Increase your Facebook popularity

How to increase your popularity on Facebook

You may have 225 friends on your Facebook list of friends, but just how many of them regularly check out your page to see what you’ve been up to? Facebook has become so influential that being popular on Facebook can actually mean being popular in the real world. If you want people to start noticing you, you need to start doing more than just adding random pretty girls as friends.

Here are 3 funny ways to increase your popularity on Facebook. You won’t come off as desperate and you won’t have to wrack your brains to think of witty status updates on a daily basis.

1.    It’s My Birthday … Every week

Out of the 365 days a year, there is one day when most people will click on your Facebook profile. That day is your birthday! Once a year, you’ll find yourself inundated with well wishes and congratulatory messages on turning a year older. It has become a Facebook tradition. Thanks to Facebook’s birthday notifications, people you have not spoken to in years will be reminded to drop by your page and wish you a happy birthday. This includes ex-girlfriends and ex-crushes, so who knows what could happen when you start ‘talking’ again.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could receive the same ‘birthday attention’ every week? Well, you can and – just for fun – you should! Go to your account settings and change your birth date to the date for next Tuesday. Watch as traffic trickles and rejoice as everyone wishes you great happiness for your birthday.

Some of your ‘real friends’ and family will pick up on the fact that it’s not your birthday, so just say “Yeh, I’ve decided to change my birthday to _______ (whatever date you’ve chosen). It works better with my schedule” Then, do the same thing next week. You’ll get a lot of “LOL!” and “WTF” responses, but that’s the point. People will be posting and you will be more popular.

2.    Sex Sells

When it comes to getting attention, sex is the oldest trick in the book. If you want people to start hitting your Facebook page, you need to stir their imagination. Ditch the boring profile picture of you posing alone or with a bunch of people.
If you know how to use Adobe Photoshop, put a picture of your head on another body. If you don’t have Photoshop, go to and use their free service and use the modified photo as your new profile pic.

Note: Full nudity is not allowed on Facebook, so you can still keep your last shred of modesty when pulling this light-hearted prank. To make it funnier, put your head on a sexy female body – that is sure to get much more positive, funny comments than using a male body.

3.    I’m in a Relationship

If you’re single, a good way to keep your page abuzz with rumors and frivolous talk is to change your relationship status to ‘In a Relationship’ on Facebook. This usually generates a myriad of comments from nosy and poky friends.  Watch as your friends relentlessly discuss your romantic life. “Who is the lucky girl?” “Is it Ann from high school?” “OMG who is she? I want details!”

Keep it mysterious and don’t reveal too many details. The less you comment, the more prying they become. The less you give them, the more they want. You don’t have to state who your girlfriend is, just say something like, “It’s all moving very quickly…I’m actually quite shocked…sorry for not telling you guys earlier..”

This prank will work well because you won’t have to find a picture of a model to pass off as your girlfriend and you don’t even need to give her a name – keeping your friends in the dark about her is the best way to stir continued interest. If they ask for her name, just say “Names aren’t important right now…what matters is that she and I are happy, don’t you agree?”

It’s up to you how long you keep the joke going. If you’re good at keeping the mystery going then go for it. Otherwise, just laugh and tell them that you were joking and wanted to have some fun on Facebook for once, because everyone has been getting so serious lately.

If you have any fun ideas for increasing a person’s popularity on Facebook, feel free to make a comment below!

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