If it currently seems as though your girlfriend (fiance or wife) has lost interest in trying to save the relationship, you need to focus on making her feel a renewed sense of respect and attraction for you.

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You Can Change How She Feels

Changing how she feels

It’s not impossible to change how she feels.

Think about it…

Have you ever hated someone and then really liked them later on when they changed their behavior or communication style with you? Of course you have. It’s completely normal, natural and common to do that.

A human is never stuck in an emotional state forever. They can always be persuaded or influenced to feel differently if the situation or dynamic changes. If you want to save your relationship, you have to focus on changing how she feels.

This doesn’t involve trying to convince her to stay or to remain in love with you. Instead, it’s about making her reconnect with the love, respect and attraction that she used to feel for you, by changing the way that you approach your relationship with her.

Losing Her and Not Knowing What to Do to Stop it

How to save my relationship

There’s nothing worse than knowing that your relationship is falling apart, but you don’t have a clue what to do to fix it and get the spark back between you. If you really love this woman, it’s only natural that you’re going to be thinking to yourself, “I want to know how to save my relationship.”

The first thing I want you to know is that it is not only possible to save a relationship, it’s actually quite easy.


The love that you and a woman share NEVER goes away. What happens is that the love gets pushed into the background because of all the negative feelings in the foreground. To get back in touch with the loving feelings you once experienced with each other, you need to make changes to your behavior and how you treat her. When you do this correctly, the love naturally comes flooding back.

So, what has led you to begin thinking, “I want to know how to save my relationship”? Are you worried about being on your own? Are you worried about her wanting to be with other men? Whatever the case is for you, what you must not do is try to save the relationship for your own selfish reasons.

To save a relationship, you must allow her to feel as though you are doing it for the both of you because you want to take of the love that you and her have shared so far. It can’t be just about you getting her to want to be with you. It has to be about you guiding both yourself and her into deeper feelings of love, respect and attraction. Not just for your benefit, but for her benefit also.

Noticing the First Signs of Trouble in a Relationship

How to save my relationship

Relationships rarely fall apart over night.

In most cases, a woman will be feeling unsatisfied for months or even years before she breaks up with her man. Why so long? Humans try to hold on to the loving relationships in their life. It’s a natural instinct. In addition to that, break ups feel like crap. It’s a horrible experience, especially if you are unsure whether or not you will feel okay on your own.

Some of the first signs of trouble in a relationship are:

1. Arguments over simple things

To sustain a relationship for life, couples need to learn how to communicate with each other in a loving, supportive and easy-going way. If it always seems to be a battle about who wins the argument, both will end up losing when the relationship falls apart.

2. Lack of desire for intimacy

The amount of sex that a couple has will generally decrease over time, but if the sexual attraction, respect and love are deepened, the couple will still want to be intimate. Even if sex only happens once a week, the couple still feels good about it and wants to do it. Outside of sex, the couple will enjoy hugging, giving each other a kiss or lovingly looking into one another’s eyes for a second or two.

3. Insecurity and lack of trust

You can never really trust another human being to be totally loyal and honest with you, but you just have to.

If you can’t give a woman your full trust to be loyal and respect your love and feelings, you will never have a true love connection with her. Love feels dangerous and risky, but really, it’s not that scary at all. You can never lose for loving a woman. What have you lost if she disrespects your love? Nothing. She has stuffed up, not you.

To be successful in a relationship with a woman, you have to get rid of your insecurities (e.g. “Does she find other men attractive?”) and just trust her with your love.

Avoiding the Downward Spiral

How to save my relationship

When a woman begins to lose respect and attraction for her man, she will often begin to change how she treats him.

Suddenly, she will stop being as loving and happy as she used to be. She won’t be interested in hugging him, she won’t give as many (or any) compliments and she will seem to be spending more time on other parts of her life.

This is where many men go haywire and begin the downward spiral towards a break up…

Noticing the change in her behavior, many men will become needy, clingy and desperate for her affection. He may even begin to attack her character (e.g. “Are you cheating on me?” or “You want to sleep other men, don’t you?”), which will cause her to lose more respect and attraction for him.

Instead of feeling loved and safe with a man that she respects and feels attraction for, she will begin to feel hated and trapped by a man that is using her for his emotional security. No matter what he says or how much he pleads with her to stop behaving that way, she just won’t change.

When he doesn’t see any improvement, his behavior will usually become worse and they will rapidly begin to drift apart. Then, one day, she will turn to him and say something, “We need to talk. I’m not happy any more. I don’t think we should be with each other any more.”

Unfortunately for most guys, they just don’t know how to react in that moment and unknowingly turn the woman off with begging, pleading and arguing.

How to Save My Relationship: The Secret

The secret to saving your relationship is to stop doing the things that are making your woman lose respect and attraction for you. Instead, start doing the things that will regain and then deepen her respect, attraction and love for you. When you do that, you will notice that the love naturally comes flooding back.

To begin the process, I recommend that you have what I call the Perfection Conversation with her. Essentially, you need to acknowledge to her that you are not perfect (in terms of how you’ve been behaving and treating her), but for the sake of your love, you are willing to continually make a serious effort to become a better man for her. In the same conversation, you also need to get her to acknowledge and realize that she is not perfect either.

When you’ve both been able to say that, it helps relieve a lot of built up tension. If she doesn’t realize it on her own, keep the conversation going and say to her that the reason why you would both want to become closer and closer to perfect for each other is because you love each other.

If you didn’t love each other, you wouldn’t be willing to improve anything, change anything or make any compromises, but you are.

Act Now, Before it’s Too Late

How to save my relationship

While it is possible to get your girlfriend (fiance or wife) back if she has left you for another man, it does make things more difficult.

If you are serious about wanting to save your relationship, I recommend that you take action now before she opens herself up to being with other men. Here are the programs that will save your relationship:

On the other hand, if you’re starting to feel like you don’t want to save your relationship with her and instead want to quickly attract new women to move on before she does, I recommend that you read my book The Flow.

The techniques from The Flow allowed me to have sex with more than 250 women before settling down into a relationship with my girlfriend. The choice is yours, but I just want you to know that I am here to help you.

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