To fix a broken relationship with a woman, you need to work on regaining her respect and attraction for you and she will then begin to reconnect with the love once again.

Essentially, if your woman is no longer interested in being with you, it means that she’s gone through the following three stages to get to this point:

  1. She lost respect for you as her man.
  2. She stopped feeling attraction for you.
  3. She fell out of love with you.

You can change that.

As you will discover from the video above, you can fix your relationship by gaining control of the chain reaction effect in your relationship.

When you are in control of the chain reactions, you will automatically begin getting her respect back and making her feel attracted to you again. She will then reconnect with the love and will be happy with you again.

The Fear of Losing Her

The thought of losing her

Whether you’ve been together for a few months, a few years or for what seems like a lifetime, it’s a horrible feeling to have to wake up one day and realize that your relationship is falling apart.

Just imagining her with another man is enough to make you sick to your stomach.

So, how can you escape the fear of losing her? How can you regain control? Watch this video…

One of the keys to understanding how to fix a broken relationship is to understand what actually makes a relationship work.

It’s only when you know how to deepen a woman’s love, respect and attraction for you and then then act on that knowledge that you will naturally and easily begin to fix your broken relationship.

Essentially, a relationship between a man and a woman will work if:

  • The man guides both himself and the woman into deeper feelings of love, respect and attraction for each other.
  • They share the same long term (not just short term) outlook on life.
  • They grow together as a couple, rather than one person growing and the other being left behind.
  • The man makes her feel like a feminine woman because he remains in a masculine way of being, rather than being neutral around her or worse, being feminine around her.

When Things Fall Apart…

How to fix a broken relationship

When we first embark on a new relationship, most of us find it difficult (if not impossible) to imagine that the glorious feelings of joy, euphoria, romance, passion and even lust will ever go away.

So, when the relationship feels like it is falling apart, most people are taken by surprise and begin to question:

  • How did this happen?
  • Why did this happen to us? We were so in love?
  • Why didn’t I see the signs?
  • What did I do wrong?
  • What is love if it doesn’t last?
  • Does she still love me?
  • How can she be thinking of breaking up with me, when we were so madly in love before?

And finally…more importantly:

  • How can I fix it?

If you are willing to fix the problems in your relationship, then you have a great chance of getting things back on track. However, if you’re just looking for a “quick tip of the day” and aren’t prepared to put in some effort, then your relationship will likely remain broken and eventually break up.

Did You Miss the Signs?

Fixing a broken relationship

Another secret to the process of how to fix a broken relationship, is to take responsibility. Accept or admit to yourself that you were either not paying attention to the signs, or you did notice them, but have waited this long to do anything about it.

Depending on the severity of the signs she was giving you about her dissatisfaction with the relationship, you will be able to gauge how serious the damage to the relationship is.

Sometimes, it will only be a little bit broken and you’ll be able to fix it quite quickly. Yet, other times, it’s going to take a lot of effort and a lot of time before she begins feeling what she used to feel for you again.

For example: Here are some signs that suggest a relationship is broken or is on the way to breaking up.

  • Often being irritated at just the sight of each other.
  • Screaming/yelling at each other pretty much every time you disagree about something.
  • Fighting over way too many trivial things.
  • Ignoring each other because neither of you see the other as being worthy of much of your attention.
  • Spending less and less time together.
  • One of you is sleeping on the couch (or in another bedroom) a lot more.
  • She’s complains about you to her mother and friends every chance she gets.
  • She goes out clubbing or partying without you.
  • To avoid spending time together, one or both of you are leaving the house earlier every morning and coming home from work later and later in the evenings.
  • There is no more intimacy; romantic dinners, holding hands or affectionate kisses are a thing of the past.
  • The sex has dried up to pretty much zero, or only happens once a month.

If you can relate to many of the signs above, then your relationship is in trouble.

You can fix it and you can get the love and harmony back in your relationship, but to do that, you’re going to need to make sure that she wants to fix the relationship as well.

Getting Her to Want it Too

Fixing a broken relationship is completely possible and it happens all the time, all over the world. However, to truly be successful at it, both parties have to want it. If your woman currently doesn’t want it, then you’re going to first have to focus on regaining her respect and attraction for you.

Once that is back, she will then begin opening herself back up to loving you and the idea of committing to you in a relationship will feel like the right thing to do and what she wants to do.

Fixing a Broken Relationship

So, let’s have a different look at how to fix a broken relationship by asking you a bunch of questions to help you understand what needs fixing, changing or adjusting.

1. Did your directions in life change?

When a couple gets together, initially it usually all about lust, sex and intimacy and only after a while do they start to discuss (or hint at) their plans for the future.

Often, these plans for the future do not match and on a subconscious level both parties will soon realize that as dating partners they are great, but as life partners they are incompatible.

If this is something that has happened to you and neither of you wants to come out and say it directly, you could find yourselves moving in opposite directions rather than moving forward to the deeper stages of a relationship.

As that happens, you and her may begin doing things to break the relationship apart because you’re unwilling to fess up and admit that you’re just not that compatible anymore.

2. Did one of you cheat?

Cheating is a sign that there serious problems in the relationship.

Cheating is the result of many underlying issues such as lack of confidence, the need for attention, the desire to ruin the relationship that way instead of having to tell the other person you no longer want to be committed to them, etc.

An issue like this cannot be swept under the carpet and needs to be addressed urgently. If a woman cheats, you should dump her and have sex with at least one new woman (not a hooker!), who is at least as pretty as her, but preferably prettier. Once the score is settled and you are even, you should then get back into a relationship if both of you want it.

Forgiving her cheating is usually a recipe for disaster because most men won’t be able to stop feeling insecure and hurt about it.

Personally speaking, I would do what I’ve suggested above. I wouldn’t accept a woman’s cheating and then hope that we live happily ever after. Life is like the movies where actors play out unusual, strange and dramatic roles to entertain an audience.

3. Did the spark die out?

Sometimes the spark of the relationship simply dies. When couples first embark on a relationship there is often a lot of charming and romantic behavior, as well as flirting and exciting seduction.

However, when they settle into a relationship and the initial excitement wears off, most people don’t know how to get that back.

4. Did you stop being the guy she fell in love with?

Did you stop being the guy she originally fell in love with?

There are certain qualities and characteristics about you that your woman was attracted to when you first began the relationship.

If those qualities disappear and are mostly replaced by unattractive qualities (e.g. insecurity, jealousy, over-protectiveness, you not having much purpose in life, etc), then she may begin to look elsewhere to find what she believed she had found in you.

How to Fix a Broken Relationship in One Night

When a relationship breaks, there is no quick fix remedy that will make it all better overnight, so if you’re one of those guys who gets sucked into thinking there is a magic trick, you will be disappointed.

If you really want to fix your broken relationship, you must accept that it’s going to take some effort from you to evolve as a man.

You can’t go on behaving like you have been and think things will change. Likewise, you can’t simply “plan a romantic dinner” and expect that everything will be fine after that.

Relationships are much more complex than that and to keep a relationship together, you have to be the type of man that she respects and feels attraction for all the time, not just for one night.

What Do You Need to Improve About Yourself?

What do you need to improve about yourself?

If you’re wondering how to fix a broken relationship, then chances are high that you might be contributing to at least some of the problems in the relationship.

If your woman is to blame, then you either need to dump her and get a new woman, or explain to her what you don’t like and let her know that you’re willing to grow and change together, to rekindle the love and feelings that were so enjoyable for you both in the past.

However, if most of the blame falls on you, then what do you need to improve about yourself? For example, certain aspects of a man’s behavior can create serious problems in a relationship, such as:

1. Thinking, behaving or acting in an unattractive way around her

Most guys don’t ever get taught how to attract women by their father or other adult male role models as they are growing up.

As a result, they are left to work it out for themselves.

Some guys are naturals with women and know what to say and do to be attractive to a woman. Yet, most guys need a bit of help and in their confusion, they end up turning women off in ways that they don’t even understand.

As a result, the woman who once fell in love with them is now feeling turned off and thinking about leaving or cheating on him.

Watch this video to understand what you need to do to fix the problem…

Once you have re-sparked her attraction for you and made her feel respect for you, it’s so much easier and more natural for her to feel love and appreciation for you.

She wants to be around you because she feels so good with you now.

The next area of improvement that many men need help with in a relationship with a woman is…

2. A lack of confidence and self-esteem

High levels of self-esteem and self-confidence are qualities that women find sexy in a guy and are one of the things that women are most attracted to at the beginning of a courtship. This attraction will remain for life if he remains confidence and full of self-esteem.

However, if he is showing a lack of confidence and self-esteem too often during the relationship, the woman will gradually lose more and more respect and attraction for him. She will start to question her choice in a guy and wonder if he was faking it just to get her to like him.

If she feels like she’s been cheated into believing he is someone he’s not, or if she now has to start “mothering him” to get him to believe in himself, she will definitely start backing out of the relationship.

3. Not following through on your big ambitions and goals in life

During the early part of a relationship, couples usually don’t discuss their goals and ambitions in life in too much detail. However, later on, it becomes a very important part of a woman’s respect and attraction for her man.

If you initially seemed to be a man of purpose and convinced her that you had big plans to succeed in life, but you then slacked off or gave up, she will naturally feel as though she’s been tricked into being in a relationship with a liar.

A woman wants to see that no matter how challenging life gets, her man is strong enough to keep pushing forward to achieve his biggest goals and dreams. However, if she finds herself in a relationship with a guy who is hiding from his true potential as a man behind her and the relationship, she will naturally begin to lose respect and attraction for him.

If she doesn’t change and start following through on his promises to be a bigger and better man than the guy she met, she will begin to fall out of love with him.

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