To stop your girlfriend from breaking up with you, the first thing that you need to do is change the way that she feels when she interacts with you.

If you don’t change, she won’t change how she feels about ending the relationship.

From now on, you need to start making her feel more respect and attraction for you when you talk to her on the phone or in person, rather than continuing to turn her off by making the same old mistakes that you’ve been making with her.

Here are the 6 steps that you need to follow to get her to change her mind about breaking up with you…

1. Understand her real reasons for wanting to get out of the relationship

Understanding her real reasons for wanting to break up with you

Almost all women give a boyfriend many chances before they finally decide to break up with him.

So, if your girlfriend is at the point now where she wants out, it means that (in her eyes) you’ve said or done a lot of things that have caused her to lose too much respect and attraction for you.

She is now beginning to think that her life might be better off without you in it, so she is either threatening to break up with you or she is pulling back her interest by no longer saying, “I love you” or showing a lot of affection anymore.

To get her to stop thinking about breaking up with you, it’s absolutely essential that you understand her real reasons for losing respect and attraction for you, so that you can then begin to make the correct changes to your thinking, behavior, attitude and actions from now on.

For example:

  • Being insecure.
  • Being clingy, needy, jealous or controlling.
  • Treating her badly.
  • Taking her for granted.
  • Being annoying just to get a reaction out of her.
  • Giving her too much power in the relationship.
  • Not letting her have any power.

Have you made any of the mistakes that are above?

If you have made any of those mistakes, don’t worry – you’re not the only guy in this world who has made those kinds of mistakes with a girlfriend.

Pretty much every guy makes those kinds of mistakes and your girlfriend has either experienced those with a previous boyfriend, or she will experience them again with another guy if she decides to leave you.

So, don’t feel as though you’re the worst boyfriend in the world because you made those mistakes.

Instead, look at yourself as a great guy who is learning faster than other guys in life and you’re becoming a bigger and better man over time.

As long as you learn from your mistakes at each stage of life, rather than continuing to make them over and over again, you will become a bigger and better man over time.

When are able to make your girlfriend feel the kind of respect, attraction and love experience that she cannot get with any other guy, she will not want to leave you.

2. Start being a new and improved man right away

Start being a new and improved version of yourself

Once you understand why your girlfriend has lost interest in you and now wants to break up with you, it’s very important that you start making changes right away.

You need to be able to show her (by the way you now think, talk, feel, behave and take action) that you are changing; otherwise you won’t be able to get past step 3 in the process of stopping your girlfriend from breaking up with you.

For example: If you have been insecure in the relationship, you need to change by becoming more emotionally secure, emotionally mature and confident.

If you lack purpose in life and have been basing too much of your happiness and identity on your girlfriend, you need to take a more balanced approach to life where you are going after your biggest dreams and ambitions while also giving time and attention to your girlfriend.

If you have been giving your girlfriend too much power (e.g. doing whatever she says, putting up with her unreasonable demands, letting her boss you around), you need to start taking back some of that power and being the sort of boyfriend that she can look up to and respect.

3. Tell that it is possible for a guy to change and become a better man

Start being a new and improved version of yourself

As long as your girlfriend can see that you are changing (e.g. the way that you now think, feel, communicate, behave and take action around her or in life), she will then have to accept the fact that you really have begun to change.

What you need to tell her is that it is possible for a guy to learn from an experience and then change to become a better man.

Tell her that everybody (both men and women) learns and grows throughout life and just because you were recently making some mistakes in the relationship, it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible for you to learn from that and become a better man as a result.

Let her know that lately, you’ve realized a lot about what it means to be a man and are changing in a good way.

Then tell her about the things that you have changed and have also begun to change about yourself, because you want to become a better man rather than making the same old mistakes over again.

4. Regain your power in the relationship

Although some women will initially accept a guy who hands over his power in a relationship, most women won’t put up with it for life.

When a woman feels like she’s got too much power over her boyfriend (e.g. he does whatever she wants, he puts up with her bad behavior), it causes her to lose respect for him and when that happens, her sexual desire for him begins to fade away.

Regaining power in the relationship with your girlfriend is not about treating her badly, being mean to her, becoming a controlling boyfriend, talking down to her or bossing her around.

Instead, you simply need to be a strong, loving man that she can look up to and respect. How?

From now on, just assume that you are in the more dominant position in the relationship.

If you’ve been giving her too much power, she will test your newfound confidence by acting like she doesn’t care what you think or by telling you that if you don’t do what she says, she will break up with you.

You simply need to smile and laugh at her in a loving way for being silly, while also making absolutely sure that you fell 100% confident in her attraction to you.

Your confidence in her attraction for you is something that you have to take and own.

It’s not something that your girlfriend will give to you, because she doesn’t want to have to be emotionally gentle with you, especially now that she is considering breaking up with you.

To get her to feel the kind of respect for you that will allow her to accept that you are the more dominant, powerful one in the relationship, you will need to have 100% confidence in yourself and her attraction to you.

If you don’t believe in your attractiveness to her (with or without her reassurance), then she is not going to be able to look up to you and respect you as her man.

Likewise, if you aren’t strong enough to take the lead in your relationship with her and be the man that she can look up to and respect, then you’re not giving her what she really wants in a relationship.

Here’s what you always need to remember…

By being the kind of man that she can look up to and respect, you’re actually being a mature, loving man who is giving her the ultimate gift.

In a relationship, a woman wants to feel as though she can respect her man, so if her boyfriend can’t be bothered to put in any effort to give her that experience (e.g. he just wants her to like him for who he is now), then he is being selfish rather than loving.

When you take on the role of being in the power position in your relationship, you’re actually doing a loving, positive thing for you and her.

5. Make her feel like your girl again

Make her feel like your girlfriend again

Regardless of how confident, independent, successful or intelligent your girlfriend is, she will always have a deep desire to feel like she is a man’s woman.

In other words, she will want to feel feminine and girly in comparison to his masculine way of thinking, talking, feeling, behaving and taking action.

A woman will become unsatisfied in a relationship with a man if she feels as though he is more of a friend to her or that she is actually more dominant and masculine (in the way she approaches life) compared to him.

When a guy first begins thinking, “I want to know how to stop my girlfriend from breaking up with me, “ he usually won’t think, “Ahah! I need to make her feel more girly and feminine, so she feels more respect and sexual attraction for me.”

Instead, many guys make the mistake of starting to buy their girlfriend presents, do favors for her, be even nicer than they already are and essentially try to suck up to her.

Yet, that isn’t the way to go about it because it’s not what women want.

Women do like compliments and they do like an occasional present, but both of those things mean nothing if they are coming from a guy whom she doesn’t respect (i.e. she looks down on him) and doesn’t feel very attracted to anymore.

So, rather than trying to make your girlfriend feel special by buying her gifts or kissing her ass in other ways, you need to make her feel feminine in comparison to how masculine you are.

When you do that, she will automatically (even if she hates you right now) feel a renewed sense of respect and attraction for you.

So, from now on, focus on being more masculine in the way that you think, feel, talk and behave when you interact with her on the phone and in person.

A mistake that a lot of guys make is to treat their girlfriend like a neutral friend, which means that they suppress their masculinity and essentially lose touch with the main element of attraction that draws women to men.

Some guys even go as far as taking on some of their girlfriend’s femininity (e.g. giggling like her, being emotionally sensitive, changing the tone of his voice to be more like her), which gradually reduces her attraction and respect for him.

If you’re wondering, “How do I stop my girlfriend from breaking up with me?” then you absolutely must realize the importance of displaying masculinity when you talk to her on the phone and in person.

From now on, you must be more masculine in the way that you think, talk, feel, behave and take action around her and in life.

If you do that, she will naturally slip back into the position of being excited to be your girl.

6. Deepen her feelings from then on

One of the most important things that a man needs to do in a relationship with a woman is to deepen her feelings of respect, attraction and love for him over time.

These days, you can’t just get a girl into a relationship and expect that she will stick around for life because things felt really good between you at the start, or that she once said that you were “the one” or a “soul mate” or that she wanted to be with you forever.

When a relationship begins, it’s very easy to make a woman feel that way because of all the lust, sex, kissing and exciting new feelings.

However, if you want to keep a relationship together for life, you need to deepen a woman’s feelings for you over time.

To be capable of deepening a woman’s feelings over time, you need to understand what really attracts women to men.

For example: If you talk to your girlfriend on the phone and you’re being insecure, needy or wimpy, then she’s naturally going to feel turned off by you.

However, if you’re interacting with your girlfriend on the phone and you are being confident, making her laugh, making her feel girly in comparison to your masculinity and making her feel excited to be in love with you, then she’s naturally going to feel attracted to you.

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