Lonely women

There are plenty of lonely women out there who either don’t have the time to meet a new guy, or don’t have many friends to help introduce them to new guys.

Some women will go many months or even a couple of years with getting a date and after a while, they begin to wish they could just meet a great guy who could have sex with them, love them and fill up the gap that has been missing for so long.

Yet, despite a woman’s loneliness, she still wants to feel attracted to the guy she meets. Many guys make the mistake of simply being “nice” to the women that they meet and then hoping that it will lead to sex and a relationship.

However, that’s not how it works…even for very lonely women. Watch this video to understand why…

Missing Out on Love, Sex and Companionship

Lonely men

As a man, one of the worst feelings in life is to be missing out on the sex, love and companionship that comes with women. It can make you feel as though you are the odd one out or that there might be something wrong with you. Yet, here’s the thing…

Many lonely men don’t realize there are millions of lonely women who are suffering from the same lack of success with their dating life. They will often have a few guy interested in them, but they are holding out in the hope of meeting a guy who can make them feel enough attraction to be interested in beginning a sexual relationship.

Watch this video to understand how attraction between men and women really works…

Finding Lonely Women

The funny thing is that you run into single, lonely women all the time. She’s the beautiful woman at the supermarket, the gorgeous woman on the train, the pretty woman sitting by herself in a café.

Single, lonely women are everywhere and the one thing stopping you from meeting them is YOU. Maybe you don’t know what to say or fear being rejected if you approach.

If you can build up enough confidence to approach these women AND if you know what to say, then you will be surprised at how easy it is to approach and meet lonely women who are GLAD that a real man finally approached them.

3 Places to Meet Lonely Women

As I said, lonely women are EVERYWHERE.

What you need to do is approach women, find out if they are single and then take it from there. If you are worried about approaching women who may not be lonely, desperate and looking for some attention, here are some great ideas to ensure that you meet single women who are open to meeting guys:

1. Join a Meetup.com group: There are meet up groups about almost ANYTHING you can think of. You will usually find lonely women attending groups because they don’t have many friends and are trying to meet men in an environment with less pressure than a bar or nightclub.

2. Ask your friends to set you up: Post the following message on Facebook, “Hello friends. I have decided that I am bored of the single life and would like to meet a great woman. If you know of any single women who would suit me, can you please set up an introduction or let me know so I can contact her and say hello?”

3. Go to a speed dating event: Speed dating events are full of single women, many of whom are lonely and desperately looking for a guy.

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