More than anything, women want you to flirt with them, give them occasional compliments and be the sort of man that they can look up to, respect and rely on.

What women want to hear from you during conversation is something that will make them feel a wide range of desirable emotions, rather than feeling awkward, turned off, annoyed or tense around you. The best way to allow women to experience desirable emotions around you is through compliments, flirting and humor.

However, while the words that you say to women are important, a woman is most interested in how your overall personality, vibe and behavior makes her FEEL. If your conversation makes a woman feel bored, awkward or tense then you will find it difficult to attract and connect with her.

Likewise, if you behave in a nervous, shy or insecure way, then she won’t feel good around you. Women are attracted to the strength in men and turned off by the weakness, so any type of weakness that you display (e.g. nervousness, anxiety, insecurity, shyness or lower-ranking male behavior) will fur her off and she won’t care what you say to her.

Compliments and Flirting: What Women Want to Hear

There are literally 100s of conversation techniques that you can use when talking to women or people. However, when talking to a woman you want to attract, have sex with or maintain a relationship with, you should always ensure that you are adding in compliments and flirting.

Those two elements are essential for creating the type of desirable emotions that a woman wants to experience around you.

Here are a few examples of compliments and flirting that you can use in different environments and situations with women:

During the day


“You walk with such grace and finesse. I like that…”


“Hey, I thought I’d come over and say hi…you’re too beautiful not to stop for…I’m Dan, what’s your name?”

At a formal function


“You’re a great conversationalist…it’s really easy to talk to you.”


“You’re probably the most poshest person here. I’ve just got to copy you a bit and then people will see that I’m classy.”

At a bar or party


“You are easily the most beautiful woman in the room. I had to come over and introduce myself…my name’s _________ what’s yours?”


“You kept staring at me so I thought I’d come over and say hello. I know…I’m handsome and you can’t help looking, but you were being a bit full on…”

After a 10-30 minute conversation


“You know what? You’re the smartest woman I’ve met in a long time…maybe we could teach each other a few things…”


Smile and say, “All you do is talk. When are you going to kiss me?” and you can then have a laugh together.

On a first date


“You’re an interesting girl…intelligent and fun to talk to…and you’re hot…jackpot”


“I just want to tell you now: We’re not having sex tonight. I’m not that easy. You’re going to need to wine and dine me a bit more first…”

While having sex


“You’re so sexy…look at these tits…niiiice.”


Smile and say, “Be careful there, you might choke on that” as she begins to give you a blow job.

Everyone loves to receive compliments. When you compliment a woman, it brightens up her day, makes her feel sexy, confident and appreciative of you.

When a woman appreciates you and feels comfortable and confident around you, she is more likely to go out on a date with you. However, while compliments are important, flirting is MORE important because it creates a sexual vibe between you and the woman and helps to maintain the all-important masculine/feminine balance during an interaction, date, sexual encounter and relationship.

Confidence is Critical When Talking to Women

Of course, simply saying what women want to hear is not the key to success with women. You also have to deliver the line correctly. Women are mostly attracted to a guy’s confidence, masculinity (how he thinks, behaves and takes action) and his social skills/social intelligence.

You can say 50 amazing lines to women and they can be exactly what women want to hear, but if you deliver them in a nervous, self-doubting way, the woman isn’t going to care. She might see you as a sweet friend, but she won’t feel the necessary attraction that is required for to switch from seeing you as a potential friend to a potential lover, boyfriend or husband.

When saying what women want to hear, make sure that you:

Maintain relaxed eye contact with her: Telling her how great she looks while darting your eyes around nervously only makes you look desperate, awkward and even untrustworthy. When complimenting her or flirting with her, look directly into her eyes with relaxed confidence.

When a woman comes across a guy who has the confidence, masculinity and social intelligence to deliver an experience like that, she feels attraction for him on so many levels that she basically throws herself at him. Sparks fly between them and nothing or no-one will be able to pull them apart; the attraction will be too strong.

Be easy-going about it: This takes a bit of practice of getting used to, but it is what will separate you from the hundreds of other guys who try to hit on her.

Just compliment her or flirt with her like it is the most normal and natural thing in the world. Don’t take it too seriously, don’t make a big deal out of it and don’t expect a big response from her. Just compliment her or flirt with her in an easy-going, light-hearted way.

Be confident: Women actually want you to be confident. They don’t want you to get nervous and doubt yourself around them.

So, instead of turning women off with nervousness and hesitation, just believe in yourself. Ironically, the more you believe in yourself, the more that women feel attracted to you. Since women are attracted to a guy’s confidence, the more of it that you allow yourself to have, the more that she will feel attracted to you.

Make Her Feel Sexy

What women want to hear is also something that makes them feel sexy, but doesn’t make you look like a sleaze. For example, a great thing to say is, “You look so sexy in that dress.”

Women spend way more time on their appearance than we men do, because they know it is what mostly attracts us men to them. When you compliment a woman on the effort she has made to look good for you, she instantly feels great around you.

It’s also a great way to break the ice when first meeting a woman or when out on a first date.The most important word of the compliment is SEXY. If you just say, “You look good in that dress” it won’t make her feel very sexy and the sexual communication between you and her just won’t be there.

You have to be confident enough to take the risk of telling her that she looks sexy. Ironically, she will be more attracted to you for saying it because it will show her how confident you feel around her. Don’t hide your confidence from women – they want you to express it in an easy-going, relaxed, but self-assured way.

If you only “play it safe” and just be really nice around women, you run the risk of not creating enough or any sexual tension between you and the women you meet. Using the word “sexy” communicates your sexual interest in the woman and allows her to feel more comfortable talking about sex with you and moving in for the first kiss.

Now, I should point out: If you approach a woman who is wearing casual clothes while out running errands during the day, you wouldn’t lead in with a comment about her looking sexy in her outfit.

In a situation like that, what women want to hear is a more discreet and charming type of conversation starter. Simply walk up to her and say, “Hey, I’m just out doing a bit of shopping now and I saw you and thought – wow, I’ve got to come over and say hello…I’m Dan, what’s your name?”

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