Here are 5 reasons why:

1. You can interrupt the relationship by re-attracting her

Interrupting her relationship means that you use every interaction you have with her, to reawaken her feelings of respect, sexual attraction and love for you.

Some of the ways you can do that are by…

  • Making conversations with you feel fun, interesting and full of laughter, so that when she’s with her new guy, she can’t stop thinking about you and how much she enjoyed talking to you again.
  • Showing her that you don’t see her new guy as competition, by always feel confident and believing in yourself and in your attractiveness and value to her.
  • Being a playful challenge when you talk to her, so she feels excited when talking to you and misses you when she doesn’t. Women always feel attracted to guys who are a challenge and bored by guys who aren’t. So, when you are a playful challenge to her, you will be on her mind all the time, even if she feels guilty about it and tries to stop herself from thinking about you.
  • Flirting with her to create some sexual tension between you and her, so she feels confused about who she really wants.
  • Laughing at her in a loving way when she tries to make you feel jealous by saying how much better her new guy is to you.
  • Using humor to break down her defenses and make her go from being cold and distant to warm and open.

The more you attract her in ways that she doesn’t expect, the more confused she will feel about her feelings for the new guy she is dating.

She will feel as though what you and her had isn’t over and if she doesn’t get back with you, or at least hook up with you again (to see how she feels afterwards), then she’s going to regret it.

Another reason why you can get your ex back if she’s already dating is that…

2. Her interest in him might only be temporary

Her interest in him might only be temporary

She might seem like she is happy to be dating again, but it doesn’t mean that she is serious about the new guy, or any of the new guys she has met or gone on dates with.

Additionally, she might only be pushing herself to date for one of the following reasons:

  • She doesn’t like feeling lonely, so she is dating again to make herself feel okay about being broken up with you.
  • Her confidence is low at the moment (due to the relationship with you failing), so she is trying to convince herself that lots of guys like her and she can easily get herself a new boyfriend. Women often do that to try to help themselves avoid going back to an ex. It doesn’t mean her ex can’t get her back though. It’s just her trying to move on, for now.
  • She fears that her ex will move on before she does and she will be left behind. If that happens, she might end up feeling like the one who got dumped. So, she starts dating and hooks up with a man quickly, to ensure that she moves on first.
  • There is a guy that has liked her for a while (e.g. at work, university, in the neighborhood, through friends) who isn’t exactly what she wants (i.e. he’s either too nice, or he’s too much of a player), but he is good enough for now.

So, just because your ex is dating again, it doesn’t mean that the new guy in her life is perfect for her.

In many cases, the guy is simply a rebound relationship (i.e. the relationship a woman gets into right after a break up to make herself feel better) and secretly, she might not see much of a future with him.

If you want her back, you need to focus on making her have strong feelings for you again during interactions, so her new guy (or other guys who are interested in her) no longer seem as appealing.

When she begins to reconnect with her feelings for you, she realizes that what you and her had isn’t over because she still has real feelings for you.

Another reason why you can get her back is that…

3. You can level up and attract her in ways she isn’t expecting

For example: She probably won’t be expecting to see photos on social media of you having fun with other people and then find herself feeling jealous, left behind and hurt.

Instead, she might expect you to be sitting around feeling lonely and missing her, which will make her feel as though she still has power over you and has nothing to worry about.

So many guys get that wrong and assume that their ex will be impressed and want them back, if he ‘remains loyal’ to her by avoiding people and women and essentially waiting around for her to come back.

Yet, what actually works on a woman who has broken up with you, is when you make her feel regret, sadness, loss and rejection by seeing you looking confident, happy and enjoying life without her.

Not only does it hurt her, but it makes her feel attracted to you and drawn to you in a good way (i.e. because you have the emotional strength to get back on your feet and enjoy life without her).

Women are naturally attracted to emotionally strong men and turned off by emotionally weak men.

So, don’t ever think that you will make a woman want you more by displaying emotional weakness or neediness.

It just doesn’t work.

Women are attracted to the emotional strength in men, so attract your ex by being more emotional strong than you’ve ever been before.

You can do that with photos on social media, or you can do it based on how you talk to her in person.

Let her sense that you have become so much stronger emotionally, to the point where you no longer feel insecure, become emotionally sensitive or lose confidence based on things she says or does.

Also let her sense that you’re not afraid to joke around with her and flirt with her when you talk to her.

You’re not an insecure ex who feels unworthy of her now because she has broken up with you, or has started dating again.

Instead, you are the most confident guy she knows right now and will probably ever know because you have the emotional strength to believe in yourself and your attractiveness to her, despite the fact that she is dating again.

You see yourself as the man and don’t see any other guy as being competition for her because they simply don’t compare.

The more you can attract her in ways she isn’t expecting, the more surprised, curious and interested she will be to feeling attracted to you again.

She will realize that her feelings for you aren’t dead and that other guys she has met haven’t been able to make her feel the way you do.

As a result, she will naturally want to open back to you and give you and the relationship another chance.

Another reason why you can get her back is that…

4. Most new relationships don’t last and many ex’s do get back together

For example: A woman might start dating a new guy that she sees as being very different to her ex (e.g. he’s more loving and emotionally open, compared to her ex who was emotionally closed off and distant. He’s more confident and self-assured, compared to her ex who was insecure, clingy or needy. He’s more of a bad boy and doesn’t tolerate her drama, compared to her ex who was a soft, nice guy who put up with her bad treatment of him just to get to spend time with her).

Initially, that might interest her because she is finally getting some of the things that were missing from the relationship with her ex.

Yet, after the initial excitement of being in a new relationship starts to wear off, his flaws might become glaringly obvious to her, which will result in her breaking up with him.

Think about it this way…

So far in life, your ex has a 100% failure rate when it comes to relationships.

As a result, it’s highly likely that she won’t find the perfect man right away, settle down with him and be with him for life.

Instead, she will probably break up with him soon, or getting broken up with.

So, don’t assume that she is happy and will be able to completely move on without you right away.

She might seem happy, but what she probably doesn’t realize now is how happy she will be to get back with you.

The reality is that getting back with an ex can feel amazing for a woman when her man has truly leveled up and is able to create a new, more enjoyable relationship dynamic with her (e.g. if he was a pushover, he is now more of a challenge. If he took her for granted, he now makes her feel wanted and loved, but doesn’t suck up to her and treat her way too nicely. If he was emotionally distant due to a fear of getting hurt, he is now emotionally open because he doesn’t fear getting his heart broken anymore).

Additionally, every day, all over the world, couples break up and get back together right away, after a few days, weeks or months.

In many cases, if the couple gets back together after weeks or months, then the woman (or man) will have been dating other people in the meantime.

It still doesn’t stop them from getting back together though.

So, just understand that you can be one of the men who gets his ex woman back into a relationship that is better and more fulfilling than ever before (i.e. because you have leveled up your ability to attract her and make the relationship feel more enjoyable for the both of you).

5. Dating someone new doesn’t mean that she is truly committed to him and can’t hook up with you if she wanted to

Dating someone new doesn’t mean that she is truly committed to him and can’t hook up with you if she wanted to

If your ex is dating a new guy, or going on random dates, it doesn’t mean that she is engaged or married to those guys.

So, at this point, she will still be open to meeting up with you and hooking up with you, if you contact her and re-attract her on a phone call (or video) call.

Get her to catch up in person with you to say hi, re-attract her further and then get to a kiss and sex.

If you’ve changed and improved since the break up, then she is going to feel that and it’s going to make her feel more drawn to you and open to giving the relationship another chance.

So many couples get back together in that way, so don’t count yourself out just because she’s already dating.

3 Mistakes That Can Stop You From Getting Her Back

1. Not realizing how much stronger and wiser you will become by getting her back

When a guy learns from the mistakes he made in the relationship, he automatically becomes more emotionally attractive to his ex and to women in general because he becomes wiser about relationships, emotionally stronger and more mature.

So, if you want her back, use the break up as your opportunity to level up as a man (e.g. become a lot more confident, more focused and determined to accomplish your goals, more emotionally independent and able to feel truly happy without her) and then interact with her and re-attract her.

When she senses that you really have changed, she will automatically feel respect and attraction for you even if she tries to hide it, or tries stop herself from feeling it.

It’s a natural, automatic reaction and when it happens, she suddenly realizes that her feelings for you aren’t dead.

As a result, she opens up to the possibility of getting back with you.

Then, when you get her back, you will be so much wiser and stronger when it comes love and relationships with women.

You will know that just because a couple breaks up, it doesn’t mean the relationship is over forever and can’t get back together.

Additionally, you will know that even if a woman starts dating after the break up, it doesn’t mean that a guy can’t get her back and enjoy a relationship with her that is even better than it was before.

You will know all that because you will have had the courage to go through the ex back process and get her back.

From then on, your life will be changed forever.

You will no longer feel helpless when it comes to attracting women because you will know how to do it on purpose.

You will be in control.

Another mistake that can stop you from getting her back is…

2. Rejecting her offer to be friends, or assuming that being friends will ruin your chances with her

When you remain friends with your ex, you can then openly text, call and even meet up with her to say hi in person and it’s fine because that’s what friends do.

Yet, if you reject her offer to be friends and essentially ask for all or nothing (i.e. she either gets back with you or nothing), then there’s no reason for her to stay in contact with you, especially when she’s already dating someone else.

So, it’s in your best interests to accept a friendship, or if you haven’t done so already, reach out to her and say hi as a friend.

Of course, when you interact with her, you need to also include flirting to create sexual tension between you and her, as well as attract her in ways that she isn’t expecting.

She will then use the friendship as an excuse to contact you and suggest catching up.

You can then build up the sexual tension between you in person and release it with passionate, enjoyable kissing and sex.

There’s nothing quite like having sex with an ex, especially when both of you are feeling very drawn to each other again.

It’s enjoyable for both the man and the woman, so don’t deprive you or yourself of that amazing experience by rejecting her offer to be friends, or by ignoring her and hoping that she comes back to you someday on her own.

Make it happen.

3. Seeing the other guy as being better than you, so you just give up

Yes, she might be dating someone else, but that doesn’t mean the guy is better than you.

In fact, if you want to attract her back, you should begin to look at yourself as being better than any other man she could possibly ever meet.

It doesn’t matter who it is; you are better.

You are the man.

Always remember: Women always feel less attraction for the guy who sees other guys as being more attractive and valuable than him.

Women may feel sorry for the insecure guy, but they will always feel more attracted to the more confident guy.

Even though your ex is dating, she still wants you look at yourself as ‘the man,’ regardless of what she says or does.

If you interact with her and she senses that you feel inferior to the guy she is dating, or are worried that she no longer sees your value, then it will turn her off.

So believe in yourself no matter what and get her back.

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