successful relationship in today’s world, a guy needs to choose the right woman for him and then actively deepen her feelings of love, respect and attraction for him over time.

Make Her Feel Lucky to Have You

You don’t need to treat a woman badly to keep her keen, but you do need to create a dynamic in the relationship where she is more keen to be with you than you are with her.

Although women won’t go around admitting it, they want to be with a guy whom they feel lucky to be with. They won’t want to feel like they are doing you a favor by being with you. If a woman is attractive, she wants a guy who she feels lucky to be with.

Most women will go around saying that they want a guy who treats them like a princess, but they will then almost always dump him because he’ll usually be a typical nice guy.

Many nice guys look on at other guys who don’t treat women as nicely as they do and they assume that women must be crazy for hooking up with those guys. Some nice guys feel like they have to “save” a woman from a guy who doesn’t treat her as nicely as he would.

Yet, the reason why the woman is with the guy is due to her feelings of attraction for him. Women do want a good guy, but the problem is that most good guys don’t even know how to make women feel attracted.

The good guys who know how to make women feel attracted usually already have a girlfriend or wife, so all women are left with are bad boys (who make them feel attracted by being confident and masculine) and nice guys (who bore them).

There is NOTHING wrong with being nice to a woman, but you ALSO have to make her feel sexually attracted to you. Treating a woman badly is not the way to make a woman feel sexually attracted. Women feel sexually attracted to guys for many reasons, such as: Confidence, ability to make her laugh, ability to make her feel girly in response to his masculinity, etc.

There is also nothing wrong with treating your woman like a princess at times, as long as she looks up to you and respects you as a man. If she doesn’t respect you as a man, it doesn’t matter how much money you spend on her or how many expensive holidays you take her on – she still isn’t going to feel the way she really wants.

Personally speaking, I sometimes treat my wife like a princess (I recently got married after living the bachelor lifestyle for more than 10 years), but she pretty much always treats me like a king.

One of the things that attracted her to me was that I am a good guy, but I also don’t take bullshit from anyone..including her. After her and I began dating, she started behaving badly and trying to get me to chase her, so I immediately dumped her.

The break up only lasted a few minutes though because she started crying her eyes out, apologizing and asking for forgiveness. That happened a few times in the first couple of months of our relationship and she eventually realized that she couldn’t mess with me.

Here’s what happened and why I decided to let her be my wife…

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