In this article, I’m going to share 5 of my best pick up lines that I have personally used to pick up many beautiful women.

Before I begin though, I want to include some words of warning about using pick up lines when approaching women…

Even if you learn one million of the best pick up lines in the world, it will not solve your problems with women.

If you lack confidence when approaching women, that problem will remain no matter how many pick up lines you can remember.

If you can’t keep a conversation going and keep it interesting when talking to a woman you like, an amazing pick up line won’t fix that either.

Here’s the truth of the matter….

A woman will never stop in her tracks and say, “Wow! I think you are amazing because of that pick up line – I want to be your girlfriend and possibly even marry you! In fact, how about we have sex right now?!” The best pick up lines in the world are just WORDS.

What you really need to do is display the personality traits and behaviors that naturally attract women.

Once you have sparked her attraction, whatever you say to her will be so much more interesting and appealing.

Check out this video to understand how attraction really works…

5 of the Best Pick Up Lines to Use When Approaching Women

The best pick up lines are those that are natural and easy going.

Don’t try too hard.

Just be your normal cool, confident self and everything will go just fine.

You can use any of the following 5 natural pick up lines no matter how experienced or inexperienced you are with women:

Best Pick Up Lines: #1

In the green grocer section of a supermarket, “Hey, that looks healthy…what are you planning to cook up? I’ve run out of ideas of healthy things to cook lately…”

Best Pick Up Lines: #2

In a bar or club, “Hey, I thought I’d come over and be social and say hi – I’m Dan – what’s your name?”

Best Pick Up Lines: #3

Woman reading a book, “Hey, I haven’t read a good book in ages…how’s that one going?” or just a simple “Interesting book?”

Best Pick Up Lines: #4

Woman walking her dog, “I have no idea what breed of dog that is, but it looks cool…what’s it’s name?”

Best Pick Up Lines: #5

Woman walks into a quiet lift (in office building/apartment), “Shhh…you’re not allowed to talk in here” (say it with a smile of course!)

As you can see from the pick up lines I’ve provided, I focus on teaching guys how to be natural…and it WORKS!

You don’t have to use cheesy pick up lines or manipulative tactics to pick up women.

What a lot of guys don’t realize is that women really just want you to be yourself and relax while you’re talking to them.

No need to put on an act or try to be really funny.

Who Am I and How Can I Help You?

Hi, my name is Dan Bacon.

My team and I here at The Modern Man have personally approached over 10,000 women over the past 5 years.

Why so many approaches?

For a few reasons:

Initially, it was all about perfecting the art of approaching a woman, getting her interested and moving it to a phone number, kiss, sex and relationship.

Following that, most of the 10,000 approaches have been to demonstrate ‘how it’s done’ for clients on our weekend courses.

We take a client into bars, malls and other social hotspots and show him how to do all the things that you can learn when you complete the Dating Power online training course.

These days, Ben, Stu and I don’t need to approach women unless we’re showing a client because we are now enjoying loving relationships with the women we have chosen.

One of obvious things we discovered was that success with women does NOT come down to having the best pick up lines at your disposal.

Sure, some pick up lines can be pretty funny, but what you actually need is an ability to attract a woman and maintain her interest.

Unless you know how to attract a woman, you’ll most likely be standing there in an awkward silence after delivering the best pick up line you can offer her.

Then, she’ll usually just walk away and your opportunity with her will be gone.

The great news for you is that we’ve developed a step-by-step process that you can use to approach women and quickly progress to kissing, sex, dates and a loving (or purely sexual) relationship.

You are about to learn the exact things we say and do to make women instantly melt in our presence and want to progress to sex and a relationship.

Ready to begin?

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