Sometimes a guy will completely miss out on getting his ex girlfriend or wife back, due to one or more of the following mistakes:

1. Waiting for a week, not hearing from her and then waiting an additional week

The longer you wait to message her, the more time you’re giving her to get over you and find a replacement man.

That doesn’t mean you have to contact her immediately after a break up, although some men do and get their woman back.

Instead, it’s totally fine to wait a few days, or a week to let things cool down, give her a chance to miss you and let her see that you’re not being desperate, needy and chasing her down.

Yet, if you wait longer than that (e.g. use the No Contact Rule, which was originally designed by therapists to help couples move on), then she’s almost certainly going to begin moving on without you.

So, make a move while you still can, rather than waiting for a week (or more) and then waiting even longer, in the hope that she mans up and messages you.

You need to man up and message her.

You’re the man, so take control of the situation and begin guiding her through the ex back process.

2. Not realizing that most women can easily be re-attracted into a relationship, or at least into hooking up again

Not realizing that most women can easily be re-attracted into a relationship, or at least into hooking up again

Most women don’t want to have to start over with a new guy, spend years with him, fall in love and eventually find out that he’s not compatible with her, or be disappointed when he changes and is no longer the guy he used to be (e.g. He used to be nice, but turns into an asshole. He used to be confident, but becomes more and more insecure, jealous and emotionally sensitive over time).

This is why, a woman will often allow herself to be seduced by her ex, if he’s able to make her feel new feelings of attraction that excite her.

To her, he’s familiar, she trusts him sexually and it’s usually something she can do without anyone finding out right away.

Alternatively, she does it because she enjoys the drama of it all, she likes the anticipation or she wants to test herself to see how she will react after hooking up with her ex.

So, if you get in touch with your ex quickly and begin re-attracting her, you can have her back in your arms sooner, rather than later.

Yet, if you think that the answer to getting her back is to just wait, then you will likely be waiting for a long time, or may soon find out that she has moved on without you.

3. Texting her in a friendly way, but hoping she feels a romantic or sexual spark

If you want your ex to feel a sexual and romantic spark with you, so she wants to get back together, you have to focus on creating and building that spark.

You can do that via flirting, being more confident than you used to be, being a bit playfully challenging and so on.

It’s better to show that new, more attractive side of yourself via a video call, on a phone call or at the very least, via voice texts.

If you only send her typed texts and are suddenly acting a lot more confidently, ballsy or assertive, she can easily read it the wrong way.

So, if you want her back for real, just prepare yourself to do it in a way that works (i.e. in an attractive way, rather than a boring, neutral or unattractive way).

For example: A guy will want his ex girlfriend or wife back, but he’ll just text in a basic way, as though he’s having a conversation with a buddy.

Yet, by texting her in that way, she begins to think that there is no longer enough of a spark between them to warrant having a sexual relationship.

It feels more like a friendship to her, than something romantic.

As a result, she puts him in the friend zone and focuses on meeting new men who make her feel sexually and romantically attracted.

Alternatively, a guy tries to be extra nice to his ex woman, to hopefully get her to take pity on him, or hopefully make her see that he’s not angry about the break up.

Yet, it backfires because his approach doesn’t make her feel sexually and romantically attracted.

She just feels neutral towards him, or feels turned off by the fact that he’s become nicer, softer and wimpier (in her eyes).

This is why, if you want your ex back, you have to prepare yourself to actively spark her feelings of sexual and romantic attraction when you next interact.

When you do that, her guard will come down and she’ll become open to meeting up in person.

In person, you can then build on her feelings and get to a hug, kiss, sex and back into a relationship.

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