If your wife doesn’t love you, the main thing that you need to do is re-spark her feelings of respect and attraction for you again.

Once she experiences a renewed sense of respect and attraction for you and notices that she is continuing to feel that way each day, she will naturally begin to fall back in love with you again.

Even if your wife is currently saying things like, “Leave me alone. I just don’t love you anymore,” or “My love for you is gone and nothing you say or do is going to change that,” it still doesn’t mean that her love for you is dead.

Love doesn’t just die and if her love for you was real to begin with, then it has simply been smothered and pushed into the background by all the negative things happening in your relationship at the moment (e.g. arguments, lack of intimacy, lack of interest in each other, insecurity).

When you begin to change the way you treat her and start making her feel like a real woman again, her feelings of respect and attraction for you will start to creep back into her mind and body, and eventually her heart will open up to the love that has always been there in the background.

3 Things to Do if Your Wife Has Stopped Loving You

If you are going to get your wife to experienced a renewed and lasting sense of respect and attraction for you, it’s important that you also do these 3 things…

1. Understand What Has Caused Her to Lose Respect, Attraction and Love For You

Why has your wife lost attraction for you?

A woman doesn’t just stop loving her husband for no reason at all.

If her feelings were real when she married him, then somewhere along the line something happened that caused her to lose respect for him as a man and lead to her switching off her feelings of love.

For example: He might have become too insecure, controlling, have taken her for granted, given up on his goals in life, etc.

If you want to properly re-spark your wife’s feelings of respect, attraction and love, you must begin by understanding exactly what caused those feelings to fade in the first place.

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Thankfully, you’re not yet at the stage where your wife wants a separation or divorce, but I caution you not to get too comfortable.

It’s better to fix the problems between you and her now than to let it drag on and lead to a separation or affair or to just lead to a lifetime of unhappiness and emotional distance between you.

So, do you know why your wife has stopped loving you?

Here’s the thing…

A woman will rarely come out and clearly say what is bothering her about her man.

Why has your wife lost respect for you?

She might fight with him about what sometimes seems like petty things (e.g. the dishes, the toilet seat, some of his habits), but underneath the pettiness, there is a deeper, more serious issue she’s trying to get through to him.

For example: A woman might get into an argument with her husband about him watching a lot of TV.

In his mind, he feels as though she is simply being petty and unreasonable because she won’t let him relax and unwind after a hard day’s work.

Yet, if he digs deeper, he might discover that the issue is not really about him watching TV, but rather about her feeling taken for granted and neglected.

Instead of her saying, “I want you to focus more on me and spend some quality time with me when you get home,” she nags him about watching TV.

Why doesn’t she just come out and say what she really means?

Most women feel that if a man doesn’t understand what he needs to do by himself, then she doesn’t want to have to be the one who is responsible for teaching him.

A woman doesn’t want to take on the role of being her man’s teacher when it comes to a relationship, because it will cause her to feel like more of a mother figure or big sister in his life, which will destroy the sexual dynamic between them.

Of course, taking a woman for granted is only one of many reasons why a woman will lose respect, attraction and love for her husband, so it may not apply to your marriage.

To get to the bottom of why your wife doesn’t love you anymore, ask yourself some of these questions:

  • Have I been a confident, self-assured man that my wife can look up to and respect in our relationship, or have I been insecure and self-doubting?
  • Have I been making her feel feminine and girly in my presence, or do I make her feel like more of a friend or as though she is more dominant than me?
  • Have I been rising through the levels of life and striving for my true potential, or have I been using my marriage as an excuse to hide from my biggest goals and ambitions in life?
  • Have I been the man in the relationship, or have I allowed her to wear the pants?
  • Have I been making her feel loved, appreciated and taken care of, or have I been neglecting and giving more attention to less important things (e.g. TV shows)?
  • Have we been growing together as a couple, or have one of us grown and left the other person behind?
  • Have I got friends and interests outside of my relationship with my wife, or have I made her my only purpose for living and have become clingy and needy as a result?

If you answered those questions in your mind as you read through them, you will have most-likely begun to realize some of the ways that you’ve been ruining her respect, attraction and love for you.

2. Eliminate the Issues From Your Relationship One by One

To get your wife to love you again, you need to begin regaining her respect for you by fixing your issues and improving yourself.

Once she sees that you really are changing, she will allow herself to feel attracted to you again and when she does that, she will naturally begin to reconnect with her romantic love for you.

For example: If your wife is saying, “I don’t love you anymore, you’re not the man I thought I married. You used to be so ambitious but now you just sit around doing nothing with your life,” rather than get upset or defensive about it, understand what she’s really saying and what she wants you to change about yourself.

You are not the man I married

When you think about what she is really saying by that comment, you will realize that she is feeling unsafe about the future, because she doesn’t see you reaching for your true potential as a man.

Rather than feel hurt by her words, realize that she is giving you a big piece of the puzzle to recapture her love, respect and attraction for you.

Start by setting some big, ambitious goals and then begin working towards them.

When she sees that you are continuing to follow through on your goals and are making progress, she will feel increasingly respectful of you, attracted to you and in love with you again.

She will be proud to have a husband who can listen to feedback and then use that to become a bigger and better man as a result.

3. Make a New Beginning Together

At the beginning of your marriage with your wife things were probably as close to perfect as it gets.

You may have showed a lot of interest in each other, listened and respected each other’s opinions, went on dates, had fun and laughed a lot and generally felt like you were both going in the same direction in your life together.

Yet, somewhere along the line, all that changed and you stopped having fun because you and her may have achieved all the initial goals that you set out.

For example: You had a goal to get engaged, then married, then have kids, get a house and now what?

If you have achieved most or all of those things and life is feeling a bit stale, you need to create a new vision for your future together that is going to be exciting, challenging and fulfilling for both of you (not just one of you).

Even if, right now, your wife is saying, “I don’t love you anymore,” or “I don’t know if I want to be married to you anymore,” you’ve got to know that if she fell in love with you before, she can do it again.

For both of you to get back in touch with the love that you once experienced together, you need to be the man and lead the way.

You need to lead the way by making changes to your behavior and how you treat her, so she will experience a renewed sense of respect and attraction for you.

From there, she will then become open to discussions about creating future mutual goals together than are exciting, challenging and fulfilling for the both of you.

Understanding How Love Really Works

One of the most important things to understand about love is that it doesn’t die.

Love is something eternal that we human beings can connect to in various ways throughout life. In the case of a marriage, the love between a man and a woman is a very special thing that can color your life with so much happiness, joy and fulfillment.

Yet, if you don’t take care to build on your wife’s respect and attraction for you over time, she will naturally begin to disconnect herself from the love.

You and her might feel like the marriage is over, but in reality, it’s just a simple case of you not knowing how to lead her back into feelings of love.

You can fix this.

If you are serious about getting your wife to love you again, make sure that you put in some effort to improve your ability to make her feel the kind of respect and attraction that will automatically cause her to feel love for you again.

You can’t expect her to love you just because you are a good man and have her best interests at heart. Without respect and attraction, it’s nearly impossible for a woman to remain connected to feelings of romantic love for a man.

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