There are a lot of shy girls out there who are very cute, sexy and pretty.

In fact, there are actually more shy girls than there are shy guys.

According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, women are twice as likely to suffer from an anxiety disorder compared to men.

A woman’s anxiety in social situations can cause her to feel shy and to behave in shy ways.

A woman may behave as though she is fine and feeling confident, but on the inside and she’ll be feeling anxious.

She’ll be doubting herself and she’ll be wondering why she feels so down on herself in social situations, why she is so worried about trying to fit in, why she is so worried about whether or not she looks pretty enough, or why she is so worried about what people are thinking of her.

Just like a shy man is deserving of love and companionship, a shy woman is also deserving of love and companionship.

However, her shyness can actually get in the way of her dating life.

She may come across in ways where a guy feels like he’s being rejected by her, but in actual fact, she’s just being shy and she doesn’t know how else to handle the situation.

So, if you’re interested in attracting shy girls so you can have sex with them or have a relationship, here are four tips for you…

1. Understand that if she doesn’t say much during a conversation, it might be because she is feeling very shy around you and can’t think of something to say

Sometimes, she just doesn't know what to say

If a guy is talking to a woman that he finds attractive and she’s not contributing much to the conversation, it can mean that she’s not interested.

It can mean that she doesn’t want to talk to him.

However, in many cases when it comes to shy girls, the number one reason why she’s not saying much during the conversation is that she doesn’t know what to say.

She finds herself overthinking things and overanalyzing the situation.

She’s thinking of asking a guy what he does for a living, but then she says to herself, “Oh, that’s not a really cool thing to ask. What else can I say?”

She might then want to compliment him on something and then she starts thinking, “Well, maybe that’s not cool. Maybe I’m going to be coming across as too keen, or too interested.”

She thinks about telling him something that happened to her recently, but then she worries that it might make her look uncool.

It might make her look desperate.

It might make her look needy.

It might make her look silly or whatever.

She thinks way too much and as a result, she stops herself from being able to have free-flowing conversations.

So, if you’re talking to a shy girl and she’s not saying a lot, don’t assume it’s because she’s rejecting you or because she is losing interest in you.

Many times, it’s because she doesn’t know what to say or she’s worried about saying the wrong thing.

2. Help her feel confident but don’t give her too much power in the interaction

Help her feel confident, but don't give her too much power in the interaction

When talking to a shy girl, it’s important to help her feel confident and feel comfortable around you.

You want her to stop worrying about things in her head and just start being more in her body and being with you and enjoying the moment.

One of the ways that you can do that is to occasionally give her a compliment.

However, you must ensure that you’re not being too nice about things.

If you give her too much power, she will feel as though she's too good for you

If you’re giving her compliment after compliment after compliment, she then starts to think, “Okay, this guy’s trying to suck up to me. He is really keen. I must be a lot more attractive than him. I must be better than him. Right…well, I need to play hard to get. This guy really wants to get a chance with me.”

You don’t want to put yourself in that situation.

However, you also don’t want to make her feel uncomfortable and doubt herself around you.

So, it’s important to give her some compliments, but also followed up with a bit of a challenging question or a challenging statement or a challenging bit of behavior.

So, the basic equation is Compliment + Challenge.

For example, if the shy girl that you’re talking to is very stylish and dresses herself well, you can give her a compliment about that.

You can be talking to her and say, “You know what? I really like your style. You know how to dress. What’s with this outfit? You’re matched up so beautifully.”

She might then say, “Thank you” or talk about how she likes fashion and so on.

To add in a challenge, you can then say to her, “Well, hang on a second though. You’re really stylish, but are you always this stylish…like, do you wear stylish pajamas and things like that? Are you one of those girls that has to wear Victoria’s Secret pajamas, or some other fashion brand like that…or are you a little bit more relaxed when you’re wearing pajamas?”

She’s almost certainly going to laugh at that and she might then tell you that she doesn’t wear stylish pajamas or that she does.

If she doesn’t wear stylish pajamas, you can then say, “Oh, right. So you’re not that stylish. I thought you’re a full on fashionista, but it turns out that you’re a bit more relaxed about things, especially in the bedroom” and then have a laugh with her about that.

Compliment her, but challenge her as well to keep things interesting

By talking to her in that way, she’s going to feel challenged by you, but she’s also going to feel like you are noticing some good things about her.

You can put her mind at ease if you want to, by saying something like, “No, no, just kidding. I like your style…and hey, anyway, there are no rules when it comes to pajamas, right? At the end of the day, everyone looks better naked.”

At that point, she’s almost certainly going to be laughing.

By the way…

If she said that she does wear stylish pajamas, you can still challenge her in a playful way.

You might say, “Well, so okay, you are a fully stylish girl. So, you’re pretty, you’re smart, you’re stylish. Hang on, there’s got to be something that you can’t do. Can you arm wrestle? Come here, let’s have an arm wrestle.”

At that point, she’s most likely going to laugh and you don’t actually have to arm wrestle her, or you can arm wrestle her in a playful way and let her beat you or you can beat her. It doesn’t really matter.

The whole point of talking to a woman in that way, is to get her out of her head and into her body, so she’s feeling and experiencing the moment and enjoying talking to you, rather than worrying so much.

3. Don’t suppress your masculinity

Don't suppress your masculinity

One of the biggest mistakes that guys make when talking to shy girls is thinking that they need to be really soft, gentle, sweet, nice and friendly around her.

It’s totally fine to be friendly and good to a woman, but make sure that no matter what woman you’re talking to, whether she’s shy, confident or whatever, you always maintain your masculinity.

You don’t suppress your masculinity and start acting neutral, soft, or even feminine around a woman to hopefully get her to like you in a nice way.

You don’t want to get her to like you in a nice way.

You want to get her to like you in a sexual way and women feel sexually attracted to masculinity.

So, even though the woman that you’re talking to is shy, don’t suppress your masculinity and start being really soft, sweet and nice to hopefully get her to like you in a nice way.

What you have to remember is that, even though she is shy, she still has a wild side.

She has a sexual wild side that she wants to express and share with you.

Yet, she can’t share that with a guy if he is suppressing his masculinity and being too soft, nice and gentle with her.

She’s only going to be able to truly let go and express her wild side sexually when she’s with the guy who is comfortable with his masculinity.

He doesn’t suppress it because he thinks it’s wrong to be the man.

He maintains his masculinity and as a result, she can feel truly feminine around him.

So, an example of this, is a guy talking to a shy girl and changing his tonality, changing his body language and being softer and nicer than he normally he.

He uses a really nice, polite tonality and comes across as being a softer, nicer, supportive, sweet, helpful, generous type of guy.

That doesn’t create a spark of sexual attraction inside of her.

What’s going to turn her on is a guy who is a good guy, but also has some masculinity.

He talks to her and he’s being good to her but, he doesn’t start changing his facial expressions or tonality to become softer, sweeter or nicer than he actually is.

For example, a guy is talking to her and she says that she doesn’t like football.

A guy who’s being soft might say to her, “Oh, really? Oh, what don’t you like about football? I mean, why don’t you like it?” in a soft, friendly, nice manner.

On the other hand, a guy who maintains his masculinity will respond in a different way.

For example, he might say, “You don’t like football. What’s wrong with you girl? How can you not like football? Football is the best sport in the world. What is wrong with you?”

Now, he’s only joking and she’s going to sense that, but what she’s also going to sense is that he actually has the ability to maintain a masculine frame when interacting with her.

She then assumes that he’s probably going to be able to maintain a masculine frame when he’s having sex with her.

So, when she imagines having sex with him, it’s going to be a lot more exciting to imagine that, compared to a guy who’s being really soft and nice and sweet all the time.

4. Understand that she will probably doubt that you would like a girl like her

As weird as it might seem to you because you do see her as being sexy, cute, pretty and beautiful, a shy girl will often doubt that she is good enough for you.

Now, she won’t actually say that.

In most cases, she will do a great job of hiding that and might even pretend that she doesn’t like you to hopefully gain some power in the situation.

So, for example, you might be interacting with her and being confident, being cool, being charismatic and she realizes that she’s feeling attracted to you.

She then tries to gain some power in the interaction by giving you weird looks when you say things, rolling her eyes, looking away, saying, “Huh? What are you talking about?” and things like that.

She will try to make you feel uncomfortable and make you think that she’s losing interest, in the hope that it allows her to her gain some power in the interaction.

That way, she can feel a bit more confident about herself around you.

Additionally, one of the common fears of shy girls is that they don’t want to appear too keen or desperate, or to be seen as too easy.

So, they will often behave as though they’re not even interested in anything past a conversation.

However, she really is.

She’s hoping that the guy has the confidence to continue the interaction, get her number or get to a kiss so she can then get to have sex with him or go on a date with him and get into a relationship with him.

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Remember: There Are More Shy Girls Out There Than Shy Guys

More shy girls than shy guys

One final point that I want to make for you in this video, is to remind you that women experience anxiety and shyness at twice the rate of men.

So, the next time you are out in a social situation such as a bar, a party, a social event or you’re trying to meet women in other situations, just remember that if you’re feeling a bit shy and unsure of yourself, loads of women there are going to be feeling that as well.

They might look like they are confident and they might look like they don’t care if they get a guy or not, but if a woman is shy or suffers from anxiety and that tends to get in the way of her hooking up with a guy and getting into a relationship, she is secretly going to be hoping that she can secure herself a guy, whether that is for sex that night or for a date or for a relationship.

Women don’t go around admitting that though.

They like to behave as though they don’t really care and they don’t need a man, but women have feelings and they have desires just like men do.

Women want to be having sex or want to be in a relationship.

It’s standard, human nature.

So, don’t let the behavior of women in social situations throw you off.

Sometimes a woman is acting like she isn’t really interested or she doesn’t really care, because she’s trying to deal with her anxiety and shyness.

She’s trying to appear more confident and indifferent than she actually is.

So, if you want to attract a shy girl so you can have sex with her or have a relationship with her, don’t doubt yourself.

Walk over and start a conversation with her.

In most cases, she will be secretly hoping that she can find herself a new guy.

She will be secretly hoping that some guy has the confidence to come over and talk to her and be able to deal with her awkward shy behavior during the interaction, so she can then get to a kiss, get to sex and have a relationship.

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