Most women will never cheat on their man, but if you’ve started to wonder, “Is she cheating on me?” and are worried about losing your girlfriend to another guy, here are 5 classic signs that she might be cheating.

1. She suddenly pays a lot more attention to how she looks, but she doesn’t care what you think

Suddenly concerned about her looks

If your girlfriend suddenly decides to pay a lot more attention to her physical appearance than normal, then she’s probably trying to look her best for someone other than you.

If she suddenly changes her hair and clothing style and appears very interested in what you think and whether or not it impresses you, then she’s probably not cheating and is simply trying to look good for you.

However, if she doesn’t care what you think about her new look, then she likely cares what someone else thinks.

Sometimes, a girlfriend (or wife) will begin behaving badly because she wants to get her boyfriend’s attention. She’s thinking of leaving him, but she wants to see if he will change.

Could that apply to you?

Could it be that your girlfriend (or wife) has stopped seeking your approval when she changes her hairstyle (or buys a new outfit) because she feels that you no longer appreciate her and notice her like you did in the early days?

If you’ve made the mistake of taking her for granted and no longer really care, she may have started trying to get attention elsewhere.

2. She wants to go out partying or clubbing with her single girlfriends

If she is clubbing without it, she might cheat...especially if she gets drunk

This is a pretty obvious sign that she is thinking of cheating or she is already cheating.

When a woman is committed to her man and loves him, respects him and feels attracted to him, she will not want to go out clubbing or partying without him. She will identify herself as being his girlfriend and will not be looking to hook up with other men.

If your girlfriend goes out with her girlfriends who are all in happily committed relationships, you don’t have much to worry about if it’s just a once off occurrence.

However, if she goes out often without you, it means that she’s got one foot out the door and is trying to find a replacement guy before she breaks up with you.

3. She immediately gets defensive when you ask her what she’s been doing

If your woman is cheating on you (or at least thinking about it), she will get defensive when you ask her about what she’s been up to.

For example: If she gets defensive and doesn’t want to talk when you ask where she went for lunch and with whom, it’s a clear sign that she feels the need to hide something from you.

Sure, it might just be a guy that she has a crush on at work and she might just enjoying the attention.

On the other hand, if the guy is a confident guy who knows how to make her feel attracted to him, she may find it difficult to ignore her sexual attraction for him in future.

4. Doesn’t allow you to come near her when she is messaging on her phone

If your girlfriend has nothing to hide, she won’t care if you’re sitting next to her while she is scrolling through Facebook or chatting to a friend via SMS.

However, if she always turns her phone away from you, turns it off when you get near or asks you to go away when she’s texting, it means that she has something to hide.

Again, maybe it’s just a guy who is flirting with her and that she hasn’t yet cheated with, but if he knows how to attract her, she might not be able to resist him for long.

5. She stops caring about you

She no longer cares

When a women loves a guy, feels attracted to him, respects him and wants to be with him, he will be the most important person in her life.

She will care about him and want to ensure that she maintains his interest.

However, when a woman is cheating on her guy, he will suddenly become almost irrelevant to her. She just won’t care.

She will end phone calls with, “Whatever…” and then not text or call back. She will stay over at her “girlfriend’s house” (which usually means she slept at a guy’s house) and won’t make much or any effort to see you.

Of course, just because a woman goes cold and is no longer interested, it doesn’t always mean that she has cheated.

However, if it goes on for too long and you don’t turn things around and make her happy to be with you, she will either break up with you or cheat on you at some point.

Are You Asking Her Too Many Insecure Questions?

Breaking up

If you are hounding her with a lot of questions about who she was with, who she is talking to online and what she might be secretly thinking, then you’re doing it wrong.

When in a relationship with a woman, you have to give her your 100% trust and then let her take care of it.

Yes, she might betray you, but chances are she won’t. As long as you are deepening her love, respect and attraction for you over time in the relationship, she will have no reason to want to cheat on you or break up with you.

When you read cheating statistics online, you might be worried that pretty much all women cheat, but it’s not true.

The majority of women will not cheat on their man as long as the relationship feels good and evolves over time to become better and better.

Have You Become Clingy or Needy?

Could it be that your girlfriend is choosing to spend time with other people because she is feeling suffocated by your clingy or needy behavior?

Successful relationships are built around two individuals who are free to do whatever they want, but who choose to spend the majority of their time together.

A woman will want to spend the majority of her time with her man if he is actively saying and doing the types of things that make her feel attracted to him, not repelled by him.

If your girlfriend is spending a lot of time with friends and less and less time with you, it may be her way of trying to create enough distance between you and her, so that things can gradually fall apart and end in a break up.

That doesn’t mean she is cheating on you already, but she may be trying to get some new guys interested so she can feel more confident when she does break up with you.

Changing Before it’s Too Late

Changing before it's too late

These days, a woman doesn’t have to remain loyal to a man if she doesn’t feel like committing to the relationship.

In the past, a woman had to stay with a man for life even if she was unhappy, because it was shameful to divorce.

Marriages around the year 1900

Not anymore.

Modern women

If you want to keep a relationship together in today’s world, you have to deepen a woman’s love respect and attraction for you over time.

You can’t expect that a woman will stick around and be faithful if you’re not making her feel the way she really wants to feel when in a relationship.

If a woman is unhappy, she has the freedom to break up with her guy and get a new one. If she is a woman of bad character (i.e. disloyal, unloving, selfish), she might even cheat on him a few times before breaking up with him.

Modern women

It sucks, but that is how it works these days.

You can keep a relationship together for life and be one of those couples who are still madly in love after 30-40 years of being together, but you have to do it right.

You have to deepen her feelings of love, respect and attraction for you over time.

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